Star Wars


You don’t have to kill a character to ruin them.


The same could be said for the inverse. It was funny that my wife did say when I told her “Oh no, they’re gonna take him out too” LOL

We all know that at the end of the day, he’s gonna breakout a “YEEE HAW” as they blow up Starkiller Base II


If they dare to fuck it up that badly I am going to write a STRONGLY worded letter to them and maybe even mail it. That kind of injustice will not stand.

I’m dying to know how they close this out. If it’s another Starkiller/Death Star/Death Starkiller I will ANGRILY eat my popcorn and sit quietly until the movie is over.


Search your feelings, you know this to be true…


And to continue beating a dead horse, a couple of reddit posts that perfectly articulated my problems with the sequel trilogy:

The more I think about it the more these new movies annoy me in a certain way, more than the prequels. At least the prequels happened before the OT, so they could be mostly ignored. These sequels however essentially nullify all the achievements and progress of the OT characters…

They couldn’t just have their happy ending, instead they all had to be dredged up and separated from each other, serving as secondary characters, eventually to predictably be killed off. Depressing as fuck.

And a different poster:

That’s the worst bit. Luke being ready to give his life in order to keep the emperor busy as the rebel fleet attacks, Han and Leila risking death to bring down the shield, Lando flying into the Death Star to take it down, every rebel who died to destroy the empire… they all fought, bled and died so that 30 years later a new empire can come out of fucking nowhere and piss over all of their achievements. Han and Leia don’t get to live a nice happy life together, instead Han goes back to being a smuggler (how can you be an employed smuggler if everyone in the galaxy knows that’s what you used to do…) and Leia does nothing for 3 decades until the Empire Part 2 arrives, Luke doesn’t impart wisdom onto a new generation of Jedi, he instead is a depressed old lunatic who wishes for death on some island.

And don’t even get me started on the complete undermining of every single space battle scene in the history of Star Wars… how no one realised the massive problem that creates is completely beyond me.


I want something like the Expanded Universe/Extended Universe and Knight of the Old Republic types of things. More Jedi, more Sith, more force users in general and leave Episode IX open ended with no real ending to make room for a potential Episode X, Episode, XI, and Episode XII


Can’t lie, I definitely see his point


How to fix your relationship with Star Wars




i mean, the people wanted ep 7-9 movies right?
but without conflict or even any sort of tribulations?
what do you want han, leia and luke to do in the sequel trilogy?
sit in rocking chairs & sewing sweaters for grandkids while overlooking a quiet peaceful landscape for 6 hours?
han and leia having a nice happy life together isnt exciting…ITS BORING.
luke not imparting wisdom onto a new generation?
but he did, and one of his pupils killed his students! which is why luke got emotionally wrecked…
its called conflict.
its necessary for a movie called star WARS.
emphasis on WARS.
what do you want?
luke showing kylo pics of the victory endor finale group shot saying “and then we beat the empire. the end” like the way an old athlete shows off his high school trophies to his son?
c’mon man. stop it.
there is no conflict in that.
sure the epilogue trilogy couldve been written better, more original, better thought out, more innovative, more daring…but its adequate considering it was created for moneymaking purposes by disney and not because it was a dream conjured up by a young passionate director than wanted to tell a adventure story that captured the imagination of youth(george lucas)


Dark Empire 1, 2, & 3.



Or, y’know, those old, allegedly legit scripts by Lucas.

Which were actually pretty much the fuckin’ tits levels of godlike.


Man i am the first to defend Lucas but he has never writen a script that is tits gdlk lol


Not necessarily. The “conflict” can be whatever you want it to be. Disney only created a wannabe empire because they didnt have any idea what the trilogy should even be about and so they went with the lowest hanging fruit they could find. They could have had it been about Jedi’s from Luke’s New Order taking on a new Sith or unseen enemy and Luke and Co. would have been on the sidelines helping out. Or it could have been about something far in the future and entirely new characters and Luke Skywalker’s force ghost could pop up to help. Or not. Or the main character could be a smuggler who gets wrapped up in a New Republic consipiracy with someone trying to overthrow it and he/she/it enlists the help of old and new friends to either get out of the situation alive or to prevent the existence of a “2nd Empire”.

Do you see how easy this is?! Im not even TRYING! But no, they go back to the old nostalgia well and just reset the fucking universe. Doesnt matter that Star Wars is a big universe and can be just about whatever you want it to be. Just mine the same fucking shit without a care to the characters or trying to cultivate something new out of it with the universe. If there was one gift George had, it was making a huge ass universe and giving you lots of ways to play with it and stories that could be told in it. The videogames, novels, and TV shows prove it. Why do the movies have to somehow be so devoid of the same creative spark and are somehow exempt from it?


Because the fandom wants to be entertained by the devil that they know.


I’m still mind-fucked by figuring out what should have happened to Luke. I loved the Expanded Universe (which also had the post-Empire Empire threat…), but in keeping with the deaths of Obi-Wan and Yodi, how should Luke have played out? Help me. Tell me what should have happened here. It’s fucking dark. You take out the Emperor, but he’s just the figurehead… isn’t he?


I think what made me not care too much about Luke’s fate is that having experienced a ton of extended serial fiction and somewhat knowledgeable of history I am well versed that happy endings are finite especially for ‘heroes’.

I mean go from reading or watching where most of legends of King Arthur end up or Paul’s story in Dune starts and how that ends, Luke basically had a blessed life in comparison.


What is it you need to figure out?

Everytime Luke drawls is lightsaber against another force user it ends badly.
Everytime Luke takes the pacifist route the good guys with ether the battle or moral victory.

The way Luke went out in TLJ is the most Jedi way for Luke to exit.
He out gun the entire ground force from the First order and out Duel Kylo without making a single strike.
And he went down as a Legend for the whole galaxy, little children tell exaggerated versions of whats happen.


Yes. the most Jedi way to die is to never fight ever and go out like a complete bitch but not actually BE THERE when you die. “Death by terrible script.” Jesus.

Also no Optimus, the fandom was actually ready to move on to something different or at least something that wasnt the EXACT SAME MOVIE as one they saw before. The only people who say otherwise are the ones in denial so they can feel better about spending $10 and almost 15 years waiting to watch a movie created to emulate something made in the 70s. I still had the most blank fucking expression coming out of TFA. All that waiting, and NOTHING came out of it. Just a shitty remake that could never hold a candle to something made with actual passion and love. Completely unnecessary, just like the ghostbusters remake.


Yeah, I’m troubled comparing his final arc to Obi-Wan and Yoda’s final arcs. He DID actually have the first on-screen death probably worthy of a Jedi. I can’t figure out what I want to see him defeat or do or where the story goes from there. I need Patton Oswalt to sort this out for me.

You mean like Obi-Wan and Yoda, right… ? That’s what’s fucking me up.
Or BAD MOTHERFUCKER Mace Windu…? Or everybody else at Order 66…?

At least the new expanded stuff gives Jedis at little more to do, but movie-wise … they’re just epically ineffective at anything other than helping Palpatine take over the universe.