Stanzza's Ryu Guide Part 3: Strategy



Ryu?s Strategy

Ryu is not able to get in and rush down on opponent easily. His U1, is not really damaging especially when used with combo. His damage is also only average. At mid distance, he couldn?t just get in easily nor create big damage. Thus, it is important to play him consistently right from the beginning rather than to rely on come back wins. You have to be patient using him.

Ryu is especially strong if opponent is coming out to attack especially if they have to take risk and when he lock opponent on a mixup rush down. Therefore, you would want to always hold a life lead over your opponent. Use your pokes and throw fireball to gain life lead while advancing in for mix up cautiously. Make sure your defense, footsie and fireball are tip top. Your opponent will then have no choice but to come out of their shell. Try to knock down if possible to mix up pressure your opponent. The last thing you want playing ryu, is to allow your opponent a life lead and he keep turtling.

Ryu can knock down with:
s.lp - can link to other knock down move, especially useful against ken’s
cr.lp - can link to other knock down move - can link to other knock down move ? can cancel to ex-fb
all version of tatsu including air-tatsu
Techable knockdown**

Each type of knock down is different. You cannot jump in on opponent that has a 3 frame reversal after a dp knock down. You would guarantee to eat a quick wake up reversal. Only exception is a 0 distance lp dp ground knock down. In this case, a safe jump in is possible.

A hk tatsu land you at distance 0 to the opponent. You could meaty attack/throw/dp fadc combo/bait reversal them on wake up, or walk back to bait whiff throw or reversal.

A mk tatsu land you at slightly further than distance which you can walk forward to mixup/cross up tatsu/kara throw/cross up

A lk tatsu land you far away from your opponent. It is good if you want to keep opponent away from you. You could dash 1 step and then do a deep jump in attack/empty safe jump. The jump in attack is a safe jump in if the opponent?s reversal is > 3 frame.

You can dash forward after a ex-fb/dp knock down. You can then use cr.lp/ throw/meaty pressure.

Untechable knock down

You can do a deep jump in/safe empty/cross up tatsu jump in after a sweep.

You can do a cross up mk/empty cross up jump in/normal jump in/cross up tatsu after a forward throw. Or you could do an immediate lk tatsu that strangely, cross up the opponent and allow you enough time to do meaty moves. You could do 2 time tatsu to confuse him, then, kara throw. Take note though, 2 times lk tatsu is a cheap trick that would get expose pretty soon so don’t spam it.

** There is a very strange property about ryu’s meaty attack from behind. After a forward throw, the hitbox of the down opponent will prevent you from getting too close from it. Thus, sometimes ryu player will want to jump behind the down charc so they can get closer to pressure him when he awake. The strange thing is that if you do any meaty attack from behind, the charc if hit, will always end up being hit standing (he can block low though). But if you do any meaty attack from front, he would end up either standing or crouching depending on what direction your opponent’s holding. So if you want to meaty hit your opponent standing, try doing it from behind. I did not try this using other charc, but my guess is that it should work for other charc and is invaluable for ken. I notice ken players doing the same on me and does catch me standing.

You can air tatsu forward to close the distance after a super and ultra.

After a back throw, you could walk backwards a bit and do a uncrouchable lk air tatsu that hits the front, which land you close enough to further mix up rush down. You can walk forward to cross up uncrouchable hk air tatsu to hit back. You could stay put on your position then do a deep safe jump in or empty jump. You could dash 1 step forward to cross up. You could also dash forward to ground pressure with cr.lp/lk, meaty etc or throw.

Do not discount the effectiveness of early dp. It is effective against charc that have a better jump height than ryu. Early dp, position your opponent closer to you when grounded for ground rush down. This is especially true for ex-dp. All charc that have a superior jump height, apart from maybe dictator are afraid of rush down tactic so you may wanna consider using that. If you want to rush rather than zone + poke, consider using early dp that hit. It should not trade when used properly in the right situation.

Come back Strategy

Ryu?s does not rely on ultra for come back, as ultra offer too little damages especially when used with combo. Most importantly, an ultra hit relieve opponent of the rush down pressure, making an come back unlikely. If you are falling behind by a big lead, try to land a tatsu on your opponent. It knocks down, dishes out good damage and position your opponent for further pressure. A j.hp, cr.lp x 2 !-> cr.hp xx hk.tatsu + throw on wake up dish out 400+ damage on opponent. If your mix up is good, you could kill your opponent with just one of these knock down.
So if you are behind, try to hit opponent with a strong combo that ends with tatsu instead of ultra. Save your ultra for combo which you cannot tatsu off, such as dp fadc ultra.


Nice write ups.

For his untechable sweep knock down holding uf gives you a safe jump against 4 f reversals (in case you weren’t aware), but cammy and sagat wake up 1f later and blanka 2f later for most knockdowns iirc.

Also a setup after anti air shoryu is to throw lp fb on the first possible frame, if they don?t tech, wait few frames then forward safe jump timing for OS?s. If tech have to block meaty fb.


This is the one thing I always wanted to ask when it came to followups after a untechable KND. What do you do against someone that knows how to autocorrect DP?


empty jump to bait


If you take a shoto and crouch, there is this tiny spot just at their back (behind their head). If you aim for that spot and jump in at the right distance and hit it meaty, you will notice that Ryu cross up shoto at exactly the very last moment. This type of cross up cannot be auto correct and must be block or FA forward dash out of. It’s pretty precise but quite a few players I know could do this type of cross up.

