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I know some of you may say Lucas should not make episodes VII, VIII, and IX, and some of you may say Lucas should make episodes VII, VIII, and IX. I believe Lucas would be foolish not to cash in on a sequel trilogy, especially after * Fate of the Jedi*.

If you haven’t read all the books from* Fate of the Jedi* then you don’t know what you’re missing. Lucas has to approve and has a hand in all of the Star Wars books before being published. So here’s what I’m thinking:

Star Wars Episode VII: Outcast (movie will be based on books 1-3)

Star Wars Episode VIII: Allies (movie will be based on books 4-6)

Star Wars Episode IX: Apocalypse (movie will be based on 7-9)


Edit: Oh shit!!! Darth Krayt is in Book 9 (Apocalypse) of this series

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i wanna see more. but better SW movies. Lucas made the mistake of trying to make 3 epic movies after going 20 years not making anything. art isn’t like riding a bike. you just can’t stop and try to pick up where you left off assuming you won’t be rusty. he was rusty and it showed in eps 1-3. maybe now he’ll be “warmed up” creatively and able to tackle big projects like SW again. maybe.


It was said George is retiring soon so I doubt he’ll be making much… Isn’t he busy working on Red Tails or whatever it’s called for now?


This post is dedicated to the Goku of the SWU.


Ewoks > Luke


George Lucas only directed the first movie, which I’m just going to chalk up to sheer fluke at this point. Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi were not directed by Lucas. Lucas also directed the three prequels. Remember, the prequels spanned like six years and still we were all hoping the next one would be the good one…and it never came. It was a horrible experience.

Fans hoping for more Star Wars movies from George Lucas are delusional. After that horrible six year ordeal with the prequels you want to go through that again? You’re like those psycho battered wives always going back to their abusive husbands, trying to make it work. George Lucas is the angry drunk wife beater that forced upon you Jar Jar Binks, Jake Lloyd, pod racing, and this.


Also, this was an ACTUAL PIECE OF DIALOGUE that was actually spoken in one of the movies.


You want more of this? (Unless you are looking to watch these future movies as ironic comedies like Nic Cage movies, in which case there is a case to be made there.)

And still you crawl back for more, even though the man has demonstrated no capacity to change.

You really want something like fucking midichlorians to come up again, that would further retroactively ruin your enjoyment of the franchise?

Look at what happened to Indiana Jones. You want to end up like Indiana Jones?

Girl, go find yosef a better man that appreciates you. He isn’t it.


If three more movies came out that were only as good as the new trilogy, I’d still watch them. They were lousy Star Wars films, but only because they must be measured against the OT. That said, I rather liked Episode 2&3.

I’m not “your average Star Wars fan,” though. I don’t mean to imply I’m not a nerd. Rather, I thought Empire was pretty fucking boring, for the most part.

Lucas created Star Wars. I get the whole cool-to-hate thing, but I’ve gotten way too much enjoyment out of the SWU to hate Lucas in earnest.


In before neckbeards.

Will Riker stole this pose for half the episodes of Star Trek: TNG.


Yes Indiana Jones was an abomination.
The Vader “bierth” scene was imbecilic.

I do not want Lucas messing up Thrawn, Mindor, Mara Jade, or Yuuzhan Vong.

I cannot disagree with Clint.

Dat bitch is HOT like FIYA.


The expanded universe does not need to be screwed up, because it is already jam-packed with comedy.

Anybody remember the time one of Luke’s students went dark, murdered everyone in an entire star system, then got completely forgiven as the whole incident was just kind of handwaved off? I sure do.

George Lucas directed three excellent movies in the 1970s. And whatever can be said about the prequels, they do have some instances of those cool ideas and visual inventiveness. They simply don’t cohere nearly as well.

As Axl_M4ster said, you can’t abandon your craft for two decades and expect to jump back into it with the same facility you used to have.


I’m going to assume that this is a typo and that you’re not referring to something that I missed.

I will further assume that you’re actually referring to the next scene (the infamous big “NO!”), because how is the actual “birth” scene not 31 flavors of awesome?

The badly burned Anakin, consumed physically by fire just as he was consumed mentally by the dark side, goes into the suit. At the same time, his anguished and dying wife gives birth to his children, who will, each in their own way, ultimately redeem him. Crosscut between the two scenes, throw in some mournful choral vocals courtesy of the awesome John Williams, and wow. Forget about Paul Greengrass and Christopher Nolan–somebody actually remembered how to portray drama on film.

This is the kind of shit that people conveniently forget to talk about in their rush to enumerate the crimes that George Lucas has personally perpetrated upon them in his consummate gall to make his own movies.


