Star Wars: The Force Unleashed / SEQUEL ANNOUNCED


Ok, didn’t see a topic on this, so here we go. The game looks incredible. The 360 and PS3 versions of course, will be the most robust graphically, and will make use of advanced techniques, such as simulating behavioral and environmental properties. The other version (PS2, PSP, DS, and Wii) wont use this technology.

But don’t fret Wii lovers, while not looking as awesome as the PS3/360 versions, the Wii will obviously, make full use of the Wii-Mote. Stick swinging, wiiiiiiiiiii! I’m sure some of you are looking forward to that, so it’s all good. It’s made for it.

Here’s the brand new article from the latest Game Informer, plus numerous video coverage, and interviews, and of course, the Wiki (story, etc there of course).

GameTrailers Videos

Seems alot of care is going into this project, so I’m expecting great things from this. The last few Star Wars games (KOTOR series) were fucking excellent.

[EDIT] Forgot the article from the latest GI;

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I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t coming out for PC but not anymore. I’ll hit up the PS3 version soon enough.
I saw the trailer and am psyched about the game.
Star Wars games are usually a hit or miss. Either they’re great (Jedi Outcast) or they suck donkeys (Galactic Battlegrounds).
This might be the first game that I might give a decent try on the wii, simply because I’m one of the many people who when younger (and hell, still today) have dreamed of wielding a lightsaber.


Judging by Red Steel and that Katana game by Koei, I’m going to assume the waggle for the swordplay is going to be worthless, as usual.


Thanks for the reality check. Unfortunately.


C’mon guys! Waggle can be fun. If not for the novelty factor, alone. Then after we get bored (or our arms fall off), we can go back to the meaty versions. Also, as far as I know, no images/footage outside of the PS3/360 versions have been shown. The Wii wishes it can push those pollys. = (


Yeah, waggle can be damn well implemented. I mean, just look at…


Uh, at…




Then in the videos explaining the new technologies (on the Forceunleashed website directly), what system was that footage from?


Hopefully we get another good SW game from this title. It looks damn good and the physics stuff looks sick. If we get to crush At-At’s and shit like in some of the concept art I’m all about it.


Which one?


Under Documentaries.
(Don’t know if you posted these in your first post)


I don’t think I’ve ever seen that second vid, until now. I’m sure the versions outside of the PS3/360 will feature alot of the same gameplay mechanics, just nowhere near to the extent of the more powerful consoles. Also, last I heard the Wii version won’t be just a simple dumbed down port, which is good for Wii owners. They are supposedly giving it special treatment.

But yea, the PC, 360, and PS3 were the systems the developers had in mind from the beginning. Fan demand created the Wii version, just recently.


Wait, is it coming out for PC?


I think it was announced initially, but may have been canceled. Lol, there’s a N-Gage version coming out, though.




This game’s been on my radar ever since the article on it in the february 07 issue of game informer this looks to be the 2nd best star wars game ever, this is what we have always dreamed about; using force powers to rape the shit out of the galaxy:rock:

It would absolutely be the fucking shiznit if it had a multiplayer component ala jedi outcast/jedi academy:sweat:

As with any multi platform game i’l think about getting it for ps3 n then get it for 360 at the last second:rofl:


Out of curiousity, what do you consider to be the absolute best?


KOTOR1!!! which i also believe to be one of the best rpgs i have ever played:rock:


Kotor and the X-Wing/Tie Fighter games were quality!

Any SW related game is a godsend though, except for Battlegrounds, Teras Kasai and that RTS one.


no WAY dude,

Shadows of the Empire was top tier. I still have that shit for my N64. Dude was a BEAST yo.


Shadows was a great game for it’s time, they tried to do a little too much with one game engine but it still came off well. I wouldn’t have caved and got an N64 if it weren’t for that game. TIE Fighter was the shit, of course, and KotOR was way too good to be compared with previous console SW. The home version of Racer is mostly overlooked though, still one of my favorite racing games of all time. I don’t know why Battlegrounds gets so much hate, you got to shoot Ewoks and Gungans in the face. In the FACE, dammit.

On topic, can’t wait for the game. It’s been too long since we had a straight up action title for SW done right.