Stanzza's Ryu Guide Part 2: General Techniques



Mix up 4

when opponent is grounded:

4i) Meaty combo.
Beats tech, normal counter, block. Loses to reversal and back dash.

4ii) Meaty
Beat backdash. Loses to reversal.

4iii) Immediate throw
Beats block, normal counter. Loses to backdash, reversal and tech.

4iv) Walk back 1 frame out of throw zone then counter (watch to tatsu/fb is they backdash/teleport or whiff a throw)
Beats tech, backdash, reversal and teleport. Loses to normal counters.

4v) Meaty
Beats cr. blocking, tech and normal counter. Loses to stand block and reversal.

4vi) Early ex-tatsu
Beats command throw, normal tech, normal counters, many backdashes. Loses to reversal.

4vii) Block 1 frame, throw
Beats instant wakeup reversal, block, normal counter. Loses to stand tech/delayed tech/backdash.

4viii) Block 1 frame, cr.lp/lk combo
Beats instant wakeup reversal, normal counter. Loses to stand tech/delayed tech/backdash/block. ** As long as ryu is not thrown due to instant reversal, he could continue the pressure as delayed tech would be beaten (normal stick out) or become block.

4x) cr.lp !!->!->cr.lp combo
Beats, normal counter, backdash. Loses to reversal, block, standing tech

4xi) cr.lp !!->, kara throw

4xii) cr.lp !!-> xx tatsu/fb/dp
Beats, normal counter, backdash. Loses to reversal, block,standing tech

4xiii) cr.lp !!-> xx tatsu/fb/dp

++ Most close up non-meaty mix up loses to command throw. To beat command throw, jump, or mix in tatsu/ex-tatsu in block string. Or don’t close in on command throw charc at all.
++ You can do a dp at any time off a mix up to fadc into U1.

Frame trap

Frame trap is something that almost all players know by now. I shall not go into the detail for ryu’s frame trap then. Only 1 thing I would like to highlight, is that frame trap should be mostly pressed slow. Ideally you want to grant a minimum 3 frame gap in between pokes. Now this may doesn’t seems to make sense as such wide gap means that people are able to counter right? No. It is because of delay crouching tech. If frame trap are pressed too fast (2 frames in between), then opponent will almost always succeed in auto blocking/crouch tech. That’s why it have to be done slow.

If you notice your opponent use delayed crouch tech, do your frame trap slower than normal. If you notice he immediate standing tech fast, do your frame trap fast (2 frame and below) and try to add in a crouch attack.

On a side note, note that most combo doesn’t require button to be pressed fast. If you look at the on hit advantage, you will realized that buttons and combo can be pressed really slow, to frame trap on block and also combo when hit.

There are some frame traps that are not combo, as they are purposely pressed really slow to hit counter/tech attempts.

  1. c.lp, c.lp, s.hp xx FB/Tatsu/DP * (s.hp is pressed really later on purpose, does not combo with c.lp. Opponent does eat a s.hp into special move combo if they attempt tech or normal counter).
  2. c.lp, c.lp,, ( does not combo with

Frame trap can be combo or non-combo. All combo frame trap can be made more effective by varying the timing of button pressed. This sometimes means that the combo still works, or that the combo no longer worked fully.
You can frame trap by pressing c.lp, 1 frame later after hit !-> !->sweep.
c.lp grant 5 frame advantage on hit, have 4 frame start up. Therefore on a cr.lp hit, opponent will eat full combo.

In the block scenario, is done 3 frame after block and have a minimum 4 frame start up for it’s normal( or

Between a blocked c.lp (+2 frame advantage on block for c.lp, 1 frame delay and 4 frame startup) and, there is a 3 frame window. If the opponent attempt to 3 frame after blocking c.lp, his normal move would have started.

So a proper frame trap should be given a minimum 3 frame gap to allow’s option select normal to start up, and then counter hit the move on it’s startup frame. Therefore a combo like c.lp, 1 frame later after hit !-> !->sweep is both a combo and a frame trap.