But Anakin turned during the Mace/Palpatine fight earlier. And I don’t feel that was done in any sort of convincing fashion at all. (Also, how do you portray a climatic showdown between five of the greatest Jedi/Sith guys that currently existed at the time…so shittily? That CGI somersaulting stuff was so goofy.) I don’t think Hayden Christensen accomplished anything in those movies dramatically, and half of that fault really goes to the script he was given. On the other hand, I will acknowledge that Ewan McGregor acted his ass off in that last movie, but that just served to further highlight the fact that no one else was.

George Lucas the creator is amazing, he is a patron saint of sci-fi for coming up with such a rich amazing universe with a creative framework that supports other writers being able to write kickass stuff within it. There’s a lot of great EU books, comics, and even the Bioware games were a lot of fun in terms of seeing more Star Wars lore. Lucas gets full credit for doing that. And as wack as those prequels are ultimately as movies, there’s still a lot of cool Star Wars stuff you get to see because Lucas the creator is still involved. I love George Lucas the creator.

Geroge Lucas the movie maker is not a man I would trust with anything. He is as terrible as the other George Lucas is good.

And that’s the argument I’d have for fans that want to see their beloved EU stories made into film. All that stuff is created already. Lucas the creator isn’t involved. It’s just George Lucas the movie maker, and he is terrible. If he ruined his own stuff with those prequels, imagine what he could do to other people’s stuff.

George Lucas is not a good movie maker. I don’t feel this is some sort of overreacting nerd hate - I mean, the prequels were objectively bad movies. Just check out the Red Letter Media reviews, they eviscerate those movies in ways I didn’t even consciously consider.

Also, midichlorians. SERIOUSLY, come on.


I’m just gonna throw my 2 cents in - there are 2 Star Wars films, Hope and Empire. That’s it. I don’t acknowledge any of the others except for the “It’s a trap!” scene in Jedi…


I do wish they kept the Force in the spiritual realm and not in the biological realm.


Why do people keep saying this, as if it’s a thing that can exist?

They’re clever, but ultimately, I don’t need someone else to tell me what to think about movies.


To be serious though, that shit does sound like a bitch and her bitch-made (bitch-maid? :rofl: ). Just like a woman:



We’re talking about movie making, I’m not speaking on the subjectively quality of a creative piece of art that every human being is entitled to value differently.

Cinematographic devices, storytelling methods. These are objective qualities that George Lucas has not displayed. That’s what those reviews detail. You can feel however you want about a movie, but I would think that one that demonstrates a lot of objective directorial skill would tend to be a more subjectively better movie. Usually.

Don’t be all like HEY MAN ALL ART IS SUBJECTIVE DUDE like it’s a valid, meaningful thing to say that every single creative creation in the world can’t be judged against its peers. Hey you like Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood more than Watchmen? Okay, that’s your thing, it’s subjective. Let’s ignore all the skills required to make a comic and the objective visual storytelling devices comic book art requires and all the objective storytelling elements that constitute a good plot. ART IS ART MAN IT’S ALL THE SAME

You can enjoy shitty (a subjective qualifier) movie all you want. In the same way that no one can objectively say the Mona Lisa is an objectively great work of art. It isn’t, because art itself is subjective. But saying that you subjectively think the Mona Lisa is bad is more of a statement about you than the painting.

In the same way, if you seriously enjoyed the Star Wars prequels in a manner that isn’t completely based on nostalgia or blind fan commitment, I think that’s more of a statement about you than it is about the movies.

I think Kindergarten Cop is one of the greatest movies of all time. But I’m not going to argue semantics about objectivity if someone says it’s a shitty movie. (Because they would be wrong, it’s objectively great.)


I used to be such a SW nerd, but stopped reading halfway through Yuuzhan Vong. I’ve still got trunks of unopened Kenner OT toys at my grandparents house. I hope they’re worth something lol.

Re: Lucas…talk about living to see yourself become the villain. I used to hate on him hard, but now I have more compassion. The guy had a good idea, but he got old and his universe got away from him. It happens. It’s got to be tough to create something and walk away from it. Then again, the prequels are pretty offensive, so it’s still fun to bash him once in awhile.



Everything in this post that doesn’t affirm the oxymoronic nature of the phrase “objective quality” is completely irrelevant.

Thanks for trying to waste my time, though.

Actually, there is this one bit:

There is more attention to visually-driven storytelling in the lightsaber fight between Yoda and Palpatine than in the entirety of The Dark Knight.


So you bring up this semantic, valueless point about how nobody is allowed to say whether a movie is good or bad because art is subjective…and you say I’m wasting your time?

Are you just really offended that people don’t like the Star Wars movies and like the Batman ones, like it’s some sort of competition?

Why are you so concerned about telling other people what they should think about movies if it’s all subjective anyway?