Standing 720

Just wondering wot direction you guys generally start your 360’s (and ultimately 720’s) ? Since it seems that for most people it feels more natural to rotate the stick to the left, correct me if I’m wrong.

So for me I do my 360/720’s starting from the right direction on the stick, regardless of which way I’m facing. Because of this i can only Tachi gigas while walking on 1p side. Tried pulling off in reverse motion but not consistant.

hey Ken!

I’ll try to plug in the DC and see what I can come up with. I was probably wrong about my dual 270’s motion, and was doing what you said unwittingly. Not sure though, I’ll test it out later.

shortshortsuper, you are my hero.:smiley: A few days ago I was looking for information about methods of performing the standing 720 and you made the perfect thread. I didn’t know that the second part of the 720 could be just an 180, thanks a lot!

Anyway, back to the discussion, dont you think it would be easier if you skipped U and UF and just went right to the 180? I mean, all you need to do is: F,DF,D,DB,B,UB,F,DF,D,DB,B+P So there is not need for 13 points but only 11.(SlimX)

I can do a 720 that way by doing the tick, dash, charge techniques but Im not quick to be able to do just standing yet.

I think that would be the best way, for the simple fact that the main thing in peforming the Tachi Gigas is being able to cancel the first frames from the sj into the 720. For this to happen you need the minimum of movements to be able to peform the Gigas in time.

The HCB,F HCB,F+P that everyone talks about is not a true method. The person must be doing an 270 2x and thinking they did just a HCB.

Back to practice.:slight_smile:

I just realize I was wrong in one thing after reading the japanese page you provided. Although is possible for you to do a 270+180 a 360+180 is safer if you are trying to peform a standing 720. The reason is that the U,UF motion will guarantee a sj instead of a clap and we all know that the only way is by canceling the sj motion.

I still dont understand how can you do it without being really fast… from what I know you have to be extremelly fast to cancel the sj in a few frames after such huge motion.

erco: hey sup! I read that makoto thread where you talked about our match, Makoto vs. Makoto both with SA III :slight_smile:

yeah, after that day that you told me about the dual 270s, I went home on DC and tried it out countless times…it didn’t work, and so I spent hours looking on the net for other methods…mostly garbage, then I resorted to the “EXPERTS”, the Japanese

Spent barely half an hour looking for the 720s on Japanese sites…(no I’m not fluent in Japanese, I simply have a colorful repetoire of Japanese 3rd Strike links I’ve been gathering over time)

I finally found it…hey, I should really be thanking YOU erco, because if you hadn’t discussed Hugo’s 720, I would have never taken an interest, would not have tried to look for methods of how to do it, and ultimately would have forgotten about it
So mad props to you! :smiley:

Testament X: Sometimes I can tell if my motion is fluid or if I miss an input or something…I prefer doing the whole motion and not rely on getting lucky…skipping a direction or two is hard

Honestly though, I’ve finally found out why those other guys that can do the 720 say that they “did it really fast”. I’ve learned to immitate that and so basically that’s all I do, “just do it really fast”! :smiley:

In actuality of the translation, it says on the japanese page that you only need to do a circle and a half instead of two circles, so a 360+180 would definitely be a good approach
-I’ve found that this is the most effective method (tried pauses and stuff, this is way better)

i like to start my 360/720 clockwise, but when i’m on 2P side i do it the other way around… coz it’s just not right to rotate the stick forward, top, backward, down… on the 2P side :o

check PM btw :slight_smile:

I always rotate clockwise, no matter what direction I’m facing; it’s just an aspect of how I hold the stick. It’s a handicap, really, but one I’ve yet to overcome. It’s also probably part of what’s making me miss the standing Gigas a lot of the time - I think I’m missing the up-right diagonal direction.

One tip that I’ve been trying out that seems to help practice is to go ahead and whiff a move (like a short) to stop yourself from jumping, and try to get a feel for the minimum you can rotate the stick and still get the Gigas to come out. Sure, we know it’s ~540 degrees, but the feel of it is the important thing. If you can get the rotation itself consistent, it’s easier to try and speed it up to get the super jump part.

Hello peeps, thought I would try and explain how i do my tachi’s, hope they will help :slight_smile:

  • I do mine clockwise, starting 3o’clock

  • Full rotate clockwise to up, note that my wrist seems to flick the stick 3o’clock, around down and up. That’s how I do 360’s, with the P a fraction before 12.

  • At this point I emphisise on repeating the pattern, but this time the emphisis is that I start from 4.30(df or 3 :P). I do a full rotate but I emphisise on the 4.30 spot to start the flick again.

  • I finish by pressing the P again just a fraction before 12.

That’s how it feels and looks to me anyhows.

Thought I’d give something back to SlimX cos he’s given us tonnes more in the past :slight_smile:

Hope that helps you too HuGoLiZarD :slight_smile:

so do you do it fast or slow

Fast, since you are cancelling a super jump into another 360.

Wanted to point out too that when I walk then 720, it feels more natural, thus easier to do, than just doing 720 on the spot.

ditto and REAL fast…

Instead of doing 360+180, is it possible to do 180+360?

HAHAHA…are u dumb or something?

Ill be the 1st to say Ive been paying close attention to all the post. My F… arm and hands are sore. So performing the 720 motion is F,DF,D,DB,B,UB,U,UF, is it better to skip the F and Df position and go straight to D,DB,B+P. Ive tried a numorous of times and the shit really has to be done fast. So its safe to say that other chars with 720 motions can be done the same way.

So that would explain Ohinuki A-ism R.mika 720 done to Bas on the B5 dvd. Guys thanks for explaining the motion it takes some practice and must be very fast.

Instead of doing 360+180, is it possible to do 180+360?

In SFA2 you could do HCB, F and press p and Zangief would SPD. Don’t argue with me, I own the game. I was thinking of doing…

HCB, F, 360+p.

I was asking a legitimate question. You didn’t have to act like such an asshole. It appears assholitis is contagious and you’ve got it. Shut the fuck up Chunli89.

Dude, the easiest way to do this standing 720 is…

Forget all those “charge partitioning” or “skipping motions” crap.
Just go like this: (look at your keypad) 6321478963214

That’s it. Do it really fast. It’s just a 540 motion, and hit punch at right time. Tah dah, super deadly tachi Gigas!

I even got it on my first try, ha.

PS. That motion I mentioned is a win-win situation: Screw it up, you’ll get 360. Get it right, you’ll get 720. Too good!

for standing 720 i think it is so hard to do. in addition make your hand so hurt

anyway, what my way to do is 632145632145

PS have to do it really really fast

thx for this thread guys!
since now i can do Tachi Gigas ^^

Ahhh… the controversial “360 without the UP position”.

People have disconnected "up"s on joysticks and never have gotten it to work. It’s an urban legend. It might WORK for you, but that’s because you’re hitting up and not knowing it.

Prove me wrong… please! I would love for it to be true actually. Maybe it actually works in some games?? i dunno. But I have never seen anyone have a concrete testable example.