** Added in:
The cross up that cannot be auto correct is actually a meaty jump in, that when shoto is standing, will hit from front (it seems very ambiguous though), but when crouching will hit shoto’s back. It cannot be dp (instant dp and all forms of dp correcting techniques doesn’t work). Instant dp would result in a wrong direction and late dp auto correct would be hit as somehow, this crossup is not considered a crossup by the game system and thus all types of dp correction input fail. I always fa forward dash or just block. Surprisingly, a lp dp does hit this type of cross up at it’s peak for a combo. I just realized this while attempting to take a video of it lol. It’s too dangerous to go for it however, unless people spam it as there are quite a few types of cross up and all are ambiguous.
Here is the link to the video:


So you could mix up your cross up a bit if you want.

You could do ground pressure instead of jumping in also. I wrote some stuff on that in Part 2 of the guide. Actually, Ryu is much more dangerous pressuring on the ground during wake up situation compared to jumping in =)


This is all gold Stanzza!

Keep up the excellent work.



keep them coming master stanzza!


goulen can stuff ryu wake up reversal dp’s perfectly with demon flip kick after certain set ups


Not sure why you post this here…

I’m did not test on Gouken because he’s an pretty easy match up for Ryu. I would think it is similar to Akuma’s dive kick though.

A perfectly set up Akuma’s dive kick would ALWAYS trade with a perfectly executed mp dp (beats lp/hp version). What I do is either block or use a ex-dp during wake up situation. During normal situation, you can do a cr.hp which will beat him clean apart from air-air. Cr.hp is good as it beats almost all his options if you execute it well.


^ EX DP is NOT going to work in that situation VS a perfectly executed dive kick. The DP will whiff and youll get punished really rreally badly for it.


If it whiff, the dp is not perfect, neither is the dive kick setup. That type of dive kick timing can be beaten clean by a mp dp and a perfectly executed ex-dp with only one hit.

Dive kick that always trade w mp dp comes in at an angle which ex-dp does not whiff and score 2 hits, and all dp would be blocked if he did an early palm to fake.

Ex-dp have to be done at exact last moment as a universal reversal for all dive kick type. Timing is about as strict as blocking first hit of blanka u1 and then normal mp dp his follow up clean.


Wow thanks. Great stuff. Gonna take a while to internalize =]


DERP… this is total BS. You cannot DP a dive kick that crosses you up at the last minute. Go test in training room.

And so the Ryu section was murdered by invalids hell bent on feigning wisdom…


good stuff keep it up


This is true.

If you are dping it, they are doing it wrong. Most rufus players cant do it consistently anyways…


Regarding the dive kick. I was fucking around in training mode a while back and i notice that if i time the DP to come out just after reversal timing - ie maybe a frame or two later, i was able to hit the dive kick. Might have just been something weird though.

For instance, against rufus dive kick cross up; he has to do it at the where your head will be. If you do reversal timing the DP comes out on the wrong side - and jab dp will trade, others will whiff. but if you do a slightly delayed DP, using shortcuts from the crouching position, sometimes you can beat out the dive kick. I also had the same experience with akuma.

The reason to use jab DP is just to reset the situation and end the mixups. So trading is actually a good thing. Against characters like cammy it’s much better to trade for a loss and restart the situation then deal with all her traps.


Yes correct BG. U got it. Instead of lp dp, use an ex instead. U have to crouched and timed exactly when he is just going to hit you. Like mp dp blanka u1 after blocking first hit as mentioned. This may mean delayed dp when it’s not meaty dive kick.
That’s why I say it’s a perfectly executed dp. I am not sure abt cammy dive kick though.

I think ex dp dun work on rufus which is what u mentioned. Lp one does. The difference is the angle of hitbox. Ex works on akuma though.


well, what i am talking about is on wakeup: instead of doing a reversal timing DP you do a slightly delayed DP. This will allow ryu to autocorrect, and hit the cross up. I will have to test this again, but i do think this worked. Divekicks can be performed that they beat all reversal DPs. But i am pretty sure that in order for them to beat/trade these reversals they have to be done in such a way that your DP does not autocorrect. Delaying the DP allows you to autocorrect.

IN REALITY, it’s better to just block because you will always have to guess in this situation and guessing wrong costs a lot more than guessing right. Only do this is you are almost out of life and need it.

What i am talking about with cammy is that i am intentionally trading (at a loss) with LP DP vs her dive kick just so i can keep her from do mixup tricks. When you trade with LP DP you are airborne and it resets the situation because she cannot combo from this state.


Compare to doing an auto correct DP at the first possible moment , do you know how much frames you can wait and still be able to auto correct DP.

I am asking this since I have no problem auto correcting DP vs a meaty cross up, but if opponent delayed a little bit, I am then unsure if I should go for auto-correct or regular motion DP couple of frames after my wake up.

I guess as long as an opponent hasent cross me up I will be able to always auto correct DP, just want to be sure


wake up situation is what I was referring to?since theres many other counters on non-wake up. there’s no guessing involved actually, as the only other mixup is a well spaced flip throw which need specific setup. You can see from the timing of the jump in to know whether it be meaty in which instant reversal is required, or delayed precise dp is needed. Of course, if it lags, block.

oh, for cammy there’s guessing yeah. The difference is that she can do a dive kick w no minimum height restriction and hits. Also, there’s no command input or specific setup required before hand, and she can vary between normal jump in and dive kick. Her mix up is a bit like Ken in this sense (normal jump or ex-air tatsu). Yes, blocking is the best option on cammy dive kick, it’s hard to guess which way though. Just dun dp on her.

I was talking abt akuma earlier. He can’t normal jump in attack after a command dive kick, and delayed dp hit everything apart from the command flip grab at specific angle. Don’t really have to guess, because there’s specific distance and setup before he can vary the grab and dive kick to beat instant dp/delayed dp/block options. Other than the specific angle, spacing and setup, dp would beat everything. Similar to Gouken I was thinking.