As long as you can hit the normal move startup of the, it is okay whether it is a combo or non-combo. Take note though, that fast charc can use fast 3 frame normal to attempt to break your 3 frame frame trap (50/50 situation). But you can push him out of his fast 3 frame move range to slow frame trap him, or mix up with quick and slow frame trap, dp etc to heighten the mind game.

Frame trap against grapple

cr.lp xx/!!-> cr.lp xx ex-tatsu/dp

Take note that T-hawk and Zangief command grab on frame 2 and ultra on frame 1. Therefore it is important that your frame trap have only gaps of maximum 1 frame when they don’t have ultra, and have no gap when they have it. Cr.lp grant ryu enough stun on opponent that when canceled into ex-tatsu, ryu would have been air born and therefore could not be grabbed. This is one of the most effective grapple frame trap.

In theory, watch out and remember your grapple’s startup frame for command throw, and use frame trap that does not allow him to do his command throw. Watch out for certain command throw that have invincibility property though. Use canceled true block string to push him away, get air born by jumping or tatsu/ex-tatsu combo when they have meter and could use command throw with invincibility.

Closing Down, general strategy

There are 2 distance where opponent are not able to crouch over air tatsu. 1 is somewhere at 3/4 of the screen using hk version, the other is about half screen away using lk version. Your tatsu timing have to be perfect to execute this uncrouchable air tatsu, apart from the spacing. You can over it when ryu air tatsu from front but it is hard, cause the tatsu change the trajectory and flight distance suddenly and often catch people off guard. U could do an empty jump or drop down earlier in front of opponent’s longest poke to mixup.

For cross up tatsu, if you timed it properly, is extremely hard to over. On wakeup situation, it is not possible. On standing, the wierd timing would mean that your would have hit the wrong direction and you could at most evade the cross up tatsu, while he would have recovered enough to apply more pressure or tech.

You could also throw an fb from far and do an empty jump. If he blocked the fb, air tatsu immediatly to drop just outside a distance away from him.

If you spot an opponent backdashing/back flipping/teleport from your jump in, air tatsu to catch them or at least close them down.

From mid screen, throw lp fb then quickly air tatsu (crouch hitting) to force him to block while you get in, or drop down in front of his longest poke to pressure.

Try to land combo that end with normal tatsu. My favourite is xx cr.lp !!-> cr.hp xx tatsu. This combo deals good damage and allow you to continue your rush down pressure. Against grapple charc and Ken, use lk/mk version of tatsu because you do not want to land beside them on wake up. Ken is dangerous up close and his hp dp catches ryu’s backdash and jump back at distance 0.

Against all other charc, use hk version to land beside them for more wake up pressure. Usually, a tatsu combo + mix up have the potential to remove 300-500 of opponent’s life in a flash.

Forward dash after fb or after pokes also works.

lk ground tatsu is good for closing in on charc like viper and Juri. Tatsu put ryu in an air born state to evade their special move like seismo hammer while closing in from far.

Closing Down, projectile charc

Ken and Akuma cannot do into fb as their fb is much slower than ryu. They cannot fb even during non-tip situation. Unlike ryu, you could almost always do one of the following if they do fb:

  1. Block, fadc through fb to combo/throw (Loses to xx tatsu/red fb though)
  2. Block, ex-dp
  3. Block, super/ultra

The timing to catch them is simple. When you block a, look out for any sudden cancel animation (don’t care what it is). They have to recovery properly after a If there is any sudden animation, it means they must have cancelled into some special move. When you spot it, punish with one of the above.

Akuma therefore would almost always sweep in distance while Ken would You could fadc it to throw ken, or combo/throw Akuma. Watch out for Akuma’s sweep cancel into U1 though.

When engaged in a FB war, you can from time to time anticipatively jump forward and get ready to air tatsu. If you spot the opponent throwing an projectile, do your air tatsu to kick his head, otherwise, drop down with an empty jump and you would have closed in (if he’s afraid of throwing projectile while you jumped). Or if you are far away and confident (and he is being defensive), you could throw an uncrouchable air tatsu to close in on him in a flash.

Rushing down
Ryu’s generally have only 4 ways of starting an rushing down apart from knocking down an opponent. If you are looking to rushdown on an standing opponent, look to do the below on him.

