Stand Up Comedy Thread Vol. 6669


Anyone here do stand up at open mic nights?
[S]Do you think the Hangover 2 or Horrible Bosses was ass?[/S]

Well this is the thread for you, or not.


You might as well keep it to stand up acts and comics since there’s already movie threads.


Will do!

So who’s your favorite comic SRK?


hangover2 was kinda ok at times. obviously not as good/funny as the first one.

I liked horrible bosses.


Christopher Titus and Lewis Black.

Never understoiod why Hangover was good. I saw it, but i never understood why.


Went on a Louis C.K. binge last week.


George Carlin # 1, by a very large margin.

Louie CK, Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt, Dan Cummins next. There are definitely more that I can’t think of now.
Been wanting to do an open mic but I haven’t gotten the confidence up yet.

7 posts in and nobody said shit tier = Dane Cook, the Ventriliquist asshole, and Mencia yet?


About Dane Cook…it’s weird for me now.

I’ll admit I find some of his stuff funny…but it’s not really good.
Like I was listening to Rough Around the Edges, and he started out by saying someone shitted on the coats…the crowd went fucking nuts.
I thought to myself…that shit wasn’t funny at all.

Then I somehow got him on my Google+…worse idea ever.
All his posts were just stupid.


His first Comedy Central Presents was really funny to me, talked about Christ Chex and being an Alien from the movies, I remember watching it in like 8th grade (22 now). Then I got a little older, and his newer stuff just got worse and worse to where hes kind of hard to watch just to get like 2 laughs in an hour.


Dane Cook can gargle my balls.


Dane Cook says something funny once in a blue moon.Most of his stuff is junk though. I like Ron White. He is underrated IMO.Richard Jeni was godlike. I miss Mitch Hedberg.


I see there’s a lot of solid people in this thread, and I am talking about the srk members. Anyways Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia were my shit in high school; however, trying to sit down and listen to one of these guys makes me want to pull a Nathan Gale.

Bill Hicks is in my top 5 comedians same with Carlin of course.

I remember going through a Louis CK binge probably might do that sometime during November.

Anyone listen to Marc Maron’s Podcast?


I know of Bill Hicks and have seen only one of his specials, the one where he shoots himself at the end. But I’ve heard dozens of his clips. Dude is fuckin-a-mazing.

Mitch is definitely in the tier I mentioned before with Patton and Louie.

Ron is the only bearable member of the BCCT, fuck the other three assfaces. But his material is so stale now, he admits that shit though and talks about how lazy he is.

Whats the link for that podcast? When I drove my mom’s car and she had XM i would listen to stand-up’s podcasts, like Jiim Bruer’s and I think Marc Maron was the other guy and he was so real n deep.


If you guys like stand-up podcasts you should be listening to bill burrs podcast.


I’ve only seen 1 Bill Hicks show but it was amazing, I don’t really know many American comedians though but most of the time I just can’t seem to “click” with them.


I couldn’t believe my ears from when I listened to comics like Carlin and Hicks for the first time. I’m sure from then on that’s when I stopped giving a fuck about Christianity instead of giving it the benefit of the doubt. Changed my life and as much as my family wants me to attend church despite my disbelief, they still don’t know the exact reason why I abandoned that aspect of my life. RIP Hicks and Carlin. Hitchens isn’t a comic, but inpires hilarity from me in destroying religious opponents one after the other during debates.

Kinison if you haven’t already.


For those who want to check out Marc Maron’s podcast
Basically he interviews people in an unconventional way, so he tries to get personal which is great because the interview seems more natural. When Marc Maron interviewed Gallagher, he stormed off salty as fuck about the questions Marc Maron was asking.

I will check out Bill Burr’s podcast because I have heard a few of his bits which I found funny.

I got into Hitchens when I got into Richard Dawkins hahaha always a good laugh when I watch their debates. It’s awesome seeing your perspective on Carlin and Hicks because assuming you grew up in a Christian household.

Awesome! Sam Kinison. I knew of the guy, but didn’t watch any of his stand up thanks for reminding me.

Would anyone be interested in reading one of the ‘jokes’ I have been preparing for my first open mic?

Drunk tier
Doug Stanhope
Ron White

Shit tier
Carlos Mencia
Dane Cook

tosh tier
larry the cable guy


There are tons of great stand-up comics around nowadays. I’m a huge fan of Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, Joe Rogan, Tom Segura, Patrice Oneal, Sarah Tiana (I want to impregnate her), Duncan Trussell, Brody Stevens, Ari Shaffir, Jay Mohr, Bill Burr, Doug Stanhope, etc.

A lot of great comics have free podcasts on iTunes as well.

Joe Rogan’s Podcast (Best podcast on iTunes IMO)
Jay Mohr’s Podcast (Peep Episode 2)
Ari Shaffir’s Podcast (Ari interviews people in different professions or with different personal issues/beliefs)
Bill Burr’s Podcast


A female comedian…that’s actually funny?
Where’s my winged golden money shitting Unicron?


I guess i can add Bill Maher, John Stewart, and Stephen Colbert to my list of faves along with Christopher Titus and Lewis Black.

EDIT: Also Robin WIlliams. Not as a movie actor, but as a stand-up comedian.