Star Wars Thread

Nah both those guys actually make big money

When disney stood up for her. Her management should have taken over her socials and just post cool shit she is doing.

But she wants to go all in being an edgelord.

She goes from making millions to making thousands.

I think she will do a whole apology tour but the maga audience is actually pretty fucking small

I honestly have doubts this will make a big impact in her career over all.

She’s been grinding for supporting roles for a decade or so.

There is a bias in Hollywood and fandom. People will commonly drop the “She’s not that good of an actress.” Meanwhile, I grew up with dudes that built careers off of not being that good of actors (Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Segal) and just kept getting passes at the box office. When it comes to action flicks, it’s just as much about physicality and charisma.

That’s a big reason why I enjoyed the Mandalorian. It’s full of character actors, comedians, and old action icons - Carl Weathers, Michael Biehn, Timothy Olyphant, Clancy Brown, Gina Carano, Bill Burr and others I’m blanking on. That they were used in something Star Wars was just the icing on the cake.

Still holding out hope they get Lance Henriksen in there for an episode, I’ll take him as himself as a badass, or lending his voice to a character.

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She will get work, but not the kind that makes you a household name.

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Only if he gets killed by a Sith.

Too early to make such a deffinitve claim I say.

Given the optics, the Mouse, and that her agent dropped her puts her career on the trajectory of slow climb.


The MMA didn’t fire her yet :rofl:

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He’s a character actor that tends to get typecast as a villain. Perhaps he would be the Sith… :thinking:

That was Cyborg’s doing.

I suspect there’s also a level of business decision behind the departure of Carano and Rousey. They are not unattractive ladies, and exiting combat sports before they end up looking like Mickey Rourke after he made the mistake to throw his hat in the ring as a professional boxer is a good move.

Isn’t that similar somewhat to McGregor’s alleged intention to walk away once he earns enough money? If Hollywood and pro-wrestling has room for actual athletes, it’s the safer long term career move.

May the 4th…