Standard Speed

What is the universal standard speed that tournaments use to play ssf2t?

Is it Turbo 1?
Turbo 2?
Turbo 3?

is there a difference between the turbos in different versions?

See here:

thanks for the link. i play the ssf2x cps2 board at home, and i’ve always had to ask people on GGPO to play on speed 1, and i’m glad it’s not just my imagination :wgrin:

Hey no problem. Unless I’m misreading the blog post I referenced though, since GGPO uses the US ROM, the equivalent to Turbo 3 on a Japanese SSF2X board (which is I think the norm in Japan) is US free select 2.

That article sort of assumes you know the correct ST speeds already. Besides proving that CCC2 was way too fast, the main fact that it provided was that the difference between fixed and free select speeds for the actual CPS2 board is negligible.

For the record, the standard tournament speed for ST is T3 and the standard X speed is T3. Since JP speeds are 1 slower, these speeds aren’t equal: X T3 = ST T2.

Online for any version of ST is always faster than normal for whatever reason. T3 on GGPO is faster than T3 on a CPS2 board and T2 on GGPO is faster than T2 on a CPS2 board. That’s why GGPO is most often played at T2 (not as fast as real ST T3 yet not as slow as real ST T2/X T3).

Very cool. So, because online is faster (has this been quantified?), GGPO ST should ideally be played on turbo 2. That’s good to know!

I’ve seen people pick turbo 1 on GGPO sometimes - I’m presuming they think it will help with lag?

Not proved yet by tests to my knowledge; most longtime players can feel the difference immediately. It should be pretty easy and quick for anyone to run the tests though.

And yeah, people pick T1 on GGPO hoping that it’ll give them more time to react (hence why some JP Dhalsim players counter-speed to X T1 when speed is up to the player). But GGPO T1 still feels quite a bit slower than T2 on an arcade board.