Ryu’s mix up options dramatically increases once he get into just outside range. At this range, he could cross up air tatsu to hit behind, normal jump to hit front mixup (and it’s hard to reversal at this range), he could walk forward to combo, then dash in to throw, then f.hp, walk forward cr.lp/ frame trap or kara throw. He can reaction fb to knock opponent whom jump back to escape, fwd dash to sweep backdash (depending on charc). Always look to get into this range when you are going to rush down and don’t let your opponent out of sight.

  1. After a blocked F.hp
  2. After an blocked air tatsu
  3. After an jump in (cross up/normal)
  4. After an blocked lvl 2 FA, then forward dash cancel


Footsie, in my explaination would be to simply hit opponent’s hit box while avoiding being hit by him. The idea is to hit his start up and recovery’s frame, while avoiding his hit box during active frame. The simplest way is to totally avoid attacking (and try to evade/block) his active frame, then attack during his start up and recovery.

These, require intense experiment on your own on all charc’s moves and hit box, and understanding of frame and hitbox data. I shall not go too far into it as you can experiment on your own, after understanding the principle.

One tips though, is that against charc like chun li whom have a god like, you could do a to try hit her at far range (take note you have to wait until her active frame is over). Then OS into a ex-tatsu. On hitting her, ryu will ex-tatsu combo. On whiff, ryu’s ex-tatsu will not appear.

I wrote about FB before. But here it is again, on why do we use FB.

  1. Invincible long range move. It is the only move in which you cannot be hit out of if you use it at the right distance. The basic concept of footsie fighting is that you can hit your opponent only during active frame, but you can be hit on both start up and recovery frame. As u need to get to distance in which opponent could hit you on their own normal move in order to footsie, the fireball is a much better move to hit people with at the right distance. Plus, it gives chip damage which is very important in high level play.

  2. To intercept opponent’s attack. Fireball intercept opponent’s attack move. At high level play, this is extremely important. You do not want to react and counter attack ur opponent’s attack as this is passive. U would find urself at a disadvantage if you are force to play your opponent’s mix up game. Throwing fireball at the right distance and at opponent’s start up move intercept their attack and keeps them out at the same time. For example, I would throw plenty of fire at blanka, knowing he could slide only at certain distance. Remembering he can only ex-roll at you if he have charge and that his jump distance is short, throwing fireballs effectively take out every mix up attack he have (such as fwd hop, bite. light horizontal/vertical roll, bite). This include intercepting opponent in the air.

  3. Forget zoning. It is almost impossible to zone effectively in SFIV with fireball as it is nerf unless you use sagat or guile. U could zone only with limited success with it and a wrong fireball would get you punish heavily. Use it as a normal attack instead, rather than trapping your opponent. A half decent player would beat any non sagat shoto if they attempt to zone heavily with fireball.

  4. Stopping and controlling opponent’s advancement and retreat. A fireball stop opponent from walking towards a advantageous position to them. It also force them to jump up, or jump fwd to a distance where you want them to be (at your advantage). You could also intercept an opponent’s retreat. Fireball put your opponent where you want them to be, at the right time. This is an important concept.

  5. Forcing opponent to jump at you or do something unsafe. Frankly speaking, this can only happen if someone could do 1-4 well. Most half decent players are not gg to jump at you simply because you fireball. But do this well and ur opponent have no choice but to jump in.

  6. Chase down opponent to punish. Certain move such as Akuma jump back fireball require a fireball to chase him down for a safe punish (Akuma cannot block after a air fireball for a while).

  7. Faking and varying ur attack. If you keep using ur fireball at a good distance, opponent will start to respect that distance in which buys you time to get forward enough to fight close up at your advantage. You can then put them into intense pressure with your block string.

  8. As a combo. There are certain situation in which a combo must end with a fireball (all other option will miss).

  9. To pressure and getting in on opponent. You could use fb to make opponent block, then take advantage of the tiny window to advance and pressure him.

