Standing Jab To Crouching Roundhouse?



Is there a trick to making this combo connect?

Do you plink it?

is it standing jab --> crouching jab+ crouching roundhouse?


thats long gone … they removed that for 2012 … you couldve asked this in the simple question thread and got the same answer


You can still do it on CH. Your best off using if you want a hard knock from a sweep. Lots of time to confirm and massive block advantage.


You can still do it in AE2012 but only if you get counterhit on the stlp. Best best is clmp or if you get a counterhit crmp and your close enough you can sweep from that as well.

#5 combos quite easily into crouching roundhouse as well. I don’t even think it’s a 1 frame link like for Ryu and Akuma.