Star Wars


Indiana Jones is half own by Disney half owned by Paramount, Disney owns the IP but Paramount owns the Distribution Rights
And I think Universal has distribution rights to American Graffiti.


Lucas retired when he sold to Disney.


Were talking about the film Company Lucas Film and not George Lucas
Lucas Film is still up and about as a subsidiary of Disney and not an independent film company.

Lucas Retiring is hilarious, as he hardly did anything really.
He mostly wrote and delegate tasks to others

The Films Lucas was the most active with is the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy
Lucas didn’t even fully directed THX 1138 or American Graffiti, and the real directing for A New Hope went to Gary Kuntz.


Lucas did a whole lot of shit, if you think he did almost nothing then you don’t know Lucas very well.


Lucas gets much more credit to stuff than he deserves.

All the movies he wrote stories for, he only wrote the story, someone had to go back and rewrite everything to make it a cohesive script almost every time.
He hardly directed, all his writing had to be redone.
Yeah Lucas pushed for innovation, but that is out of necessity. Before THX, most movie studios lacks a special effects dept, they didn’t have sound effect engineers (just recording engineers). And Lucas just facilitated the work of others, he didn’t came up with anything himself. The thing George did right was the foresight to keep creative control and maintaining merchandising rights. Lucas made more from merchandise than he ever did from any film. He also formed what will later be Pixar (he sold the failing CGI division of THX to Apple who later partner with Disney).


Pretty muich every single script go through re-writes that’s not really a point. He’s also said many times he doesn’t like directing, he asked Spielberg to direct the prequel movies for example. He’s not a director and never really wanted to be one, he’s a producer, innovator, and a creator and his hand and his companies hands have been involved in almost every major movie released in the last 30 to 40 years in some capacity. Lucas is also a leader, he has the ability to bring people together to create new endeavors and technologies.No one person in Hollywood does it alone.

Lucas doesn’t get the credit he deserves at all because a bunch of fucking nerds are still pissed about a couple movies like the giant man children they are.


Game of Thrones showrunners will write and produce a new series of Star Wars movies

This will be interesting.


I’m aware. But I was replying to this:


You can plagiarize yourself.

MVCU Star Lord is nothing like Han Solo.

MVCU plagiarizes Andy from Parks and Recreation.

So self-plagiarizism is still an issue here.


Hope Solo’s Sarlacc Pit looks better.


Hope Solo is more akin to the gaping asteroid where they hide in Empire and then the monster tries to eat them. Imo.


Found this

Could the Worlds in Star Wars really exist?



That monster could clamp its gaping maw shut tight.

Hope’s would need a DP assist.


I cant believe this exists in the SW universe… :rofl:



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