Standing medium punch and close st roundhouse

These moves have been buffed I heard. I know close st roundhouse can be beats anything Rose and C.Viper does on wakeup does it work on any other characters? Does it have any other uses?

Also I was using Bison and a Ryu player kept stopping my scissor kicks with standing medium punch. I don’t really play Bison so maybe I was just doing scissor kicks from a wrong distance. He was also using it as an anti air idk why he didn’t just dp though. I know you can cancel into a fireball but that doesn’t seem like much. Is there any character specific things it can be used for? It sometimes beats Dans tatsu thats really the only one I know. I haven’t seen any “pros” use st mp honestly

Ive seen Daigo use xx fb in 2012 vs Rufus. Personally I use against dive kicks. I am sure there is lot of use to it but I am unsure in what match-up.

anything with a good high hitbox and good active frames is good against Bison’s scissor pressure, so hitting standing strong is not at all a bad idea.One of my favourite things to do against Bisons is hitting a jab or even standing fierce at the start of a round to deny any silly surprise scissors they might try. It messes with their head nicely.

In general it’s a decent antiair and a footsie/pressure tool if you have meter for FADC. The cancelability means you can buffer a hadou and if it hits, FADC for some more damage or a knockdown.

I’ve seen Alex Valle use it quite often. Ryu’s other pokes are good enough that he can do without standing strong, but the buff does make it vastly more useful.

What match ups does Valle use it for? Why use standing strong when you can

s.MP is very good,stuffs dive kicks well,stops bison scissors and is cancellable,it is mostly useful against chars like Yun,Yang and Rufus.It can also be used against abel to stuff LK wheel kick,I prefer jab for that though.

As for cl.RH,it is a useful frame trap,I like to use it against characters with 5 frame shorts like Abel and Sakura,because if executed on the first possible frame after a blocked c.LP it leaves a 6 frame gap,plus it can be used to set up a trade OS into ultra,and leaves a free combo opening if it lands a CH.

Daigo uses xx tatsu to punish a spaced Juri wheelkick. You have to block it standing though otherwise it pushes you to far back.

you can’t use cr mk against bison. st mp is ur friend in that example

I agree. Bison can use his standing fierce kick which beats the and even if he blocks the he will most likely throw out a scissor kick/ex scissor to beat the follow up hadou. Standing mp and need to be used to punish badly spaced scissor kick block loops and bisons standing fierce kick. I wouldnt advise using standing mp as an AA vs Bison as his jump in attacks come in at weird angles and you’ll usually trade or get beat clean.