Star Wars Battlegrounds

Anyone else get this game?

I just picked it up this morning but haven’t had time to play it much…

Just ordered it. :tup:

I got it, and it’s pretty good. Definately very immersive, the environments are very detailed and authentic, the amount of vehicles in the game is impressive, the character models look nice, and best of all, you can kill gungans and ewoks. The gameplay’s solid, and while the single player experience is ho-hum, the game is tons of fun online. Definately a good game, but ultimately, it’s probably not going to get much props because Halo 2 is coming out soon, and is going to overshadow every other online Xbox FPS for at least a year. So, even if another good FPS comes out for the Xbox, it’s inevitably going to be compared to Halo 2 and likely to pale in comparison.
Get Battlefront and enjoy it online now while people are actually playing it…

I got this game. It’s friggin pimp. Aside from the game having easy controls like Halo, there is really no need to compare it to that game since it is best played in 3rd person (believe me, I tried first…limits field of vision way too much). It is more of a tactical war game than a run n gun fps.

There are control centers (spawn zones) which u fight for control over the whole map (if u capture all the control centers, the other team cant respawn and u simply eliminate who is left on the map to win), there are different classes of soldiers (standard, sniper, explosives, pilot, jetpack, etc) to choose from, the maps/world’s were created with a very good intricate design with strategic advantage points, and there are tons of vehicles all over the map. Trust me, if you can play the game for what it is without trying to compare it to something it doesn’t relate to, it’s :tup: :tup: :tup:

Game is hot. I picked it up yesterday. Kinda reminds me of tribes but a lot better.

Just picked it up, I am shit at any tactical fps I have ever played but couldnt turn down the SW theme and the thought of shooting ewoks.

Anyone that is shit at Tactical Fps post here and send me FR so We can firmiliar ourselves with the game.

My main prob is I never play anything offline cause online is just too good.

how are the controls on xbox? they pretty smooth to aim etc?

Also how are the servers set up i know there are 16 player servers but does that mean it only holds 4 xboxs with 4 people each or is it actually like more than 4 xboxs

The contols are pretty smooth but slow. Every time I go to create game I can only have a max of 4 players which kinda sucks. When I join other games its kinda cool though with more players.

I have previously tried counter strike, rainbow 6 and a couple of other tactical shooters but SW battle is by far the easiest one to pick up and play.

I actually done ok on the game apart from the 50 times I got shot by scoot. It can also be a tad laggy but still very playable.

I know how you feel, bassventura, I neither like, nor am good at tactical FPS games, but Battlefront is one I actually like, simply for the SW gimmicks alone.
I’ll send you a friend request. I will be playing tomorrow (Saturday) night with some of my friends, if you happen to see me online, feel free to join in…

i was thinking of getting it for pc… would you guys say its better for xbox?

On Game spot, it says it doesn’t offer much that is new, Just that it has the Star wars vehechles, and instead of 16 players, its 32…(for PC)

And is better enjoned for consel cuz we have limeded games…

I wanna play this, probably going to rent it (Trillh0use add me plz)

the shouldn’t remind you of tribs, more like 1942 :wink:

I rented it, its pretty fun. People ruin it for me.

Stupid TKing from moronic teamates combined with 11 year olds speaking redneck and swearing are awesome.

I was almost ready to plug in my headset, but then I realized it just wasn’t worth it.

I just join SRK games…

It’s pretty fun. I think it’s best with 16 AI on each team so that it feels like a real battle instead of a FPS like Halo. It’s a different experience, so when Halo 2 comes out I will still play both.

No probs bruv, just let me know what your tag is so I know to accept it.

Nah man bots are fuckin gay.

I usually host a server. I have mad upload so the connection is smooth and I can host like 13 people.

Dedicated xbox servers can host 24 people not just 16.