Standard Jap Cab - Xbox360/PS3 use?

so basically im getting 2 japanese cabinets with the standard old school monitor. does anyone know exactly how to get a perfectly lagless signal from the xbox360 and/or ps3 to work on these monitors? im not sure if they are 15 or 30 hertz either but i can find out tomorrow. if someone is local near los angeles and can help me out i will pay for your time to do this as long as its reasonable. thanks guys, hope someone here can help.

incase this isnt clear, gonna be using these cabs for h2h play so both monitors need to run the same signal from the xbox360/ps3. thanks again.

well… idk if the hertz thing matters but… the xbox doesnt output that low.(not 100% on this…) so you could just match the res and call it good(not sure if it will work though…) you need a vga cable for the xbox and then get a splitter(not the duel monitor computer ones… those are different) same thing for the ps3.

i would help u but i live in norcal… but i hope this info is helpful to you in some way.

I think your best bet would be to try the 360 since it has native VGA output. It would be a pain in the ass to get a PS3 working on an arcade monitor. I know that for PC output to arcade monitor you need one of those special video cards from Ultimarc or something so you can output at the correct sync rates. Not sure what the sync rates are for consoles but that would be the main issue, assuming you have discrete lines for R-G-B and H-sync.

I agree, use the 360 version cos of the VGA.

The Japanese cabinets would HAVE to be capable of 31kHz. PS3/360 can output 640x480 @ 31kHz with the proper cables (360 would do a better job, since you’d have to use some 3rd party peripheral with PS3; 360 has an official VGA cable).

If you don’t want to upgrade the monitors on the cabinets (you can purchase 31kHz capable monitors for ~$300/$400), you can use a downscan converter (from Japan) to change the signal from 31kHz to 15kHz, but this would make the quality really bad.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

If the cabs you get have 15kHz monitors you can use SCART cables (or component cables in the case of the PS2/PS3 since the sync is on green) plus the addition of a sync stripper circuit to get a usable signal without the use of any extra converters.

If the cabs have 31kHz monitors then 360 will work best/easiest.

In either case you are going to want to use a distribution amplifier to ensure proper signal levels at each monitor.

If you’re going to be using it on 360+PS3 why not just sell the monitors on something like ebay and buy TVs for around $100 a pop and put them in there? It would be less headache methinks.

Check this link out.

thank you guys for all your help. i really appreciate it and will update with progress. once this gets going ill be holding some gatherings for locals to come and up their game and have some fun. thanks again and ill ask more if i need more help.


Scart on PS2 is… scart. RGB+Sync. It just has to be configured as such in the system menu. same with the PS3

The scart cable for Ps1 will work with ps2 and PS3, and there should be a SCART lead for Xbox 360.

Let me clarify.

SCART on PS1/PS2/PS3 and some other systems as well, is actually RGB + a composite video line, posing as a sync. Now, what that means is, that “sync” line has all the video information on it, along with both the horizontal and vertical sync signals. A lot of monitors will not accept the sync signal with all that “garbage” on it. So, you can look at it this way. When you are using the sync stripper circuit, you not really stripping the sync off the line, what you are really doing is removing all the information that the monitor does not want, and passing a clean sync signal. SCART monitors are designed to filter out the unwanted video signal on the video line. Arcade monitors were not designed with SCART in mind, and even though the signals are similar, most will not accept it. You can try it, but if you fire it up and you just see a bunch of squiggly lines in the middle of the screen, or you hear any squealing from the monitor turn it off immediately.

You can get a SCART cable for the 360, I got mine from Australia.

When the PS2 is in RGB mode and forced into 31kHz the sync is on the green. Again, some monitors can accept this and some cannot. The same sync stripper circuit can be used(with a different resistor) to strip the horizontal and vertical sync signals off of the green line for monitors that do not accept sync on green signals.

Hopefully you will get a cab with a 31kHz or a tri-sync monitor, it really depends on how old it is. When you get it, post it up!