Star Wars


as do most major breakthroughs in military strategy or weaponry… aircraft carriers forever changed the landscape of naval warfare for example, a little hard to get into side by side ship to ship battles when the carriers are sending out bombers capable of destroying your whole fleet from hundreds of miles away

another great because science, love that show


Gonna dig it up later, but there was a great post on 4chan about relativistic weapons. The gist of it was that firing up an engine capable of going light speed paints a massive target on our back to the rest of the galaxy. At that point we can shoot things at light speed at other people. So if you’re a species that has access to the technology then you have to decide whether you risk letting those people live or take them out to protect your safety.

You dont even need a complicated weapon either, any large enough hunk of shit flying at that speed is destroying anything in its wake. In this case you’d snatch meteors and shoot them at other planets at the speed of light and call it a day.

That had me feeling all sorts of paranoid.


Yeah I don’t get it. She just has the usual Vietnamese chubby face and looked frumpy but it made sense because her character wasn’t glamorous.

All I saw was it took a cis white male to save them.


Well what you would expect from Alpha Charlie?

Interesting how you bring up the D&D reference, the Wizards of the Coast made Star Wars D20 makes Jedi so fucking OP.

Oh you are a non-combat build Jedi? You are automatically better than all the other Combat classes as you have the force.

Oh you are a combat build Jedi? You are better at non-combat skills than all the non-combat character builds, including the cross class and specialist classes.


i remember hearing once that if you travel near the speed of light, if your ship hits a single speck of dust in the void of space at that speed, said speck of dust will make a hole in your craft the size of a softball.
hence why traveling at a high speed in space is not plausible.

you dont build a space ship if you want to commit interstellar travel…you build a time machine.
or better said…a machine that doesnt go back in time but around time.
what that means is…
you essentially separate yourself from time, therefore space.
in other words think of it like a stone skipping over water. the water symbolizing the known universe.
not truly one with the air nor one with the water. but in between.
the machine separates itself from space/time. making interstellar travel possible. like how the pebble travels.

so real space travel in the future is going to look more like the movie Contact than Star Trek.

tho you prob could travel at a very high speed but only by using a force field in front of you to protect your space craft from space dust, but you’d be expending so much more energy in creating a force field strong enough to shield your craft than you ever would in actual propulsion.

man i wish i had gone to college to study physics instead of art.


Well reading about the theoretical Alcubierre warp drive

You aren’t really moving pass the speed of light, or moving at all.
What the drive real does is stretches and compress space, so no worries about trying to decelerate (as you technically never moved) and no issues with time dilation for approaching the speed of light.

So if anything real FTL travel would be closer too Futurama with the whole “The engines don’t move the ship at all. The ship stays where it is and the engines move the universe around it.”


China drops Last Jedi from nearly all theaters? Last Jedi flop in China?

Word must’ve caught on about what an abomination this was.


ooh, found it:

Haha yeah… :skull:


being trained that the only thing stopping him from his powers is himself, just gotta believe

[quote=“AlphaCharlie, post:4848, topic:145072”]

China drops Last Jedi from nearly all theaters? Last Jedi flop in China?

Word must’ve caught on about what an abomination this was.


Star wars never did well in china. They dont csre about it


While I don’t like The Last Jedi, it’s kind of annoying how people keep on using Chinese audiences as some kind of metric on a movie’s quality.
Chinese audiences have notoriously shit taste.


China literally didn’t have star wars for decades. Pretty much the entirety of the og trilogies run didn’t even screen there. The first star wars movie to have a theatrical release in China was the phantom menace.


Not even Rogue One did well in China and that movie had Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen.


China liked that Warcraft movie and the Bayformers movies.

Their taste is irrelevant to this discussion.


They were my favorite characters in Rogue One (although I generally liked the cast) and wish they’d had their own stand alone.

I am one with the force, and the force is one with me. :sad:


I think David Prowse is the worst



I can buy that interpretation.

It still can’t save the rest of the movie for me.


cute analysis but movie sucked


It was good

I get Luke playing the role of yoda and obi wan

I was just hyped we got muppet yoda


Muppet Yoda is best Yoda.