Standard Tourney Rules for Draws?

Just curious. Does it count as 1 win each, 1/2 win each, or a replay?

Thinking the rule is 1 win each unless it eliminates both players, then it doesn’t count.

Do a replay.

Well in 3s it usually goes to the in game scoring system for draws.


I hate that shit, it screwed me over MANY times when I shoulda won. The grading in 3s is fucked up as is too.

As far as I know, CVS2 and Marvel don’t have in game draw resolution. In cvs, at least home console versions, a draw is considered a double loss by the cpu.

But I agree with AmbigousCrosup. Have a do over. Losses aren’t really what matters, only the wins, and if no one wins do it over.

Because it happens so often~!

High priority low pokes when both players have nothing but the shiny metal health frame left to look at , yet are somehow not dead = uncommon, yet not rare, double KO’s.