++ I had specifically mentioned, that from experience it is harder to jump over fb if u are crouching due to extra frame animation or extra joystick movement (from down, neutral to up), or both. I could not confirm these as these are from experience. It just much easier to jump over fb when neutral (not holding any direction). We used to call this neutral jump among friends.

Apparantly, Adon players seems to have noticed the same effect:
Adon Super Street Fighter 4 Moves, Combos, Strategy Guide :

Under instant jaguar kick section on the above link.

Like the example above, but pressing down gives you a few more frames of animation to ‘hide the input’ so you can get out your Air Jaguar Kick.

Daigo had also mentioned that players are unlikely to jump after a crouch. What he really meant, I am not sure. But from experience you are more likely to get dp anti-air jumping off from non-neutral position. I always do anticipative, very early jump ins, if I notice my opponent is watching out for neutral jump and think I would not jump from non-neutral posture.


The most important aspect of ryu game play is defence. Use delay crouch tech, immediate standing tech, backdash, cr.lp, and reversal for defence play.

  1. When you blocked an command throw opponent jump in, do not tech. Jump, dp or backdash.
  2. When you blocked an jumped in lp/lk, press a immediate (this is the only situation in which I will press an immediate, dp or just block. Do not do standing tech as you will be hit.
  3. If opponent is already outside throwing range but pressuring you, look to cr.lp counter, look out for frame trap though. You could either knock him away with your own move or he knock you away with his frame trap. So don’t worry, both outcome are fine.
  4. Do not spam instant wake up reversal. Good players will block for 1 frame before they throw you, so your instant reversal will never hit them.
  5. Do delayed when opponent is hitting frame trap fast while close. Then look to normal hit them away or let them push you away.
  6. Do not tech if opponent is hitting frame trap slow. Reversal, jump away or cr.lp them away.
  7. While with lp+lk+mp, if you somehow land a on your opponent whether hit or block, do a quick combo to push them away. You could for example,!-> then ex-fb (I assume the link would be slow as you were not prepared to link. So this is not really a true combo). This however, become a frame trap on your own to counter attack. It becomes that either you hit them for full hit or you pushed them away. Or if you are fast enough,!-> to sweep them. Remember, ex-fb have greater knockback and faster recovery. It is great for pushing opponent away to relieve pressure during counter attack situation. And when hit, it knocks down granting you good opportunity to start your own pressure.
  8. Watch out when opponent have 2 ex-bar. You might want to stop teching for a while and not letting him get in on you.
  9. Do not ever attempt throw during wake up, or after dropping down from air. It have a 3 frame start up and you will always get hit by meaty moves. Do delayed instead.
  10. If you spot opponent walking backwards after block string to hit/throw your whiff, do after blocking. Or, you could do to tech instead. So if he attempt to walk back to punish your whiff, your long will hit him/push him away. If he attempt throw, then you will tech.
  11. For fast walking speed charc, you could do until you are out of throw range, then you can opt to mash cr.lp, or if you are fast enough, timed a cr.lp combo (eg: cr.lp, cr.hp, tatsu). If they try to walk forward to throw you, they will be hit by your combo. Alternatively, you can plink lp~mp~hp into tatsu/ex-tatsu. If they walk, they must be standing and tatsu combo will hit. Watch out for frame trap though. Take note, that this doesn’t work on Adon for some reason. If he walk, do a standing tech.

Defence Tech
There are basically 2 types of tech:

  1. Standing tech
  2. Crouch tech

There are some other variations of useful tech techniques dependent on matchup. This would be explain in match up guides.

Crouch tech is normally done 3 frame after blocking, while standing tech is normally done immediately I would not explain why here as this are already explained many times else where.

What I would like to explain here, is that to tech successfully, you have to watch what move your opponent did and amount of stun that move have. If your opponent uses lp, then you have to tech faster. If he uses mp, then you have to tech slower. The reason is due to stun frame. Every move have different amount of stun. You have to tech after the stun wear off. This is for cases in which a move have 0 to positive frame advantage to the opponent. For cases which a negative frame advantage move was used, 3 frame after your opponent recover. For example, if opponent is ryu and he used which have -1 frame, tech after 4 frame instead. This is because the earliest he could throw is after he recover. Of course, players can choose to wait out a while before throwing to mind game. The window for them to successfully damage you with that though, is small. Plus you could always cr.lp them to mess with them or backdash.

