Standing Roundhouse

So I was playing as Bison against this Akuma today. He beat the shit out of me by spamming standing roundhouse. Now I’m not one to complain about losing to any moves, but everything I tried to do was failing. I went into training mode and set Akuma to just spam roundhouse at me all day. If I blocked, sometimes I could hit with MP, sometimes his roundhouse beat my MP. It was just a wild guessing game.

So yeah I messaged this guy and asked WHAT DO. He said something retarded like “lol yer works real gud on noobs lol” so I said don’t be an asshole man, help me out. He said: “ok go to toys r us and buy a turbo arcade stick”. I asked him if he was serious and he confirmed that yes, he uses turbo.

So. Tips for escaping the roundhouse of doom? Figured I’d ask here rather than the Bison forum since this could be applied to any character, and you guys would know more about Akuma obviously.

Akuma’s st.HK is 0 frames when blocked. Meaning he has no frame advantage nor do you. I dont know all the frame data on the roundhouse, but any attack that bison can do that has less start up than Akuma’s HK should beat it. I have been thrown out of it in the past, but you have to be at point blank.

Try blocking the roundhouse then teleport back to reset the spacing if you feel trapped.
If you know he is just spamming them you can focus the second kick(1st one has to whiff), then punish off the crumple.

Bison has a pretty good roundhouse of his own, try seeing if that stuffs Akuma’s HK in training.

Sorry I dont know much about Bison.

I had moderate success with MP and MK, HK was pretty much a no go.

Thanks for your help.

Ok Bisons crouching MP has 7 frames of start-up(same as Akuma’s HK). That’s why it is so hit and miss, since they have the same start-up time it basicly comes down to who pushed the button first after you blocked his 1st HK.

Bison’s cr. LK has 3 frames of start-up and ok range, so if you block Akuma’s st.HK and you know he is just going to spam another, Bison’s cr.LK will beat it every time.

Here is Bison’s frame data:

And if you dont know how to read frame data:

Bison’s always out-prioritise me in footsies and a lot of it is down to his own MK and HK pokes which has as much range and speed and such great recovery. That mixed in with scissors which have good priority on most normal pokes, especially EX.

Can’t tell you the ins and outs of hwo to do it because I’m not a Bison player, but controlling the footsies should be in his hands with the moves he has. If you aren’t able to dominate the footsie space then it gives the character too much to do to win.

Have you tried asking the other Bison players about this? Dominating footsies is key for him.

^Ummmmm Psyco crusher!!!..devils reverse…Bison’s st hk (Fuck 5 frame start-up)…ultra…stomp…cMK…back dash…sometimes Bison ducks the second kick sooooo any combo will do here…seriously wow.

it beats psycho crusher, kicked me out of DR, too fast for standing HK, didn’t have ultra, stomp whiffs because he moves forward while he’s spamming it, cMK worked sometimes, was in the corner so i couldn’t backdash.

thanks though bro.

scissors. Welcome.

akuma’s roundhouse beats it. thanks.

cr.Lk into scissors? Are you seriously having that much trouble figuring out how to beat such an insignificant strategy?

shut up i’m terrible at video games

By Pyscho Crusher I meant ex and reverse should do the trick. Plus if he does another sHK after a blocked one I guarantee the second kick whiffs on you blocked. I play in the NW Bison country as an akuma and know that plus cLK, cMK should do you wonders against it. Plus your HK is 6 frame start up and akuma’s is 7 frame so you should win that battle (a battle I loose all the time against bison’s). Seriously I’ve ben hit out of sHK by all of these plus it sometimes whiffs the 2nd hit. I’m pretty sure the dude abused a move he knew you weren’t gonna punish so he went with what worked. If you got beat by anything I mentioned it was because you were to damn slow doing it and the akuma had already started his move. You probably need to react better. Be a true online Bison and spam hat cLK on turbo.

sthk and clk from dictator beats sthk from akuma

Bison’s standing roundhouse starts up two frames faster than Akuma’s. You’re wrong. c.LK to scissors is like Bison bread n’ butter dude. That’s the safest/best option. If you can’t do a 2-in-1 I’m sorry.

It’s called blocking that shit

Bison’s stand HK beats almost every single one of Akuma’s pokes. Learn the range and abuse it. The only real poking option that Akuma will have left is c.MK to go under the stand HK. If you try to sweep under it, most of the time you’ll get stuffed (or trade, and it’s in his favor).

As soon as Akuma stops trying to stand HK, you can get in with Scissors and start pushing him towards the corner.

If you block the second hit of Akuma’s stand HK, remember that you are “even” (0 frame disadvantage). Bison’s c.LK -> Scissors works wonders against Akuma trying to walk up and throw or if he’s trying to get back to max HK range. Akuma needs that max-range for his stand HK to be effective. If you can remain close to him, you nullify his poking threat.

Against his jumping in, his only reliable option is manual dive kick (jump, d+MK). Your stand RH will lose to this also, but beat basically everything else.

if hes an idiot, you can take advantage of this. I can’t believe nobody has said this.

Neutral jump then roundhouse as you’re coming down and hit roundhouse again once you’re down, easy 220 damage. which is 1/4 of akuma’s health yayyy.

when he uses his rh he will move forward so as u go up you land right on his ass and he doesnt even have time to srk you.

this is the piss easy way. But seriously. Learn the lk, lp, lk to lk scissors.

^^ the truth

it doesnt have to be complicated in order to beat it. rock paper scissors here…bison does have pokes that win you just have to time it or gtf outta there u guys are neutral on block

Bison’s sHK=6 frame Akuma’s=7 frame… Bison wins plus in the corner this prevents akuma from any type of jump and if spaced right you can lock him down by back throwing akuma into the corner after teleport.