Stand-up Arcade Cab (SOLD! Please Close)




Love the artwork on your control panel. If I had the money I might buy it for that reason alone.


Jesus christ that’s a sick control panel. Good luck with the sale!


Damn i have paypal/ipod touch i would trade but im all the way over here in Washington St. I like the sticks & buttons…Are they Seimitsu?

Goodluck & congrats to lucky bastard who gets this…


fucking sick and i wish i was located there. i have both cash and a 16 gig ipod touch for trade i would be picking this up today seriously. freaking aaaaaaaaaaa


Holy shit.


i might be interested in this for $350. where in kissimmee are you located?


I’d like it. Hit me up with contact info so I can swing by and take a look if you don’t mind, and then we can work out the details.


^Sent both of you a PM^.


Checked my inbox and no PM.


Re-sent. The site has been a little goofy lately…


Still for sale. Bump for price drop!


Hey I know its kinda offtopic but Im looking at the buttons your useing. I bought some violet sanwas for a project of my own but they were to light for what I wanted. Im looking at the ones in your pics and they look alot darker. Would you say there noticablly darker then a soft pastel purple?

Good luck with the sale, im in orlando this week but I would have no where to put this or I would take you up on it -_-


very impressive work.


Thanks for the kudos guys.

@alwc37 My buttons might look dark because of the artwork that is behind them or maybe its just my camera. If your in town, you could stop by for a few games:nunchuck:


Last price drop before I cut this thing up and put by the curb!

$100 for the bare cabinet with monitor. (no controls, no sound system, no lighting, no marquee)

It would be a shame to destroy this cab, but I need the space for other projects.


Please do not destroy
I live in MetroWest Orlando and I am really interested
Send me a PM so I can come check it out
I am free on Morning thru the afternoon until March 5th


Damn looks nice but in tallahassee with no ride. Someone please buy from this man.


@RemzRR - PMed you