Most players I saw just mash tech on a consistent timing. This is wrong and can be abused by better players. Match your tech timing to the move your opponent used.

++ There are some other match up specific defence and offence which I would cover, if I have the time to write about match up =)

Air to Air
Always be aware of your opponent’s charc jumping angle, height and move speed/angle. Always take note and jump in on them at distance where they could not air to air you. This means jumping in at distance in which if you press your air attack early, would beat their air-air attempts.

Ryu’s super

Ryu’s super is one of the best in the game. If you have it, make sure you land it. There are numerous ways to land it. The best and easiest way to land it unexpectedly on an opponent is off an air tatsu. Try to do an uncrouchable lk air tatsu or hk version 3/4 screen screen away and buffer an super. When hit, super off them. Do some anticipative empty jump to catch them doing unsafe things like vertical jumping, back dash or jump back. Spot them doing that, air tatsu once you reach peak of jump, or slightly after that to hit them off the air to super (You can ultra this way if opponent is in corner). Note you cannot super combo if you hit with a tatsu that is done before peak height.

Another method is off an uncrouchable cross up tatsu. Imagine this scenario:

Empty jump up, opponent scared to jump/backdash and hesistate, I air tatsu forward and he crouch block. Immediately after he blocked, I jump to cross up tatsu (if hit, super), if not, I cross up tatsu again (if hit, super) if not, I cr.lp pressure (if hit, combo into super) if not, I throw, jump in lk or cross up tatsu again.

It’s an endless loop until your opponent guess right.


Excellent read


Oh shit. I do not know why, but my half of my post disappeared =(


Here you go:


Hi Theli,

Thanks a lot! I have been editing the post a lot and a cock up happened lol. Guess I have to keep my own copy somewhere.

Normally I’m doing all these on visual during games automatically without thinking. It’s pretty hard to recall and verbalizing it and it was like “did I throw a lp fb or ex-fb before I air tatsu”? All I focus on during the games is what the state of opponent, his spacing, hesistation etc and whether I could sneak that in. I don’t calculate the numbers to frame trap etc, it just knowing roughly how much slower to trap. So yeah, I am editing from time to time to get the information right =).


big thx. great post. 1 little question. If my friends likes wakeup ultra(not grap or counter for e.x.) will meaty or cr.lp safe on that? U dont say about cr.lp meaty, no one use it? why?


It depend on how fast the ultra start up. You can be hit on the recovery frame, so if the ultra gets into active frame before you recover, then you’ll get hit.

I do use cr.lp meaty, though I prefer to use for meaty. Reason is that since it is a meaty move, startup speed doesn’t matter as you are doing the move at a time which opponent can’t hit you. have more active frame thus more allowance for successful meaty. It also hit low, knock back opponent less, have a longer range and can be canceled into a cr.lp for further combo. Plus, you could actually do an OS into dash, or OS into ultra/super/special which is hard to do with cr.lp due to faster recovery time.

** When opponent is down, try do a meaty and then OS into ultra. If he do a reversal or backdash, then ultra will come out. If is blocked, then ultra will not come out. Ultra does not hit unique backdashes, but you can substitute this with other move.


Wont you get hit by Reversal is you OS ultra after a meaty ?


Yes. Fast Reversal beats it. Slow reversal like ex messah kick would be hit or trade. My mistake.
You can space a bit further to discourage reversal or bait it though. Theres another OS that beats instant reversal. Early whiff Lp/lk, block 1 frame then back throw on wake up. It loses to backdash. There’s always a solution despite using OS, but you can keep him guessing and OS increase your odds in guessing right. These 2 mix up are complementary.

Btw, to OS into a special/super instead of an ultra, time the special/super a little bit later. It should be slow enough so that does not cancel into special/super (press button to confirm move after cancellation frame is over), and fast enough so that the extra stun time on block would prevent the move from coming out. It’s not too hard, take a little practice though.

