Star Wars: The Old Republic Thread - The Game is Awesome


since the other star wars: tor thread got combined with the all hail bioware thread, which later got closed and divided up into the dragon age and mass effect 2 threads, it got lost in the annals of srk

im reviving it now since they released a new class!
imperial agent looks hype! he can make his own cover and looks like a ranged rogue (i know weird combo)

here are some great gameplay videos from youuuutube

pax panel gameplay 1 [media=youtube]D5yZC4TvBhQ[/media]
gameplay 2 [media=youtube]NzSfu0Sktq0[/media]
gameplay 3 [media=youtube]b00cvLk6t4I[/media]
gameplay 3 with more fighting [media=youtube]HcJmu5AYwnU[/media]

obviously this game wont kill WoW, since nothing will
but goddamn its going to be amazing

New stuff:
Lots of info, DEC 3
Consular + Inquisitor revealed

This is the only MMO I have ever hyped.

I’m going to go Bounty Hunter and it is going to be amazing.

The only thing that’s irked me so far is the graphics seem way too cartoony for my tastes, but I hope they’ll be polished eventually.

i like the cartoony graphics
reminds me of the clone wars cartoon

edit: we shall hunt jedis together

This is the game that will make me leave every other MMO I’ve even thought about dabbling in, forever. I’ve never been so excited. I loved KotOR, and this is going to be amazing.

I’m stoked on this game too. The only mmo I’ve played was galaxies and after the fail that was the CU and the NGE it’s exciting to see Bioware take the Star Wars mmo genre out of the ashes.

I’m gonna stay away from this MMO…because I know I’d most likely be hooked on it.

I must admit the more I look into the the more interesting this game sounds.

However, there’s one thing I always hated about the Old Republic and that is the timeline. The timeline and how stagnant the technology remained no matter the reason they gave. I hate prequels in general so I may be biased but it looks to me that when they first came with the idea of the Old Republic they took a date out of their ass and now they are paying the price for it. What I’m saying is that if they had set the Old Republic like 500 years or so before Episode 1, they would have had more freedom to work with the universe instead of trying to come up with excuses about the technology and the timeline.

With all that said, I will most likely give this a go if I have time when it hits stores.

I’m not into Star Wars or MMOs, but its Bioware, so I gotta play it.

I’ll be getting a new PC whenever it comes out.

Man I wish it wasn’t an MMO but I guess that is were the money is these days. Oh well I guess my KOTOR days end at 2 although Imperial Agent does look tempting…

I couldn’t find this on the site but do you know if it will cost a monthly fee? I assume so but if it doesn’t I may pick it up.

Still waiting for them to give me beta access.

I’m going to most definitely play this and consequently fail law school.

I am pretty sure it will be worth it.


I would have rather seen KOTOR 3 as well man the original 2 were so good. I went threw the story line so many times and never got bored.

big news! final classes have beek leaked!!

I really wish they made a few more KOTOR games instead of another destined-to-fail MMO.

pfft no way this will fail
bioware does not know of such a thing

huge update here btw

gives you info on

  • new general info learned
  • consular and inquisitor info
  • companion characters
  • smuggler skill tree
  • and more!

I’m looking forwrd to see how Bioware is going to handle their so-called “4th pillar of gameplay”- story. Everything will be fully voiced, with morality choices, dialouge options, interacting with companion characters- basically everything that makes all things bioware great.

But my issue how to do that within a multiplayer enviroment. But if anyone can pull it off, it’ll be Bioware

Can’t wait to make a non-Force Sensitive class and fuck up all the 13-year old Jedi/Sith.

Yea I don’t think it will fail looking forward to seeing all the classes prob will go with some kind of jedi.

Wonder how the PvP is going to work if it’s even available(Hope so). Server specific, Maybe an arena, or free PvP(hope not would hate getting killed every five sec).

I don’t belive in the “In Bioware we trust.” mentality. I rate my level of hype on the merits of the game.

So what does the game look like if you take the bioware, kotor name and put it aside?

I like the idea of adding a more interesting story to an MMO, but that’s been the main focal point of discussion. Other than that, we know of no other ambition bioware is making to the game.

I’ve seen some gameplay footage, and it looks like standard MMO gameplay. however, they are talking about how decisions affect the world around you much like in their single player games, but they haven’t said how. Overall, I find the level of hype I have for this game to be a pleasant “meh.”

That’s not to say I believe it will be bad. However, there’s little to no details, the only gameplay we’ve seen is just basic combat, and no utterance by Bioware about PvP, end-game, the structure of progression, just how decisions are going to affect the game, and so forth. I do like that idea though, since there is no ‘reload’ in MMOs, and making important decisions can’t be undone. But I’m not sure how it will be implimented.

Overall, curious, but not too excited about it. Not sure if it’ll be good or worth playing. This game is Star Wars though, and that name alone will keep it for failing at least for a good solid year (even if the game sucks.)

My 2 cents.

so looks like i’m rolling Inquisitor, shit looks so hype