Star Wars


Do you think you can tell which parts will be directed by Ron Howard and which are directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller? Or too impossible to tell the difference.


Rumor also is that Ron bringing his fugly brother Clint in as a character.

Ron and Clint together


Haha that’s a fugly looking cracker, goddamn!


Best part is you hardly need any makeup to make Clint Howard look like an Alien.
He is half way there.

Here he is as Balok in Star Trek TOS

They just gave the Child Clint a costume and have an Adult do a voice over

Here is is in TNG

Probability the cheapest Ferengi to do makeup for.


Finally saw Last of the Jedi.

As a casual fan, the movie was entertaining although a bit of a mess and way too long.


However, if I were a hardcore SW fan, I think I would also be pissed about how they handled Luke’s character and Snoke. This was a weird version of Luke, seemed illogical. Also, Snoke bodied so freely was extremely disappointing.


Snoke went out like a bitch


Agreed, but I have no problem with it (Rule of Two, baby). I have a problem with how we never found WHO he is! Why do the First Order follow him? Did he have a connection to the Empire at all and that is why he rose to the top? Did he have connections to Palpatine personally? We never find out why Snoke was the Supreme Leader. The movie basically just leaves people the the thought of Snoke is the Supreme Leader “just because.” Its lame. Is it hard to answer why this resurgent Imperial Remnant came to prominence after they were soundly beaten and how did Snoke end up as the guy running whole thing?


But we never knew who Palpatine was, not really. Not though the original Trilogy.
And the Prequel trilogy only showed how he got to power and not much else.

Snoke is less of a character and more of a Plot element, that all he was.
And I am fine with the Comics/Novels explaining who Snoke is, if at all.


Didn’t know that one of the characters from Solo was A Stormtrooper Named Slickback.


But, there lies the problem. The original trilogy ESTABLISHED the universe the characters lived in. As fans, we had take that universe at face value until building blocks were placed on that foundation. From the beginning we know the Palpatine is the Galactic Emperor that the Rebel Alliance is fighting against. Yes, the prequel trilogy did reveal how he came to power (and much more) but that was building block.

The sequel trilogy’s problem is that it also a building block that acts like a foundation after that establishment has been further built upon since the release of the original trilogy.
This sequel trilogy has left more questions on the table than satisfactory answers based on the established lore since The Force Awakens was released.
I guess I’m expecting too much, though.


Meh. I don’t care who the fuck Snoke is. He’s just a dead asshole. I wanna see more of Kylo now.


I also never cared about Snoke and who he is. Just another Palpatine stand in, glad the dude got got the way he did.


Getting of the TLJ train for a moment to be bring this fact:
This is the first time two Star Wars movies will have their first theatrical run in the same year.
I’m not sure how I feel about it.
Do you guys think it might be over-saturation?


Tlj was 2017, solo was 2018

Disney doesnt actually release that many movies per year. They all just happen to be very large, big budget pictures. Id rather them end with the trilogy stuff and do side story movies if they want to keep star wars going but it’s whatever. Im not one who cares if the movie is a franchise, sequel, or reboot but more so if it’s enjoyable.

It’s gonna make $1 bill so keep making them until it stops making money basically


I don’t give a fuck who Snoke is.
He just a generic cosmic baddie there for plot convenience and cannon fodder in the end.

Snoke isn’t even a real character in a sense, he was there to carry the plot, and when its job was done Snoke was put into the waste bin.


So we don’t care who the guy that corrupted Kylo and, by doing so, ended up luring Luke to the darkside long enough to where he contemplated murdering his own nephew which lead to the destruction of the New Jedi order actually is?

Dude ruined one of the greatest hero the star wars universe had all the while brought back the Empire after getting their shit kicked in. He was easily the biggest threat in the galaxy and went out like a punk.

Yeah, I get that Palpatine wasn’t that great in the OT, but these are supposed to be planned better not go about haphazardly.


It is 2018 and TLJ is still in theaters right now during its first theatrical release. In THREE MONTHS Solo will be released.


Nah, not really. Kylo is a way more interesting character. Snoke was just a means to an end. Snoke basically = Palpatine and I thought cutting him out like that was a great decision. I applaud that shit.


Why do i care about a character that has 10 minutes of screen time between 2 movies? He’s not the main antagonist and was never shown to be. Im more interested in where the first order goes with kylo at the helm than with snoke.

We already had 2 trilogies with a behind the scenes bad guy, we dont need another


What, in the past two movies, gives you any indication Kylo will not be a terrible leader? Indeed i cannot wait to witness the oh-so glorious reign of Kylo Ren lol.

Spoiler…he’ll be a shitty leader, Rey will kick his ass, and the mysteriously revitalized rebellion will thwart the first order. There. Saved you two years and a $12 ticket.

As for not needing another “trilogy with a behind the scenes bad guy”? In that case, this trilogy should NOT have started out that way then. But they did and thus should have followed through appropriately. Instead of derailing the train mid-way through and ending it on a lameass note in TLJ. Poor planning. They should have just started it with Kylo leading the first order from the get-go.