Stand up/Tech roll

If any1 would be so nice to post the stand up data

thanx man

those wakeup numbers look kinda funny.

i say this because urien’s midscreen unblockable doesn’t work on the twins because they get up too fast. but according to the wakeup frame data, dudley gets up faster than they do? and yet the midscreen UB works on him.


It’s a matter of hit boxes. Twins are small and after you tackle xx Aegis, they do not bounce off the reflector and avoid it completely. As a result, you cannot set up the dash tackle midscreen ub on them.

Also, I think these numbers were just taken directly from the jap site that had them up.

Dudley does get up faster than the twins. Also, the standard midscreen UB doesn’t work on him…you either have to do the dash under tackle version or the dash headbutt -> immediate tackle version.

Also, you can connect the tackle on the twins, it’s just that the timing is a little tight. Pierre does it all the time.