Standing back+LK nerfed in AE ?! WTF!

i dont have access to AE yet …

but that seems just … WRONG !!!

thats gonna make so many matches a flipping nightmare ! … it was THE poke to out poke 3 frame poke spammers … with that gone … what does he have LK SLIDE ?! characters with crap non invincible uppercut start ups are gonna trade more and its bad enough they made alot of moves go through fireballs.

thats like a big up yours to dhalsim … slide to yoga flame doesnt combo, slide to yoga fire would only combo on counter hit … and what ? slide super???.. please! slide back teleport… what about when you’re being butchered in the corner ? a dry slide on its own is unsafe…

im just trying to understand why they would do that … and i still dont see the logic behind it. so basicly now if he gets pressured … hes more screwed than he was before … and now we have 2 more divers to worry about and they seem to be really good at getting in from whats being reported.

im guessing this means we have to re evaluate our tricks here n there but … i find that a far worse nerf than any damage reduction … hell give us back his crap health from vanilla ill take it ! just fix that kick again …

well i guess its too late now …

(somehow i feel more glad about learning juri now…its sad though i’ve always tried to keep it together with just sim before)

any comments ?

is it not true and daigo was just high when he reported it ?

somebody …


im surprized theres no topic about this already >___> …

haha honda goes through your yoga fires…eat shit dhalsim

Maybe he just “felt” it, but maybe it’s not really the case… hopefully… >.>

Wait till the game comes out on consoles or we get high level AE sim footage, either way don’t sweat it just yet since the US will still play super for the foreseeable future. There’s no reason to get your panties in a twist over it, even though it really seems like an overall strange and damaging nerf

well im in london … we’re getting the arcade soon … and that would be the end of the console version for most of the guys in the scene …

im just very very irritated … cuz its really his only defense he has sometimes … its his opener for frame traps … its a big part of the sim game … slowing it down would mean barely any edge up close … add to that characters like cammy and feilong get better pokes now … despite the nerfs they got … its all about the pokes…

it hurts man …

ok instead of reading the translation i went straight to the original source in japanese … this is what it says


there was no mention of BACK LK … he just said standing LK … if the standing one is a bit delayed then thats … not … TOO bad i suppose … i dont understand why the traslater decided to put (back) in the translation … then again that might be what daigo acctually meant

we need a sim player to test it out at the arcade !!! screw the yun and yang vids !!

Like konkrete says wait till we see what it really looks like. If it looks real bad maybe try getting used to using standing jab? Idk im just spit balling as of now prob wont play AE until (if) released for console being in BFE, OH

standing jab is 4 frames… not even partly as good … its ass when u compare them together… plus it wont work in 90 % of the situations the other one did … db+LP is 4 frames as well …

standing back+LK hit low and it was 3 frames … theres a hardly a comparison

on ultra david’s twitter he says stand short and back short seem slower :frowning:

ive said this before and ill say it again… i dont understand what capcom is thinking, i thought each update is meant to be a tweaked, better version of the previous game, not a completely different one.

I’ve played AE:

  • 4lk feels EXACTLY the same

  • 5lk seems a touch slower

  • 1mp, 1mp xx EX flame combos (as we already know) but I could not get it to combo with lp flame - maybe I was too far, I’m not sure

  • 4hk feels the same - it cleanly beats or at worst trades with Yun and Yang’s dive kicks

  • Overall I feel he plays exactly the same.

  • Yun and Yang seem really strong. Gief is looking really good - plenty of WTF moments with the range on his SPD.

B.short is still the same
S.RH less dmg
db.strong is Faster

sir … if this is true … i would give you a hakan oily hug right now… SERIOSLY !?

Yep, everything feels the same with the possible exception of 5lk. But this could be perception and we won’t know for sure until we get the frame data. It just feels and looks slower.

Damage nerfs I can deal as long as his tools are the same. EX upflame feels the same and all his normal AAs do as well. They were the things I was most worried about as changes to 4hk or EX upflame would’ve ruined the character.

I’ll be giving Sim a thorough work out tomorrow as I only got in a handful of games today.

This is fantastic news! Looks like I will be able to play Dhalsim in AE too:D

I’m glad there are at least some people playing AE that use Sim, I’d say the nerfs are countered by a few of his bad match ups getting worse but the twins will wreck him…Hopefully the is the same.

good or bad
im sticking with sim …

but i am expanding my knowledge with other characters … mainly juri … it just helps with the all round knowledge of the game to learn a new set of skills …

anyway i feel so relieved …

yoga shangrila hugs for all !



Played AE again today and I feel bad matchups will stay bad and good matches remain good. Here are my thoughts on some of the characters I played today (I am a scrub so this may not mean much):

Is it just me or does s.hp do LESS damage than Sim’s medium pokes? Check out round two vs Zangief with the first few hits. Or maybe it’s just the angle that the video is taken at as it makes no sense for a heavy attack to do less damage than a medium :wonder:

And WTF damage on Gief U1… did they buff that or reduce Dhalsim’s health?!

Found out the hard way that one of Yang’s ultras (I think U2) punishes sniper. The dive kicking twins will be a pain in the ass. The meter that Yun builds from whiffing palms is ridiculous.

Abel can be hit out of his roll a lot easier now so this matchup may have moved from 3-7 to 4-6.

Guile matchup may have gotten even easier - his meter build from a sonic boom is really small. No EX booms = sad Guile.

Akuma looks really solid. This match was already relatively difficult compared with other fireball characters in Super, it may have moved into his favour in AE due to damage nerfs to Dhalsim.

Dude, awesome Sim as usual. I can’t get over the range on Gief’s SPD now. That shit is ridiculous! St. lk looks like it starts up the same but recovers a frame or two slower? What do you think of Sim’s so far?

WOW i cant believe how far giefs spds can reach now! the range wasnt exactly bad in the first place i dont know why they made it even better, esp by THAT much…