Standard Cthulu + IMP V2 + xbox one


Hi there, Im currently building my first stick and have ordered as per the title, a Standard Cthulu and an IMP v2, with the premise to pad hack an xbox one PCB in.

I plan on soldering a USB type A jack to the IMP. But according to it would seem I’d have to go Basic Setup as theres no + symbol on the cthulu I ordered (this one). Which is a shame as it means I wont have auto detect.

Perhaps someone can clarify that?

Also, if its not too much trouble, does anyone know of a decent guide for this, as theres soo many its quite confusing as a noob to be sure Ive got the correct one.

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Auto-detect is only available if using a Multi Console Cthulhu or Cthulhu+. You are unlikely to have the latter so just go for the basic setup.

You don’t really need a guide as such. There are instructions on the IMP & Cthulhu data sheets which are pretty clear, all you need is some decent soldering skills to hack the 360 pcb and connect them all together.


Thanks for the reply. My soldering is atleast average so that’s fine, thanks.

It’s actually the Xbox ONE pad I want to hack in, but I suppose the principal is the same?


Not really as the XBox One pad isn’t common ground like the old 3rd party 360 pads we used to use.

You’ll probably need to order a Crossbone as well.


Huh? They are definitely common ground, people have been dual modding them for months now. IIRC the only Xbone pcb that is not common ground is the one made by MadCatz in the TE2.

Yes, same principle however the pad hacking is much trickier. Not recommended for a first time project.


I’m afraid its too late to turn back!

I don’t intend on building another, this one has had hours invested so far.

It’s made of oak and I’ve CNC’d the alu button base plate and laser cut the perspex top and bottom. The remaining bits are winging their way to me. I remain confident but iwll heed your warning!

Thanks aagin for the advice.


Ah fuck. Confused the two.

Just get a Crossbone then to make the padhack easier.


Seconded - get a Phreakmods Crossbone to make your Xbone pad hack significantly easier. You won’t need to use the IMPv2 either.


If no IMP is needed how do you dual PCB with the crossbone a cthulu (I want to maintain PS3 support). Though the crossbone does look rather awesome!


Crossbone does have a “selector” circuit simulator to the imp
So it makes the imp redundant


What le Darksakul said.


had a chun li xbox 360 te modded with an imp. The xb1 pcb just blinks and wont sync? only way i have got it to work is too plug in an android charger inside the pcb simultaneously with te usb to sync. but it ends up losing signal saying batteries are low while the usb to the stick is still plugged in. Any thoughts?


Can you posy pictures of your wiring?