Stan Lee confirms Black Panther and Dr. Strange movies


Well, it looks like SRK’s dreams are finally coming true. I hope they cast Daniel Radcliffe as T’Challa so RockB self immolates in front of a crowd of children at Epcot.

If I don’t see a flames of the impact palm loop in the movie I’m demanding a refund.

michael jai white


Indeed, why? At least throw in a suggestion.

Spawn was the greatest movie in the history of ever RockB and you know it!!!

Taye Diggs will end up being bp if he ain’t white

Meanwhile dr. Strange will be black and his asian will be played by ben kingsley

If they don’t go with an unknown (which I doubt) then I choose:

Good pick

Denzel for doc strange
Nic Cage for BP

ultimate troll move

Djimon Hounsou.
At least he’s an African OG.

Get some martial artist to train him.
Ducks ROckB flames…

Michael Jai Black

looks like my post in this youtube vid has gained a little support.


100% agree with orochi ken. i also 100% agree with rockb. everytime a black super-hero topic comes up, you can count on 90% of people jumping straight to michael jai white. i think mjw fits certain roles well, but black panther is NOT one of them. bp is a noble warrior king…nothing about mjw speaks noble. just like i mentioned in that youtube vid, if LUKE CAGE is ever up for a movie, then mjw is your guy. otherwise, keep him away from this role. oh yeah, no morris chestnut either.
now who would the villain be? man-ape or that corny ulysses klaw/the sound guy?

i personally think a dr strange movie would be hella cool. dormammu is very likely gonna be the villain. maybe with a shuma-gorath teaser at the end?

I hope it’s Karl Urban and Wakanda is in New Zealand.

Fight me, Rock.

Patrice O’Neal for Black Panther. Just choose a woman for the villain so he can really feel the role.

Terry Crews for Black Panther.

Karl Urban got that lazy eye going on strong.

michael jai, and djimon if i have to. michael jai deserves that summer blockbuster or may spring break flick chance again. he doesnt deserve to be a b lister. hollywood is just full of homos and racist, so they aint let my nigga shine.

dr strange movie could blow everything out of the window and into another galaxy, but it wont. it will be terrible as fuck. i wont even consider seeing it no matter how good the trailers look. at least not until i read two weeks worth of reviews.

to be honest i dont give a fuck about black panther either, but shoutout to stan lee trying to help put niggas to work in hollywood. they could write something dope for black panther no doubt, but they wont. shit will suck

You are blacker than Rock. And that’s like coal black.

“…Black Pather and Dr. Strange movies. Which is weird. (Black Pather’s black.”

“Oh [sarcastic].”

“Guess where he’s from.”



I love my wife.