An example of successful OS FB would be like this:

  1. On block, ryu will then st.lp. You can continue pressure.

  2. On hit, the and st.lp would link combo if your timing of OS is good. If linked successfully, you can complete the link combo with move of your choice.

  3. On non-unique backdash, ryu would ultra to hit opponent.

  4. On quick reversal, ryu would be hit.


thx for your answers.

Do you have any suggestions witch fingers to use when I go for a meaty follow by an OS.

I usually use index for follow by index and 4th finger for if I go for a sweep OS

But if I want to go for and c.lp + I will use thumb for

Its all good in the Dojo but I really get confused in a game when if I try to go from one OS to another.

I wonder if I should keep my thumb for or always do my lights with only index.

and for xx OS Super I need to do a light Super right ?

I ve given a lot of tought to my fingers placement for all differents p-linking stuff but I am still unsure what method is
best in the long run for my lights and my OS from the ground.

Any tought ?


I don’t know what are the best methods… Below are what I think is the best for me though, and my thoughts:

I’m doing the same. Just that I plink from 4th finger, middle finger and index finger to get the sweep

I use index finger for and c.lp, then plink for sweep starting from 4th finger.

You can do any version of super

For me, I think the importance is not actually in the finger placement. Rather it is the difference in fingers nimbleness, and speed of hand movement.
My index and middle fingers are fastest and most nimble. My thumbs are slow, and my last fingers are really quite clumsy and awkward. My fourth fingers are okay, though I don’t feel that it is agile enough for gaming speed. I play guitar, piano and fighting games. Still I find those 3 fingers clumsy.

I am most nimble when using index fingers + middle fingers or middle fingers + 4th fingers in combination (Both fingers on a button). When I need to play at quick reaction really fast, I shift my hand real quickly, and hit those buttons in a jerk like action (shift my hand to hit buttons in shortest distance). The speed meant that I do hit the buttons pretty hard and loud. I always use 2 fingers combination (index + middle or middle + fourth) to hit those buttons if I need to hit at the fastest possible speed. Normally this is used at mid range, where fast pokes and reaction pokes are needed. When frame trapping, i don’t use 2 fingers on same button. I used index and middle fingers separately to hit those frame trap.

Fourth fingers are used only for plinking scenario. Btw, plinking is a great way to punish tight frame disadvantage with normals. So if someone did a -4 frame move close to you. Plinking is a great way to punish them with cr.hp-dp etc. It’s really hard to consistently punish a -4 frame move with a 4 frame move without plinking. Normally you will have to be contented to use punish that have at least a 1 frame gap difference, ie a 3 frame normal on -4 frame, or a 4 frame on a -5 frame.

So no, I don’t really have finger placement. I shift my hands really fast to compensate, and use double fingers for speed, and protection against injury.


thx, something i dont understand Youre p-linking you Sweep OS ? Dont you have to hit at the same time than

EDIT: I just try in the dojo, Wow it much easier and natural by simply p-linking my OS sweep.

For OS Super I was thinking its better to use ligh version since it allow you to continue your pressing with
a st lp if opponent simply block, like the example you gave me with OS ultra

Is there a prefered method for doing OS srk ? I was practicing , + hp + dp motion.

When you go for , Os sweep, do you always thow out a c.lp after or your try to hit confirm directly
from your second to give your more flexibility.

I always double p-linking my c.hp or even if its my starter move. The difficult in punishing a -4 or -5 move with a normal is evaluating the block stun right especially online. With Srk I know I got my +4 window to help my timing.


Good stuff. Thanks =]


You can use other version while still retaining the st.lp. For example, you could buffer a fb motion then, then do the 2nd fb motion a bit later so that it doesn’t cancel into super on block, then plink hp~lp. This will result in a hp version super to come out when the whiff, while st.lp to still come out on hit or block. Don’t plink hp~mp~lp cause you’ll get an ultra if you have ultra meter. The same plinking OS technique allows you to do st.lp into all version of tatsu/srk/super/fb.

