Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Thread


lmfaooooo species reassignment while being prisoner. cant have her roam free, shes willing to die for her morals.


Its a bit of a SJW cop out tbh, Lorca got way too much traction in the mainstream for being this Ace captain, like shit, he was breaking tier lists everywhere before we did ours and now nope, bring in the asian women to basically do the exact same shit he was doing.

Even if thats an asspull statement, the way she got brought in last episode made it clear thats what she was going too do, before Lorca tapped out, its basically a modern tale of a white man giving up the seat to a diverse audience, and we all gotta suffer for it. Now I find Alternate Georgiou a great assett to the series, am a big 40k head so having a Terran Emperor is like the kick in the chucks Star Trek needed since the 60s lol, but they way they did it? Really?

It boils down to having 80s action hero Lorca being replaced with 10s SJW Georgiou for no reason. They are both doing the exact same shit, they are alternation universe no fucks given ‘they die or we die am getting it all’ type people. Why the switch? Am hoping Prime Universe Lorca comes back as the grand equaliser or you know, we can all enjoy some subterranean Qo’noS action.

Oh yea, needless to say they hitting military bases next, we all know Emperor is gonna detonate that planet inside out, kinda like what Lorca would have.



Great way to end the season. Loving the classic theme :bgrin:


Seeing the Enterprise, Holy shite


i enjoyed this show wayyyyy fuckin more than i thought i would


If Star Trek series are measured from their usually dismal first seasons with them getting better over time; then this being Discovery’s worst means this show is gonna be fantastic; screw the haters.


Also the line


" a human speaking Klingon is amusing to them. Might as well be a dog on waterskis. Is that an old Klingon saying? No, I I just made it up. I I like to waterski."


Bringing Clint Howard back in for an episode as an Orion Druggie . Great Easter egg as he played as a Alien in the TOS as a kid

Clint Howard in the TOS

Here is as an Orion Druggie[/details]


I laughed out loud when I saw him :rofl:


All I could think about during his scene was his appearance in Tango and Cash lol, like dafuq.

As predictable as that episode was I hope they dont even up murking the Emperor as well cause then we have no solid leads, especially with Tyler somehow getting the rehab treatment.


Aren’t you a smart motherfucker?

For real though:

Didn’t expect evil side universe lady captain to be the catalyst for that, and I expected the last episode to go out with lots of lazer guns shooting and kaboom, instead of going out so, well trek-like but damn even though so much shit was so telegraphed and obvious, I still enjoyed the show and am looking forward to the next season.

Hope they bring back Lieutenant Love Interest next season. He got more interesting than I thought he would be, and writing him out of the show like this would be a waste.
Also hoping for them to develop that black and white lady and the red hair with the cybernetic implants and the black girl a bit more because those characters were just part of the set for the most part.


Yeah show turned out better than I thought.


Also hoping for them to develop that black and white lady and the red hair with the cybernetic implants and the black girl a bit more because those characters were just part of the set for the most part.[/quote]

You mean Lieutenant Junior Grade Joann Owosekun

and Lieutenant Keyla Detmer

And here she is on Episode 1 of the series, no implants or shaved head

I also want to see more of Lieutenant Commander Airiam

Who by the way is played by this actress Sara Mitich,0,214,317_AL.jpg


Great season. Can’t wait for the next one.

The end got me excited af. But also… don’t forget they were heading to Vulcan to pick up the new captain. I hope we get someone as good as Lorca. A vulcan maybe? Too boring? A vulcan trying to be “human” with his emotions? Could be fun. Really, they could come up with anything.


Some schway Star Trek art from this dudette.


Joke teaser for Season 2




lol at the Janeway reading about the spore drive bit :rofl:


Janeway wishes she had the Spore Drive


“every admiral in star trek are wicked evil” lmfao…never noticed this before.


Redlettermedia on point with their reviews again. Funny as hell, watched all of them about Discovery.

I agree and disagree with some points.