Standing 720

Hey, I’m the new guy here. I’m pretty sure that this question has been asked already but I may have missed that thread. Can anyone explain to me how exaclty a standing 720 is done? I’ve seen it done a million times in match movies but I can’t seem to land it.

Thanks in advance.:pleased:

Spin the stick in a circle twice and push a punch. Fast.

I’m not joking.

Shitload easier if you have a Japanese ball stick.

Well you could have tried the show threads options to look up any old threads but anyways all I can really tell you is spin the stick fast, I mean cocaine fast.

Also if you already didn’t know you dont need a complete 720 you just need a 540 so in other words,
:r: :df: :d: :db: :l: :ub: :u: :uf: :r: :df: :d: :db: :l:

I’ve tried to pull a tachi with minimal to no success, your better off learning walk up gigas, a standing gigas is really more for show while it does have some uses its mostly done for flash

I used to practice that 540 motion at my local arcade and for a while I could do it 80% of the time on a good day. But some days I wouldn’t be able to do it at all. Plus it varies from stick to stick. For example at a different arcade (jap sticks) where all the tourneys are held, I wouldn’t be able to do it there.

I don’t think anyone can do it fast enough under pressured situations to replace 360 with 720 whenever possible. The only time that standing 720 is useful is on opponent’s wake up. What I would recommend is to learn ‘720 partition’ where you split your 720 into 2 360s. Much easier to do.

Thanks, alot guys. I appreciate the help. I’m kind of curious about the 720 partition though. How exactly is that done, do you perform 1 360 wait a few seconds then do another one? Thanks again.

Basically you can store the first 270 in any move or even when you’re in blk stun. Just think of your own tricks on when to use it. And I think the max amt of time allowed in btwn the 2 270s is somewhere around 1 to 1.5 sec.

An example would be:
Jump in with d+fp, rotate stick 270 right before Hugo lands, wait a split sec after you land (can’t grab while opp’s in blk stun) and do 270+p. 720 should come out.

This question has been asked in this section way too much. People always talk about partioning the 2 360s or using shortcuts to read a 720. The only real way to do it is really fast. Reason being is that partioning or shorcutting limits the setups hugo can do or use it as a clutch. The way i do tachi 720 is spinning the stick real fast. When K.O. and kokujin were down in so cal for evo we asked how do the japanese like hayao and ysb pull off the tachis. They both said really fast. But there isnt anything wrong with wiffing the short to allow the 720 motion which hayao still uses occasionally. Jap sticks do give them the advantage cause its easier to hit all 8 points really fast, but i can do the standing 720s on perfect 360s and i cant do it at all on the jap sticks. So its basically up to preference. The players i know who can pull off standing 720 has their own way of executing it off but the constant feedback from these players is speed and practice practice practice.

What are some of the setups that you use that can’t be replaced by partitioning 2 360s? The only ones I can think of are on wake up opp’s (sort of useful) and when they jump in from too far and just in range for 720 when they land (rarely happens). I’m not saying tachi is useless but it’s not like you can just walk up to ppl and 720 out of nowhere. From my own experience, in tourney/high lvl play when ppl play really safe, both tachi & partition are pretty much useless. The best way to land that 720 is usually thru the simpliest setups ie after a parry, empty jump ins etc.

If for a certain setup you can replace tachi with partition, I think it’s certainly better off doing partition 'cause spinning the 2nd 360 of partition will always come out faster than just spinning 720 really fast. For example, if you have your opp in the corner and you clap him (blked), and you want to walk up 720. The split sec that you save from doing 360 (partitioned the first 360 during the clap) vs tachi 720 might be the diff btwn your opp jumping and not jumping.

Paritioning isnt bad. But spinning the stick is just better. Its easy to tell if a player partitions or can just straight out do it. If i know the person can only partition i know what windows or moves he wiffs will use to set up the 720. Knowing the persons setups limits them far too much already. Empty clap to walk 720 has such a small window and will only work once against top play. And the players i play actually look for certain whiffs. Empty jump ins arent great since i believe hugo gets a neg frame when he lands to execute moves when he lands and the 720 has slow start up frame. Meaning 360 is faster than 720. So the only options hugo has on the empty jump ins are to throw, sa III, parry, or fake cross up (hayao loves to do).

