STAR WARS AV Request Plz!

Hello I was wondering if someone could make be an AV from a short scen in Star Wars: Clone Wars (the cartoon). In episode 12/13 there was a scene where Mace “UNS” Windu was standing sideways (profile) and effortlessly deflecting lasers with his lightsaber while not even staring in their direction!!!:wow:

I’m asking for an AV that repeats that short deflecting scene, thx in advance.:smile:


I’ll do it but I’ll have to find the animation sequence, if you’ve got a site with stills or something, let me know, otherwise I’ll look for them when I get home. Or if you’ve got the episode on your comp, let me know and I can make screencaps of it and animate.

The best place I know currently is, but I think you need to register or something. Thanx a lot BTW.:smile:

Oh yeah I forgot it’s in either Episode 12 or 13.

Any success?

Yeah, I’ve downloaded Episodes 12 and 13, I’ll skim through them tonight make the caps and hopefully it have it posted in a few hours.

Do you want anything on it? Or just the deflection animation?

I guess you could write out U.N.S. AT IT’S FINEST!!!:rofl:

I hope it isn’t hard to repeat the deflection smoothly? :pleased:

hey i also was interested in a star wars av.
I just want Yoda looking cool and have "Rock the World!"
on it

Hey is it going along alright goleafsgoaz? Not trying to rush you or anything I just want a heads up.:smile:


Shadow, capping the scene is proving harder than I thought. It’s skipping frames so the animation isn’t smooth. However, I think I found a solution this morning so hopefully I should get something for you this weekend, I’m sorry about the delay.

Raging Stephen-I’ll whip something up for you quick since it shouldn’t be hard to do.

Hope you like it.


thanks man, its all i ever imagined it would be

you rule

Rock the World

Thanks a lot. No prob. I just wanted a heads up that’s all. :pleased:

Oh and if you can’t get the words that’s cool with me too.

If you can get me the episode, i will do this.

Because it looks like SHIT small I feel bad. So I made you two grevious ones:


I forgot to thanks you for this. BTW, were you the one who made the original General Grievous AV for me holding the 3 lightsabers? I lost that AV in the SRK reboot a year ago.:sad:

OMG, Higher scizor is lost forever? :frowning:

And lol at the thank you thread one year later.