Standard SPD shortcut does not work with Meat Squasher



Apologies if this is already discussed. Also I’m sure this isn’t news to anyone here, but I don’t play that often so only today realised why meat squasher was failing so much.

Anyway, one thing you learn when playing a grappler is the shortcut for spd, so you can easily spd without jumping. Its the same with all 360 grabs in the game, except hugo’s meat squasher. gief/hawk/hakan/seth/hugo’s moonsault press all work with the shortcut.

So the shortcut being 225 degrees from forward to up-back, or back to up-forward.

However this doesn’t work for meat squasher, 100% failure rate.

I’ve realised you have to add an extra 45 degrees. so its a 270 from back to up, or forward to up.

At first I reasoned that it might be because forward to upback (my usual one to use) is v similar to the ultra throw input, so the system gets confused, but even doing back to upforward failed. So they must have changed the shortcut parameters fundamentally (likely due to the ultra throw similarity)

anyway thats all. ta ta :smiley: