Standard vs. Widescreen Differences

EDIT: Reported Differences:

16:9 - :snkc:step-kick(wallslam) into :snkb::r::snkc: combos from anywhere on the screen
4:3 - :snkc:step-kick(wallslam) into :snkb::r::snkc: combos only when close to the corner


Original Post:

While watching some videos on youtube I noticed that there were a mix of TvC videos uploaded in both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios. I have a widescreen tv, so naturally I kept my Wii to output in 16:9, and originally I just assumed that TvC zoomed in the screen ala STHD. For the hell of it I switched my Wii to output 4:3 just to see what TvC would look like, but it turns out there’s more differences than just the view. In 4:3 mode, as characters move apart the screen moves farther apart with them, much farther apart than it does in 16:9 mode. Of course this changes a lot of how you have to play.

Just one example, while in 16:9 mode I can do the following combo with Ryu from anywhere on the screen:
:d::snka:, :snkb:, :d::snkb: ,:snkc:, :d::snkc:, :r::snkc:, :bdp::snkc:(wallslam), :snkb:, :r::snkc:, :qcb::snkc:
However, in 4:3 mode I have to be fairly close to the wall in order to pull it off, otherwise I won’t be close enough to the opponent to continue the combo after the wallslam.

So, I think its important to establish what aspect ratio will be standard for tournaments. I assume it’ll be the same as whatever the arcade standard is, but I haven’t seen what most arcades use, since I don’t live near any notable arcades.

Wait. Aspect ratios affect gameplay? Dont you think that’s a bit silly? Are you sure that’s just not your imagination or your mind playing tricks on you? Because this would probably screw alot of players over when it comes to…well…alot of things.

It’s pretty stupid but it’s true, at least to some respect. I just tested it again to make sure, but while in 16:9 I can pull off the wallslam combo perfectly even with my back to the wall, while in 4:3 I miss by a long shot. I’ll see if I can get a video up in a bit, but it’s pretty easily confirmable by anyone with a widescreen TV (in the Wii system menu just go Screen -> Widescreen Settings to change the aspect ratio).

A video would really help with this. I assume that non-widescreen would be more commonly accepted as the tournament standard, given that most people play on normal TVs (and most tournaments don’t have widescreen TVs either).

That, and people who play on different resolutions wouldnt be able to complete properly because they’re used to the distances of their own TVs. A better player might lose to a worse one because the worse player as a…Screen Resolution…Advantage?

God. That’s so stupid. Capcom makes a great game but still manages to do something…stupid. Seriously.

EDIT: And all the arcade cabinets are gonna be 4:3. Who the hell mass produces a widescreen arcade cabinet?

Alright, I got a video up:


In the first clip you can see what I was talking about with Ryu’s combo. In 16:9 the combo connects easily even when Ryu has his back on the wall, but in 4:3 the combo whiffs. However, in the second clip you can see me messing with hadouken, and the time it takes for the hadouken to travel across the screen is the same in both ratios, meaning the distances between the two characters are in the fact the same. Also, if you compare Ryu and Ken’s position relative to the background it looks like they are the same distance apart.

So it was my imagination that the screen stretches more in 4:3, but there’s still something weird going on. I’ll be playing around with it some more after I get some sleep.

This is so bad, so when you play in tourney Ryu will suck a little bit compared to his 16:9 self. Doesn’t that sound a little retarded to you? Man people are gonna so sh*t on this game now…


Luckily my characters don’t need wallbounce combos.

i think 4:3 mode is best, but damn that’s hella shitty.

Imagine if it was…

Then imagine if the game had online - You could only play against people with the same aspect ratio as you.

I found this video on youtube:

I don’t know it all TvC arcades are like that, but if they are, it seems that 16:9 is the standard, which makes sense since most new arcade fighting games are like that nowadays.

I dunno, the arcade release is probably the same as like Blazblue or other new fighting games. The dedicated cabinets for that one look kind of like that with the widescreen, but then there’s other places that just buy the boards and stick it in an old cabinet, with the 4:3 resolution. I can’t believe it actually plays differently though, that’s so shitty.

Have you tried keeping the Wii in wide screen mode except just changing the aspect ratio on your tv?

Wow, this is absurd. How does this garbage look in widescreen mode on a 4:3 tv?

I would think widescreen would be the standard due to arcade using it, but also most of our players will be playing in 4:3.

I guess I’ll need to specify in any rules I post for future tournaments.

EDIT - I dont even see in the options where you change it. Is it a wii system menu thing?

Wii System Menu setting, not an in-game setting. When you have the Wii in 16:9 mode, it automatically applies that to all games that support it.

For the arcade version, there’s a special settings menu to switch between 4:3 and 16:9.

The game looks fine in 16:9 mode on a 4:3 tv. I say thats how we play it for now.

Just want to add that even many 4:3 TVs have an Aspect Ratio setting, so you can usually get real 16:9 with black bars if the TV is less than 6 or 7 years old. This was implemented so that people could watch widescreen DVDs on regular TVs.

My Sony Wega had this setting a couple of years before my first HDTV purchase.

Also adding. The combo worked on the 16:9 Ratio on a 4:3 Screen but not on the 4:3 Ratio on the 4:3 Screen. And to back up what was mentioned on the video, I timed full screen moves (like Ryu’s Hadoken) in both modes and the time taken to cross the screen was the same.

This is just conjecture, but the only reason why I can think of why the combo doesn’t work in 4:3 mode is that the display does pull back some off of Ryu’s Joudan Kick and when they calculate how far back he’s supposed to bounce, they didn’t take that into consideration. Not that I guess it really matters since it’s not like they’re going to “fix” that. But the 16:9 resolution on 4:3 screen didn’t offer any other timing issues that I could find (so far).

So now that we have this information, we all have to decide what resolution we need to play at. Because even though 16:9 does work on some 4:3 with a funky look, you have to take into consideration that not everyone has a TV from at least 5-6 years with that ability. Some people may even play on monitors. Honestly, 4:3 works on all TVs, but its not the same issue with 16:9.

In a realistic view, 4:3 IS the world standard while 16:9 is more or less optional to people who are lucky enough to use it.

16:9 works with my 4:3 TV, but that’s my conslusion after messing around with a few shield reliant combos.

I say we should go with what’s more popular and which is already standard rather than going through the hassle.

That and you’d have Major Desync issues that the world have never seen the likes off.

so does this only apply to ryu players

It probably would affect all “off the wall” combos unless you’re right near the wall you’re bouncing them off of. I’ll try it in a moment.