Stanwood WASHINGTON (everett,seattle,mtvernon)

whuts up,
i just moved here from california and i cant seem to find anyone who plays SF in this state. i live in stanwood, WA and im looking for players. so if you in the area hit me up!

What games do you play?

If it’s not Marvel or ST (and maybe 3s), then you might just be out of luck :frowning:

Stanwood? Wtf? Where is that!?!?

Welcome to Marvel and ST territory.

It’s south of Mount Vernon, and just off to the west of I-5. Sadly, that is really far out in no man’s land. I think you’re best bet for some pick up games would be Kuenai and MyNameisPaullee, who reside in Mount Vernon. But you’ll need a car to get there. And if you have a car, get out to Preppy’s gaming nights (see the dedicated thread in this section for info on how to get there).

What pray tell are you doing in Stanwood? It’s a pretty small place, hardly representative of the state of Washington. Since you’re from Cali, and apt parallel would be contrasting San Fran and Yreka to Seattle and Stanwood.

What Umbrellastyle said is mostly true. While there are people that play just about every game here, the predominant local interests are MvC2 and ST.

I don’t even know where Stanwood is, but I’ve been to Yreka, California before.


Welcome to the King Of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2/ST Tournament… (That Sounded soooo… Corny)

But yea Stanwood… Thats Hella deep…

You missed me by like 3 years. I lived out in Marysville once upon a time, Bellingham for the past two years and in Everett now (was in Everett from 3 years ago to 2 years ago). But Zach’s recent tourney was my last and I’m moving to Japan in two weeks.

BTW, the boards for long jump and triple jump at Standwood High suck bloated donkey cock. I will continue to forever hate that place decause of plastic-ish (instead of wood) boards combined with rain at districts my final year of track causing people to slip (despite spikes) which totally shot my chance to try and make state in the triple… ugly!

move to nyc.

LOL, Stanwood is like 15 min south of me by I-5 so hit me up by PM sometime and we can maybe set something up eh? What games do u play?

Yup, hit either of us up for gaming get-togethers. Stanwood ain’t that small, though. I have friends that live in Stanwood/Camano that are gaming nuts. I don’t think they’re all that into SF, though. Hit up the thread again, and let us know how to contact you.


i wasnt expecting to hear from folks, but sweet.

my email is

if i dont respond soon, its cuz i dont have intarnet, i uze my buddys puter, so it might be a minuet before i respond.

oh yeah, i work at the hollywood video in front of QFC, so if gaming friends come in, ask for Ron. email me and ill give you a fone# to call.


i moved to washington cuz living in Cali is way expensive (1200$/mo for 2bed 1 bath on palm ave.{which is the GHETTO}) living here i get to move in w/ my mom where rent is much cheaper {try free ;)}

i dunno if any of you gurus of SRK know him, but im friends with Red_Triangle, dunno if thats his handle anymore, but there it is.

i look forward to whuppin’ some ass at SF!!! MFRSSS!!!

Sent you an e-mail. Looking forward to closer comp than Seattle.

I feel you on that one, that drive is long.

I’m like 20-30 minutes south. If my dad hadn’t just given away my car, I’d say I’d be willing to drive a bit north to meet up with us stuck out in the boonies. Damn though, Stanwood? Stanwood SUCKS. Especially if you’re from Cali it’s gotta be even worse. Even Mt. Vernon rocks Stanwood’s world.

Hell, speaking of my car problems, some day one of you fellas travelling from north up here to Zach’s or something should bring me! Kek.

is teh sux

movin here is like goin from 100 to 30

but whatever… i can definitely get a ride to where ever, however i don’t know my way about town.

lol i know red triangle tall guy that does MMA right?? i et him at evo 2k3 lol hows that foo doing ??

lol, Reds cool

yeah he actually used to be my roommate, but hes doin fine; still fighting, and kickin it in Cali.

Sweet. I’ll keep in touch. Maybe Mech, Paul, you, and I can all get something going on the weekend.

Hey, I’ll be moving into the area from Spokane. I’m going to live in Bellingham, girlfriend goes to WWU. I’m not the best at fighting games (I’d blame Spokane), but I’m definitely trying to improve.

Awesome! It’ll be good to play you again. You played strider/sent/doom last time at bellingham, if I remember correctly.

Ninja edit: video confirms it. Let’s work on those basics!

And btw, don’t get sucked into the bellingham mentality of “If I suck at the game, I’ll just cover it up by playing low-tier and saying that people who play high-tier have no skill.” Not joking. Those guys can be douchebags.