Stampless Mail

Fuck I went to the mailbox sunday to mail this letter out and forgot to stamp that shit. Now that shit is in the bin and I can’t get it out! The fuck was on? :confused:

It did have a return address so will I get the letter back? I heard you gotta pay postage due damn man I screwed up big time with this one.

it will get back to you.

yeah they’ll just send it back to u

Shoulda made the postal address your own and the return address where you wanted it to go. Free post.

I’m sure they’ve never thought about that…

One time someone sent me a letter without a stamp. It made it’s way to my house, but it took a few weeks.

Not sure if the post office is making that same effort these days. All letters without postage might be returned.

Post office can’t afford to do that anymore.

Yeah that’s what I was thinking

That is correct. They won’t hand you the letter and walk away. (otherwise, people could just get mail delivered for free in the same city, by switching the destination and sender adresses) So make sure you have the exact change/cost of the stamp on hand. Your letter will be held hostage until the due amount is cleared.

People have tried to get slick, and send mail out of city as well, for free. Say the senders address is out of city. (example, letter is in Dallas. Destination is in Dallas. But the sender address is in Austin) Post office will not return to sender. Post office carrier will actually go to the destination address, and demand the money from that person. lol Post Office assumes they actually tried to pull a fast one. How else did the letter even get to Dallas without a stamp? They figure the destination, is actually the sender, trying to have it “returned” to the fake sender…who is actually the true destination.

TL;DR version:
letter in same city as sender address = carrier goes to sender, demands money for stamp.
letter in same city as destination address = carrier goes to destination, demands money for stamp.
Either way, they hold that letter until the stamp cost is paid.


I went to the post office and they said I could of came earlier and given a stamp for the mail was not yet confiscated. But I was too late, I KNEW I should of went my friend told me it was gone. Now the mail is sent and yes like you guys said it will get back to me. I asked her how long and she said one or two days, I told her I heard somebody said a week and she said yeah maybe. Man, smdh.

Don’t end like me ladies and gentlemen, STAMP YOUR SHIT!!!

I’ve met a few people who sent letters to each other like that. Shit is mad ghetto, son.

Yeah, and it still amazes me that the NY subway is on the honor system. Is it still?