Standing MK will hit twice in Ultra Street Fighter IV!



YES! I saw it in the Ultra SF IV trailer:
Long limb mk will hit twice, and will be a great anti-FA move!

Another good new is that both hits will land at the maximum stretched limb.

Do you think this buff will change Sim gameplay?
Will Sim become competitive?

Let’s talk about it, I’m so hyped.


Sorry to be a party pooper but I’m worried about this. ALL I wanted for Sim was to be able to deal with divekickers better, I didn’t need any other matchups making easier. This will NOT help against Yun, Yang, Cammy, Rufus etc because they don’t rely on focus attacks to ruin Dhalsim’s life.

Now if they give him something to deal with divekickers aswell then he will be God tier, because unless the recovery on the 2 hitting MK is awful it’s going to make matchups against most of the cast severely in Dhalsim’s favour, and I’ll have to switch because I hate the cheap stuff.


The hitbox/hurtbox of our moves still sucks, and this is a big problem, people are trading (in their favor!) with Dhalsim’s limbs from full screen, this should not happen.
He’s supposed to be bad at close range, but he’s actually bad at long range too if the opponent knows the matchup


I don’t see how this addition is a bad thing. The more tools we have the better. On a side note, I was able to go to CEO. The rumor is that they are considering the ability to delay wake-up and returning his Super Damage.


I agree with this post. I don’t know why they cant make the upward flame have a larger hit box and come out a little faster. When you think of ST Dhalsim and his upward flame it was perfect and was used for characters where his normals were ineffective, (chun li, blanka, vega for instance). So they should either buff his normals to deal with divekick moves or make the upward flame more useable. I know the Yun’s and Yang’s I play can come down at the right angle where the upward flame doesn’t even come close to hitting them. Hopefully they address this.


Sim players needs to be more vocal and complain more. This dhalsim section is pretty dead.

Good example. Take a look at the fei long section on how much they are complaining regarding rekka nerfs. They even went as far as making a new post in the Capcom Unity forums to complain about fei’s nerfs. If you guys have suggestions or want to be heard I suggest to message combofiend or post in Capcom Unity.

Dhalsim hardly gets noticed cause he’s such an unpopular character. He will be left out again in USF4 while other characters gets the buff they need.

If Dhalsim players do not speak up. Dhalsim will get destroyed again in USF4 :(.


We really should be more vocal you’re right, I just don’t think there’s enough of us around!


True. Unfortunately their is a stigma that if you play with Dhalsim then you must be okay playing with an inferior character and like playing an uphill battle. I don’t know how that has come about but it is. Again like someone said in the post Dhalsim has always been about a character utilizing his normals for different situations. Also it should be a chore to get to him and he should have a difficult time once the player is in. Unfortunately in this game it is very easy to get in (high and low) and once you are on him, it is game over to some degree.

As far as having a voice for Sim, as you said there really are not that many players who use him which makes him silent on deaf ears. Hopefully they go to some top Sim players and get there input and hopefully it is on par with what we are asking for.

For me I would like to see some better normals with higher priority so they are not trading in favor of opponent and a better(bigger)and faster upward flame. It seems you have to guess your opponent is going to jump to really use the move effectively.


Not a fan of it myself. Standing MK is already for tagging people trying to jump, now I will just throw it out (semi)mindlessly as soon as anyone gets to that range and unless they have a slide kick, they will be in all sorts of trouble.

I’d much rather an increase to damage on anti-airs or regular normals, or for b.MP to put the opponent in fall state so I can combo up flame after it, or for regular flame to hard knockdown (does it hard knockdown on CH now?). Even a move that is safer vs long range FA would be fine (ie hurtbox is out for less time but still only single hit). Removing the option for the opponent to FA entirely is bad, imo.

Edit: The other thing 'sim needs is for his light & medium slides to be safe or neutral on hit, and for his aerial headbutt/divekick moves to go a bit faster (which I think is planned).


This is decent change. Without a way to break focus at range, we’ll always be total free to Makoto.

That still leaves divekicks, but maybe the rumored buff on blast will help.


EX fireball or use one of the safer pokes eg s.MP, c.MP, s.MK…does makoto have something I’m not aware of? I don’t get to play many at all.


Makoto is one of the only characters in the game that can get in on sim for free using focus dash. You’re not going to have meter for EX by the time she gets close to you, and it doesn’t matter if the poke you use are safe, she still gets what she wants. I feel like this change was specifically designed to help against Fei, Makoto, and Hakan, which will actually be helpful in every matchup.


Your strat against a decent Makoto = a dead you.

As Will Smith (lol) mentioned, you don’t have meter at the start. You won’t always have meter for an ex fireball. If any of the buttons you are suggesting are focused, she’s in on you for free and you’ve probably already lost.


I only disagree with s;MK being used, as the button itself is already very good, and, like Throwback said, we’ll just spam it mindlessly (and then we’ll get nerfed on Ultra SFIV 2015 because our s.MK is OP).
They should put it on s.MP wich is not that usefull, or d.LP wich doesn’t do damage.


s.MP not that useful? What?

This thread is really confusing me.


yeah I’m also confused. sim is by far the worst character in the game and now people complain about moves that might get too strong in USF4.
double hit MK and overall more damge is the minimum sim needs to even be playable.

why did they take away hard knockdown on the flame??? might be an exchange for a huge up-flame buff??


This will be a nice change but i still want to see how they handle Sim fighting dive kick opponents.


Yeah why take away Dhalsim’s only chance of mix up. You are exactly right! Even with the mk and damage buff he will still be sub standard. The character is pretty garbage and Capcom will keep him that way cause of the whiny babies.


It’s hard to give him any significant buffs because, IMHO, if the did anything like increase his damage or give him an above average wake-tool, he goes from being low tier to almost breaking the game. As a new 'Sim player, I wouldn’t oppose, but I also wouldn’t want to be using an S character like that. That’s part of the reason I like 'Sim in the first place.

But regardless, he should be given some more tools to make him a little more viable. He’s got too many bad matchups, and that’s not gonna get fixed unless we get make a stink about it to Capcom. If there’s anything that could get results I think we should at least try it.

Actually, it would be pretty cool if they brought back some of his SF2 tech, i.e. The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga. Would be a nice homage to the past and the fans as well as make him more viable without making him too godlike.


He had higher damage on almost everything in Super and wasn’t even high tier. Returning his damage to Super levels would not make him S Tier.