"Stand aside kiddies, while Goliath does his thing!" - The Hawkeye Combo Thread



Work in progress. This thread will be updated constantly. Please continue to discuss Hawkeye specific combos in this thread.


M, Forward H(one hit), trickshot L->ice arrow, M, S, SJ, MMHS. Land, Forward M-> dash into S. SJ MMHS land Trickshot H into posion arrow Gimlet.


i cant get the dash to work after the foward m but slide to s works


Double poison combo meter less 650dmg



this needs more looking into potential wise but i found out that you can link 2 super scatter shot supers together, not sure what circumstances are required and ive only been able to do it in the corner using hidden missile assist. normal magic series, call doom, trick shot L into Ice arrow, slide, S into TK heavy ragtime then just do 2 super scatters, timing is pretty lenient.


Are u super jumping backwards? That’s a good idea , having to do the backdash in corner to otg is annoying at times


mmmm actually i didnt make this video. just found it.

credits to the maker. Davesakung


Thats just the light trickshot. you cant superjump and shoot poison arrows.


They’re referring to superjumping backward after the launcher, as it’s pretty much the best way to guarantee a light trickshot otg in the corner.


I don’t think he’s super jumping backwards, but super jumping and holding back to adjust his trajectory. It’s a new feature in Ultimate.


The trick to landing ice arrow in the corner seems to be either dash back > H trick shot > ice arrow or when you super jump do a neutral super jump and hold back when you are in the air. When you land you’ll be further away from the opponent and H trick shot > ice arrow will connect.


Hawkeye’s QCF+PP super, heretoafter known as Super Arrow, has an odd property I’ve found already.

I wanted to see if I could DHC from Super Arrow into Taskmaster’s upward Legion Arrow (it’s an arrow theme! Incidentally I call Taskie’s Sprinkles). The combo works, but I noticed an untechable knockdown after the Sprinkles. I tried it again to see if I could land a DOWNWARD Sprinkles, but the untechable knockdown didn’t happen.

After several experiments, I have been unable to explain why this happens. At certain timing there’s an untechable knockdown, sometimes there isn’t. I was able to replicate the timing such that the untechable knockdown would work consistently. And I could, in fact, land a second Sprinkles. The only thing I was able to conclude is that if Sprinkles hits before Super Arrow, it definitely will be techable.

Super Arrow isn’t a particularly flashy move, but it could very well be the key to dishing out damage with him if this property is intentional and exploitable.


I’ve been able to do <any combo> into Call strider assist >trickshot> poison arrow > Super Arrow > Strider hits > trickshot > Cold Arrow > Super arrow.
Pretty easy 2 meter combo using an assist in between the recovery of the super.


does the damage really justify the use of extra meter? ive yet to find a combo where i felt like i wasn’t completely wasting meter using gimlet because it does almost no damage


i would have to say no not really. Unless they only have a small pixel left and you want to make sure they die. I would say just do the trickshot>cold and forget about the meter spend if it wont kill.


Posted this in the team thread as it’s kinda team dependent, but the theory would work with others (and the THC thing would work even better with long-lasting hyper characters like Dante):

A kinda fun little thing I’ve done with Hawkeye/Task/Doom:

Anytime you confirm the normal H arrows into slide (or just the slide itself, but the slide does cancel out of h arrows successfully), you can cancel slide into THC. While Task and Doom continue to shoot their hypers, you can mash qcb + L + L (poison trick shot) and it will come out twice in addition to the damage from the THC. It does like 750k + two poison arrows.

You can ALSO do the same thing kinda from any normal launcher series. Your normal launch + magic series, then ice shot on the ground into slide > THC. Spam out poison shots and you can get 2 or 3. This combo does 915-950k in the corner with an additional two poison arrows on top of that.

My bnb with assists so far in the corner is launcher > magic series and land > doom plasma beam + trick shot poison > relaunch and land > task arrow + trick shot poison > gimlet (if needed). The timing is very tough, but it’s something I can get used to. I’ll post this on the combo thread too I guess, but wanted to know if you guys have had any teams with Task and Doom and any tricks/preferred assists you’ve discovered so far. Also still trying to debate on the order. Currently Hawk/Task/Doom, but I’ve been doing Doom 4x relaunches in the corner that use Hawkeye’s poison assist and then into Sphere Flame. Both Task and Hawkeye’s supers are great follow ups for sphere flame as well.

Do you guys think plasma beam is stronger with Hawkeye to continue combos while Hawkeye covers the air? Hidden missiles are good because you can be full screen and if you see them hit you can easily dash and slide for a combo, but the scaling is bad and you can’t really use the missiles in combos at all. Thoughts?


Does that mean you can shoot two arrows in one trick shot if you mash?
If so, can you shoot two different arrows?


I meant that you can shoot two quick trick shot poison arrows before they recover (and this is just team specific to Task and Doom behind Hawkeye, not sure how it would work with other hypers).

But yeah you probably can get in other arrows and combinations during this since Gimlet recovers so fast. I didn’t try the ice arrow or any others during the THC… you might be able to relaunch. Honestly, playing Hawkeye so far feels really random. Like the timing is soooo tight for things that I’m never sure midcombo if even my air series is going to work, and especially the timing to land, dash back, trick shot H to ice arrow (is trick shot H the one I’m supposed to be using? With poison arrow trick shot + assist I use trick shot L + L for a quick poison). Sometimes my ice will bounce them, sometimes they just recover out of it super fast. It’s not JUST Hawkeye though, everything feels slower for me… dropping Taskmaster combos like crazy =/

I’m gonna explore more of the THC possibilities tomorrow. I forgot to test, but can you THC in the air with Hawkeye? So if you superjump and you hear them do an attack for instance, THC (gimlet will come out and insta punish with the other teammates’ hypers)… I’m very spammy right now with Task and Doom assist while I do jumping qcf + L for falling trick shots. I need to work on timing I guess and making smarter assist calls because I’ve been eating beam hypers. It’s so tempting when playing a zoning team.


sofar have about a 462,000 combo from full screen, but still working on it.
s.H > net arrow > s.H > net arrow> s.H > net arrow > s.H > trick shot M > Press H > gimlet
it does 461,900 damage.

edit: just got it to 481,400

s.H > net arrow> s.H > net arrow > s.H > net arrow > s.H > qcf H> gimlet

edit 2: got it up to 493,100, same combo but if you can get gimlet to hit before the piercing bolt at the end to connect it will do the 493,100 instead of 481,400.
Ok, so this combo for some reason is a lot harder to do on nemesis, just tried it on v.joe and it is way easier, gonna try it on a few other characters.
So far tron, nemesis, and sentinel are the hardest to do the combo on. I’ll try to do a full roster test at some point if no one beats me to it.

edit 3: found a really nice application to this combo between every s.H > net arrow you can dash to s.H > net arrow, and with an assist that puts the opponent into the air, especially rr’s log trap can take the combo even further. Too bad my execution is not that great, I can’t get the s.h > net arrow > dash consistent at all let alone being able to use an assist during it all… I’ll be practicing this more at some point though.


Long time lurker, first time poster. I’m not sure if this has already been discovered or discussed elsewhere, but if you land the net arrow on an airborne opponent, they get ground bounced and you can link s.H into net arrow about four or five times. The damage on it isn’t too great, but it can be an easy way to score some damage by adding a gimlet on the fourth or fifth repetition. There is probably a much better player than I who can put this to some good use.


you can actually do that up to a 23 hit combo(maybe higher, thats the higest i’ve gotten it). If you look at my last post you can see that the same loop can be done on the ground and can also lead from full screen to a bnb although I still have to work on that.