When sbo came out shogo got me a vid of ysb versus pyro. Pyro lost all the matches on that vid. And i got to see hit confirm gigas breaker style. When ever pyro would get knocked down ysb would do a late clap (clap never connected, but looked meaty) on pyro’s wake up. Depending if pyro is ducking down he would do a tachi 720 to the face. If pyro was standing ysb would simply wait or sweep. When the player ducks they get neg frame to jump out. And if u are on wake up defense and u see a meaty clap u would want to duck. I think a blocked clap to partioned 720 isnt enough window for the 720 to connect. I have tried that timing on arcade,ps2, xobx, and dc. But i have successfully did clap walk up 720. The window for the walk up 720 is less than a second i think. Im not a frame expert but i had friends who have more knowledge in that tell me.

My setup would just be mp or fp clap (blocked or hit) walk up 720 and you have the options in mixing it with walk up sweep or walk up air grab. They do empty jump in i do 720 when they land. After i connect are directional throw if they dont tech roll i wait walk back 720 or mix up with walk back sweep or walk back air grab. The you get higher chances to land 720s when not to have anything wiff. If they know i can do tachis i can use scare tactics for free sweeps and air grabs. And i do.

I agree with you on 720s in high level play. Tachi and partioning are far from being successful and useful. But if a player can do it that player will get some free sweeps and air grabs. Tachi 720 are really good clutch moves. When i play in tournies i have no intention of landing it. I just want to get good enough if i see a mis timed jp shoryu or close blocked low forward to do the tachi. But during reg play i dont really care and usually just practice set ups.

FFA’s ranbat season 2 will be starting and i do plan on attending it. Hopefully i pull off some good footage for you guys to watch. Someone should make a hugo footage thread and post links of their hugo’s or other hugo’s. Most North America hugo’s are very scrubby, and mines is no exception. But if we share strats and setups it can help alot of people’s hugo games.

Joystick numbers

Can someone explain me how are the numbers are located in the joystick or pad? This is how i think they are located, correct me if i’m wrong, please.

      7     8     1
         \   I  /
       6 -  (  ) -2
           /  I \
         5    4   3

I know my drawing sucks but i hope you understand.

look at your keyboard.


from my exp… its fucking hard to even land a 720 in high level play but ive done it alot of times its all about mind games… i dont consider my hugo scrubby but its not jap level… i play hugo differently… i try to keep my opponent in my face… after a 360 they can roll away… so i don’t do 360s all the time… only to get em off me… i use the wallthrow and finish with a clothesline… puts em right next to… cross over game… i have so many setups:badboy:

cross over splash…then, clap… if they jump the clap will hit em, u can juggle with a exclothes line… xover again!!, ex clothesline ONLY IF U KNOW 100% THEY TRY TO THROW U AFTER A CLOSSUP:tup:
s.hp DAMAGE!!!
wallthrow then clothesline again CROSSUP AGAIN!!
jump for another crossup MIND GAMES!!…GIGAS!! train ur opponent fearing the clap they will sit there and block after the lk

Wow thanks for the tip bro. Isn’t easier to just Hold HP+HK while their knocked down & when they get up as the P.A. ends you’re inputting 720?

Thanks, NOS99 :tup:

Every time i do a 360 or gigas most of the time i jump. Is there a trick or shorcut for doing those? For example if i do 63258 the 360 can come out? What i meant is there other way that doesn’t involve the whole circle motion?

Just go from right/left to up. Half circle up basically.

so its much easier to pull standing 720 on HRAP?

Why can’t there just be a sticky that says “You do a 720 by spinning the stick around really fast twice” so the damn question stops getting asked… half the freakin threads in the hugo forums relate to standing 720…

It depends on the person really, I have trouble doing even a 360 on HRAP, but I can do a 720 on a comp stick (not too consistantly).

What I like to do is to spin the stick fast, but also spin in a tight circle, basically so the stick doesn’t hit the wood… If that makes sense… it’s sorta hard to explain with demonstrating.