It would be same method as the ultra OS.
The advantage and disadvantage with ryu, is that almost all his move can be canceled into special move. This limit his ground OS potential, so we gotta make use of the difference between cancelable frame time and recovery time to prevent dp from coming out. Recovery time cannot be too long, such that opponent escapes by the time the OS move comes out. Doing it too fast means the DP will always come out through cancelling. So far, and are good for ground OS. I do not know the specific why the above OS works, my guess is that the window for lp/lk to cancel into each other is more generous than canceling into special/super.

When opponent are locked down on lp/lk true block string, there is no way he could back dash out of it. Example, if you do cr.lp,, cr.lp… he would be hit by the and eat a combo the very moment he attempt to back dash, because he stand up and there are no gaps between those block string. So I don’t use OS sweep in this case. He can only backdash once I get into or which is too far for, so I use special/super instead.

When I do a delayed cr.lp/lk to frame trap, I can do a on reaction to sweep if he back dash within sweep range easily. So no OS needed also.

Yeah, even with the best connection, it still does lags enough to affect the game. A lot of stuff can’t be used online. The beauty of plinking normals to counter though, is precisely to tackle those stun frame. Without plinking, you have to be really precise in counter attacking immediately upon stun frame ends. Plinking allows you to have some frame allowance.


Thx Stanzza for your advices I will test all this in practice, i didnt realise there was so much subtility and variants to ground OS.

He can backdash on his wake up right vs true block string ?


certinly havent got time to sort out all this convoluted bullshit, but heres a few of the biggest fails here…

you can get thrown out of the start of EX tatsu

doesnt beat reversals. Seriously, how retarded. No move is active after 1 frame. Blocking for 1 frame wont make you safe.

same as above

this is beyond retarded. You have to mix-up the gaps you are leaving in frame traps.

a tech can start in 1 frame. You dont need a 3 frame gap. Seriously, stop posting shit you have no clue about… jees.

youre recommending an AIR TATSU VS a backdash… are you joking here…? Be honest.

Rushing down
Ryu’s generally have only 4 ways of starting an rushing down apart from knocking down an opponent. If you are looking to rushdown on an standing opponent, look to do the below on him.

so… cross-up tatsu VS grounded opponent cause there are no anti airs in the game. Burn 2 metres to FADC a C.MK into a throw… ?.. huh

you might wanna look up footsies and get at least a very very basic idea of what they are.

LOOOOOOL… so youre gonna intentionally whiff a move… which is pointless… block for 1 frame (hence getting hit by ALL reversals) and then throw… which loses to backdashes… … man that is some good shit you are smoking.

so you think its a good idea to intentionally whiff S.LPs… how is that beneficial?

this is my personal favourite bit. So youre saying that, even though there is NO GAP in the blockstring, the opponent will still get hit when they attempt to backdash…? LMFAO.

so you have better reactions than Daigo…? dude, you are like god or something…

K im done… there is so much shit in this thread that you could start a sales company specialising in horse manure.

so yeah, take this crap with a pinch of salt folks.


lol good read, I agree with Darth a lot of what he pointed out just doesn’t work or is impossible unless you have godlike reactions.


If you have question, I’ll be happy to discuss. Nothing I post is impossible. It’s commonly used. I do not know what’s your definition for god like reaction, but I think you probably seen a lot of impossible move being done in this game. Yes, no?

As for Darth, I can’t really be bothered w him. He seems determined to be a troll here. He doesn’t understand shit, cause he’s a newbie. Only difference is that he have a real bad attitude. My post will make sense to many ppl whom understand, and I m okay to further explain if it doesn’t as long as it’s a positive discussion.


Yes he can. No problem :wink:


dude just admit youre wrong. You cant defend against a reversal by blocking for 1 frame, nor can you backdash in a blockstring without a gap, thats just obvious.

why do you so desperately need peeps here to think youre some kind of sage…? But please, feel free to discuss with Solid Snake how im wrong about any of the comments I made… please… go ahead… shit will be funny.

oh and yah, backdashing in true block strings is “commonly used”… HERP DERP… just a shame its impossible o_0… sigh.

Ryu section used to have quality discussions before your pseudo-sage-illiterate-clown-ass turned up here…

p.s. much love.