Star wars according to a 3 year old girl


seriously…when did kids get so fucking smart? like even if she was coached…her delivery was too good. lol almos beats will ferrel’s vids with his daughtr…almost.

pretty articulate for a 3 year old…is this the norm now? i know kids have been getting smarter and smarter these days…i see kids at my karate school who are fucking alot smarter than me and my friends were at like 6 and such. is this the norm for 3 year olds now?

LoL at pokeball reference. I don’t know man I remember being a dumbass when I was three. Even if someone told me to say all that I would’nt be able to deliver word for word. Nice Vid.:woot:

lol - this video was randomly awesome - Obi Kanobe sounds HILARIOUS XD