Standard TE MvC2 stick vs Hori and others: Super sensitive?

I’m having some issues with my current stick. My first one was a Hori and I was very happy with it. Sadly it broke in 4 months. I purchased a TE stick however I noticed it’s super sensitive and wiggles easily. Example is I can’t do certain moves when a character has full meter because their super comes out instead. Even worse, it’s hurting my main Bison. It seems like the charge motion is harder on my wrist and sometimes it like, slips out causing him to lose it. Not all the time but enough to really screw me over. I did not have this issue with Hori. Am I imagining things or is the TE stick not as strong as Hori, it feels more sensitive and flexible.

I’m afraid to get Hori because it broke on me. Is there a stick that is really solid and not prone to wiggling. Or better yet if anyone here uses a charge character what kind of stick do you use?

thanks in advance

Possibly just imagining things as the stick in the TE and the Hori are the same (Sanwa JLF)… that is, unless your Hori was one of the cheaper ones (Fighting Stick).

it was this one

what kind of hori? I have TE and have no problem with charge, but yeah, sanwa parts are a little bit more sensitive.

in that case, yeah, TE is way more sensitive than the hori vx

Yep, one of the lower tier ones.

As for the stick on the TE (and on the Hori Real Arcade Pros), the Sanwa JLF is pretty much the standard arcade stick used for fighting games these days. Don’t worry about it breaking as it should last for over a million actuations. As for the sensitivity, it’s just something you’ll have to get used too. Sounds to me like you simply got used to the generic stick on the FSV3.

is there a stick that is as sturdy as that one that doesnt break in 4 months? It was perfect for me. Doing scissor kick was blissful on my wrists and it wouldn’t slip.

If you think the JLF feels too loose and can’t dash using it. Try looking into the Seimitsu LS-32.

I don’t see how people can dash using the JLF lol.

If you’re talking about spring tension, try swapping in a Seimtisu LS-32.

Good execution.

yes this is exactly what im talking about the spring. It’s so loose! I never modded my stick before, how hard is it to change this.

Thanks to everyone helping me btw

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