Star Citizen - The Greatest Space Sim of ALL TIME - Target Hit.. And then some

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Surprised I didn’t see a thread for it.

We have seen some old games come back like Syndicate, Shadowrun and XCOM.
Obviously 2 out of 3 were complete donkey shit. But we can look forward to something amazing now…

Chris Roberts aka. The True Lord and God of Wing Commander/Freelancer/Privateer has decided to come back and say “FUCK YOU CONSOLES”, he wants to make the greatest space sim ever and something he could not do back in the day. Watch the video and his pitch.
I am throwing money at my monitor.



Sign up now!

We are up to 750K right now… Goal 2mil.

Well it is pretty…

Ya it runs on the Crytech3 engine or something stupid.
Roberts’ totally wants to push the limit of PC’s to show their superiority to consoles.

I for one agree with his anti-bastardizing of PC games for multiplatform release.

I like my consoles quite a bit but yea I think Devs should take full advantage of the hardware they choose to use.

I loved Privateer, I will probably get a high performance PC just for this game. Privateer was a man’s game, back before games held your hands and tried to be your friend! Shakes cane angrily at disrespectful younguns on SRK

One more day and we are up to 830k.
I can’t see this failing with 24 days to go.

I am going to explore the innards of the universe. Into its chocolate hole.

Few hours left… And 5.7 million has been pledged.
Color me horny.

So it’s been 3 years since I made the thread… A lot of has happened. Like the game not being released yet.
But I’m ok with that, because I can still walk around my hanger and feel my ship.

And the pledge has gone up from 5.7 mil to 95 mil. What a time to be alive.

Game looks interesting, fuck I almost care, lol…But damn, game still isn’t out in 3 years?

I’ve been noticing a lot of kickstarter type games have been doing this lately. Like, is Ark or Grim Dawn ever going to release?

This game seems ultra ambitious at least. Less surprising that this isn’t out in 3 years than M#9 still not being out.

I think it’s because of the scope of it… Just humungous.
They are basically creating a whole universe from scratch. Where it may take real hours to travel from one point to another without the use of a jump point.

It will definitely come out, as there is already a playable dogfight simulator, racing simulator, flight training sim and free flight in a small area.

The realism they want in this game is ridiculous.

They better make the best fucking game on earth for 100 million

GTA5 cost over 250 million and it wasn’t the best game ever.

for some people its the best THING ever. some people will never stop playing that game. and to be honest gtaV is wasted potential.

I just hope star citizens gameplay doesn’t turn out mediocre because if you watch their multiple event videos you’d think they were making the best game ever with the way their talking

Great Marketing Strategy A:

“Hey guys give us money so we can make a mediocre game. It’s gonna be okay!”

you do realise it costs A LOT of money to hire out venues to do all those events that they do right? where are they getting that money from? they’re meant to be spending our money on the game not on trying to scam everyone out of more money. only an idiot will believe that 100mill is being spent on the game. more like 20 million at best :lol:

Yo odin buy me a copy, you seem to trust these guys.

I was never a fan of Wing Commander as a kid. Probably because of that Skeet Ulrich trainwreck that had sonar in outer space and nautical terms to describe locations. Yeah, that ships coming from starboard? Explain again how that works in 3D space.

you do realize that’s hardly what you said originally.

Also not ‘our’ money, it’s ‘yours’ or ‘theirs’.

I’ve just been semi following the development, waiting for a release.

Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck… Please don’t suck…

I really want this game to be jam on toast.

Callsign Clipper, over & out.


So what can you actually do in the game right now?