Standing 720 Still possible in SSF4

EDIT: STILL POSSIBLE. Disregard my earlier comments about not being possible in super.

A true unbuffered 720 is possible in the game, however it is nowhere near practical:

However, there is another option to do a practical method in pulling off a walking/standing 720:

The general idea is to buffer a 360 off of something (minimum input for a 360 is really just an old tiger knee motion :r::df::d::db::l::ub:), a jump, a whiffed/blocked/hit jab, take a step forward slightly, then do another old tiger knee motion (:r::df::d::db::l::ub:) and end with :lp::mp::hp:.

Buffer this into something: :r::df::d::db::l::ub: -> walk forward or backward 1 step -> :r::df::d::db::l::ub: :lp::mp::hp:

Visual on how it’s done:

what? who the f*ck can perform a standing ultra in a match? i’ve never seen such thing

It’s not THAT hard. Some guys can even do it on pad. Now THAT is a feat.

You mean while buffering, or just … out of the blue ? :-o

Out of the blue. Walk up 720!

i have seen it in videos but i have never ever heard of someone doing a standing 720 outside of blazblue and 3rd strike… i seen a video but people could have used a tool assisted controller to do but never a human doing in on the sf4’s engine.

pasky since everybody doubts a standing ultra i’d propose that u go training mode and or give us a youtube link where u saw that

I just did it and made a video, I’m converting it to upload it now. It’s tool assisted (I used a keyboard macro on PC SF4), but I can do it manually on an arcade stick but not nearly as consistent, maybe like 3/10 tries I get it. I can’t do it at all in SSF4.

I wouldn’t lie bro.

Gief has 6 pre-jump frames, if you can get it out before that, you get the standing 720.

It seems in SSF4, they made it so that if you did the directionals before 6 frames it won’t come out. Same thing with Akuma’s Demon Armageddon. If you double tap up really fast you won’t get it, there is a pre-determined amount of frames they have to be apart.

yeah, uh, I still prefer to use a taunt + 720x3P for the hilarity it ensues. :slight_smile:

LOL. I saw someone do that today, some scrub ken whiffed a Shinryuken. Gief taunted and 720. Love gief’s face on his taunt, haha.

that’s why it’s useless.
it essentially means u are doing a 7-frames mp range throw.
will anyone be stupid enough to let u walk into mp 360 range, doing nothing and caught by ur 7- frame throw ?

Converted, uploading now.

Like I said, it wasn’t part of his game, but it was a great shenanigan, not useless, just not very practical. I’ve seen some pad gief player do a standing 720 a couple times in a real tourney.

you again?
it ain’t useless, and doing a standing 720 as Gief is not the same as doing a throw with 7 frames of startup…

Here you go folks:


Quality will improve over time, it’s just uploaded. I made it good quality so should look very nice when youtube is down processing.

i have seen video’s of it but i haven’t seen a video of a person actually doing it. http://

i just seen this one … also i just looked it up but man how in the fuck do you pull something like this off

u are joking, u need 6 more pre-jump frames to start 720.
so essentially means when u could pull a lp 360. u will need go futher and use 5 more frames (ideally) to start a throw
how come this is not an essential 7 frames throw?

It’s really not that hard with an arcade stick. A little bit of practicing it and you can get it at least 25% of the time. Just gotta be quick and you don’t have to really do a 720, just a need to register (assuming from the left):


So it’s more of a 540 than a 720. and you you only need to get the 2nd “circle” since you’re starting from the right.

i still do concour with the other guy this is completely useless at high levels of play… shit even a noob level of play. your telling trying to input a 720 motion or a 540 motion( some guy said that on his youtube video thing) is possible in a real match … never. i have seen hundreds of sf4 zangief videos and not one ever ever ever showed a gief doing a standing ultra no buffer…useless plain and simple


SO BASICALLy you have to input one directional input per frame … i would love to see someone actually showing hand puts instead of using something that does it for it… it kind of defeats the purpose of it’s difficulty lol

You could essentially use it anywhere you could walk up SPD. Is walk up SPD impractical for you too?