Star Gladiator/Plasma Sword

i just found my copy of Star Gladiator for the PS1 and popped it in. it was pretty good for it’s day. is the Dreamcast follow up worth tracking down? what should be a fair price for it?

Plasma Sword dropped the Soul Calibur-ish system in Star Gladiator, and sort of became a Darkstalkers/Rival Schools hybrid. I didn’t like it nearly as much as SG, and the graphics are a step below Project Justice. I guess some people would find PS fun but I wouldn’t pay a lot of money for it.

Nope, SG2 isn’t bad per se’ but its completely without imagination, took a drop in production values and like Taito said, just ditched the system in lieu of standard Capcom 2D fare for the most part.

The thing is, while may like the change it kinda defeats the purpose of the 3D work that was put into the first title’s system and if you’re going to do that, why not just play a better 2D Capcom fighter? Its kinda redundant.

The first is pretty innovative and kinda has a soul blade feel to it. Also like the first SC1 compared to the later titles, the damage is fairly high in this one (not absurdly so though) and one is far more careful about haphazardly throwing out attacks. “True” combos are usually juggles in this game while the meat of the day is positioning with the sidestepping features, yomi with the plasma reflect/revenge attack (which take about 1/3 of your lifebar, so attacking intelligently is very, very important), the addition of ring outs and supers not being run of the mill attacks like in other games, lots of variations that range from giving you different properties, etc. It takes some time to learn and get into, kinda like VF but you love as you get to understand how everything flows together.

I have not played recently, but here’s my playlist:

thanks for all the info, appreciate it! tracking down project justice is a better idea?

Project Justice is a SICK game. If you don’t mind the language barrier, the Japanese version has more extras, although they’re superficial to the gameplay…at least the fighting, anyways. Give it a try, I don’t think it’ll disappoint.

Don’t forget about the create a character mode. Me and my buddies used to pit teams of our characters against each other all the time. Great fun.

Somehow I expected this thread to become a Project justice thread half way through and I am waiting for Zar to jump into this thread anytime.

i used to love this game! I rememeber finding out most of the hidden moves, like making hayato’s sword larger, making that alien wizard grow into a giant. finding kappa!

I think they should make a new star gladiator…

Yea, that was one of the extras I was talking about XD It was a pretty neat little feature, I didn’t like the board game though just because of the language barrier, but it was an amusing little time killer.

kappa kappa kappaaaaa

Lmao. I shoulda known Kil, I shoulda known. Anyway…

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuck Project Justice. That is all.