Star Wars


No offense but that sounds like too much of a cop out plus unnecessary. It should not take two movies to wrap up this particular portion of the saga and unlike Marvel, they haven’t really earned a part two for one movie.

This is coming from someone that has enjoyed every Star Wars films since Revenge of the Sith, but the one movie split over two releases is the last thing the franchise needs.


just make ep 9 three hours long
edit: if need be


Achtung, Bebe?

Then let fall, Star Wars!


It’s gotten lame enough after Episode 8, that I heard “Let It Go!” playing in my mind, as I typed this, and somehow it just seemed… remarkably appropriate.


Plot twist:

Episode VIII was a dream (nightmare) of Finn.

Episode IX is the true Episode VIII.

After that we’ll get Episode X to complete the ‘trilogy’ and the Last Jedi will be wiped from the canon.


Episode XI starts with a close up of Anakin in a dreamy trance-like state. Then with a look of determination, he switches on his light sabre and lops off Palpatines head, before turning to Mace Windu.

“Man, I was about to make a huuuuge mistake, but the force gave me this crazy ass vision”


Caveat: Palpatine’s head soars out of the atmosphere, into space, crashing into and destroying the space ship carrying a badly cast Alden Ehrenreich (yes, I had to Google it), killing him, and in doing so preventing The Queen of Dragons from being cast in a role not requiring gratuitous full-frontal nudity, thereby circumventing a waste of her talents.


Rewatched Ep 8 recently and had fun with it. It had it’s issues yes and some werid turns (casino planet but hey gotta make war profiteers look good) but still had fun with it. The light speed moment was still cool thou.


The light speed scene is one of the prettiest in all of Star Wars. Hell its one of the top scenes in science fiction film.

It also has the distinct honor of absolutely obliterating the internal logic of an entire franchise in 5 seconds. The last part is unfortunate because it really is a fucking bad ass scene.


Yeah I agree. It looks cool but it was biggest mistake in the history of the franchise. It completely breaks the logic of Star Wars. Why build a Death Star when you just FTL through everything? They clearly didn’t think that one through.


Which is why I’m fine with people liking TLJ. I get why they like it. But you can’t say it was a good movie or a good Star Wars film. Out of all the contentious fan wankery in the movie, that single moment upended the storylines of 7 films. If you write a script that ruins suspencion of disbelief for an entire franchise…then its automatically bad.


It doea no such fucking thing, status quo will go back to normal, the amount of things that have “Upended” Star Wars narrative that you all don’t even know about and guess what, status quo returned.

You sound silly.


Yes it does. It ruins the internal logic of the all of the warring in Star Wars. There is no point to any of the big weapons when they could’ve all held each other hostage with relativistic weapons.

Star Wars is purposefully not hard science fiction for a reason. Any time a big ship shows up to wreck anything, the big question will eternally be “Why don’t we just shoot an x-wing traveling at light speed at it”.


. . . . and building a second (and effectively a third) Death Star didn’t. The Empire must have the worst tacticians. I guess there were no lessons learned documented by the Project Managers following their

In all seriousness, not saying that it’s not an issue, but it’s sci-fi. There are other contrivances in the franchise that hinge on physics (e.g. Aluminum Pancake).


Rebuilding the Death Stars is less of an issue because Star wars has always been Space Opera stuff (basically a fantasy story set in space). The genre works fine and well when it stays within its limitation. Once you try to add the actual hard sci fi stuff to it (novels that go into details about how tech works etc) then create massive issues because nothing else is operating that way.

Hence why the kamikaze scene breaks the internal logic of Star Wars and upends all the other movies. They’ve had the technology to shoot each other with Faster Than Light projectiles for centuries but didn’t because reasons. We all accept that its kind of a thing that doesn’t happen because of reasons and spend time having fun with light sabers. Once you add that element to it though, you have to go back and ask wtf is it these guys have been doing this whole time.

Hence why TLJ breaks the internal logic of war that Star Wars created. It has this weird contrived rules that don’t operate under any logic or scientific scrutiny. Bringing that in was and is a massive mistake.


Kamikaze FTL goes far beyond that. It throws every conflict since hyperspace travel into question.


It also kind of makes Star Destroyers and other big vessels massive liabilities because you could pop them in half with any random shit fired at it at FTL speed.

Literally everything has to be redone if you take these weapons into consideration.


Yea the problem here is you are applying hard science to a fantasy, the lightspeed jump is for drama, there no hard science applied to this, if there was the explosions would have been way way worse.

This doesn’t change anything in a world of space wizards, again you sound fucking silly.


I didn’t do it, Rian Johnson did with TLJ.

Hence, you sound fucking silly.


Now what if in Episode 9 both sides start using FTL weaponry? Energy weapons are now being used to combat lightsabers (despite being a rare combat occurrence).


I’d bet money Rian Johnson knows fuck all about hard science and ftl explosions and thought “This would look real dramatic in this fantasy setting.” You’re the one making this about hard sciences in a series that barely knows what science is.

So no i don’t sound silly at all for realizing im watching a fantasy.

One could make the argument that energy weapons don’t combat Lightsabers very well at all. Where blasters a response to lightsabers? I dont remember that bit or lore hmmm.