Stances(HK hold) follow ups Q

Would you rather do d, d+hk or hold hk for stance switch(ss)?
Is the low attack(I think it’s jab) any useful or am I better off cancel ss xx

it depends on the situation. If u r pressuring your opponent with block strings then u stick in a (hold) and u can do any of these things:

-use the jab swith kick, which u can buffer into qcb+k or d,d+k and continue more mind games

-use the overhead if your opp. is a complete turtle

-use the fierce switch kick if u think u will get a counter hit

The only time i use the d,d+k is when my opponent is in a groove with safe fall, to build meter, mind games, and after his punch throw into the corner. Depending on the distance u can do d,d+k into the fierce switch kick as an anti air (it has tons of priority). Cancelling stomps into each other (ex: the same way u do the inf.) builds hella meter. and the punch throw into the corner into d,d+k sets up ill mind games. Damn i wish i could make a video to show u some of this shit, anyways kim has probably the best mix up game in cvs2, a lot of people just don’t know about it. Good luck

edit: The low attack is very useful. Here’s a story: one day at the arcade i was playing this very very good k groove player. Well it got down to my 1/6 life kim versus his full life balrog. I told myself my only option is to rushdown, so i did. The one thing that turned the whole match around was when i did the punch throw into the corner, from the the mix up began. First i did the stomp and held hk, i did a meaty overhead and comboed in a (u can combo off of kim’s overhead if its meaty enough) then buffered a qcb+k. after that i walked up did another punch throw and repeated this process for a second time. this point he lost half his life. So i go back into d,d+k but this time i switch it up, he thought i was gonna do the overhead but i did the low attack, he got dizzy after that and i did a punch throw out of the corner to send him fullscreen which setup the game ending combo. I ran b4 he got up, did a crossup hk, c.lp,, d,u+hp, ggpo. So the moral is that all of kims attacks are useful, u just gotta now when to use them.