Standing 720's?

Having never seen one done, or even in a video, are these things for real or are they just street fighter legend? I heard some japanese guy could do’em in this post awhile back. If they are possilble, is there any trick to 'em, like doing a super fast buffer, or is there a specific hardware setup that makes them easier, like a sanwa with octagon gate??

Yes they exist.

2 examples and a tutorial:




Does the 540 technique work on cvs2?? I thought I read in you have to do a full rotation, then a 270 on top of that, rather than two 270’s linked together.

if someone can explain…
why hugo won’t jump if you hit twice three direction that have to make him jump?

do 3s have a kind of lag/buffer before reading motions?maybe grappler only?

that middleone is my crappy video! I was so happy when I first learned those. They’re not all that elusive though. I would imagine all decent hugo player’s can pull them. In my experience an octagnal gate does help.

jump cancel?

you just have to do it REALLY fast…

I’ve seen standing 720’s in Alpha 2, 3, Super Turbo…

I’ll try to find videos.

thanks for the insight :lame:. But I honestly can’t do a standing 360, so I avoid using Zangief and T. Hawk at all costs…

I did one in the arcade on some dude just yesterday. It’s not something I can do consistently enough to depend on, but I go for it every once in a while.

In ST, standing 720 isn’t humanly possible. In fact, for Hawk, it isn’t even possible for a programmed stick; he has fewer pre-jump frames than the number of frames it takes to input the motion for the 720.

yeah that’s right about ST. However, it is technically possible to kara into a standing 720 with hawk. It’s so much easier in 3s because of the looser command requirement’s and hugo’s huge jump start up.

Oh the irony of calling others lame.

It might sound like a lame statement, but it’s true. To do standing Gigas with Hugo, there are only three things to know: spin the stick really fast, start drumming the punch buttons just before you reach 540, and keep spinning through the rest of the way just in case. All you can do to learn how to do that is practice.

which direction do you start the 540 from?

Direction doesn’t matter, you can start from any point on the stick and go either direction as long as you get the required number of degrees circled. Personally, I start at the right, go down, left, up, right, down, left+start drumming punch buttons, up, right.

I don’t know if Capcom continued to use this, but in the classic games, I’m pretty sure the direction of the spin mattered. It didn’t affect whether or not the move came out, but it affected which side of you the opponent landed on.

And just treat a standing 360 like a hadoken or a half-circle. Same speed, same smoothness of motion, just hit six points instead of three or five. 720s are harder. I find it easier to simply do these by starting the motion in the middle of a tick, or another relatively safe move that won’t push the opponent out of range.

720’s are relatively easy to do but it depends on the type of stick you’re using, not how long you practice for. I can easily do 720’s on deep set arcade sticks (the fist time i used them) but I can barely pull off a 360 with mas or hori stick (whatever you call them).

I start them off on whiffs, but that only works so much. I need to practice jump canceling, but I keep on forgetting. And yes, doing it REALLY fast is the key.

I can get the “540” technique fairly well,but I have to be thinking about it to do it, so just whiffing or executing it on wake-up against someone who tries stand next to me works fine.

ST Question: since in ST one tactic is to whiff jabs so the opponent can’t move backwards, can that potentially be used to buffer a 360/720?


i read the title and though of the 720 kick.