Star Wars


Critical success doesn’t mean anything. There’s always been a heavy divide between critics and fans and that gap has only widen the last couple of years.


So were several Michael Bay Transformers movies, doesn’t stop them from being shit. Furthermore, as often is the case, the followup film suffers for the sins of its predecessor. Bumblebee, an actual good Transformers movie, isn’t making the money it should because of the quality of the Bayformers films. Star Wars as a hole has been suffering because of that movie. Blu-Rays aren’t selling and more importantly the toys aren’t selling. Lucasfilm seems to think attacking your customers is the proper course of action. Ask EA how that worked out for Battlefield V.


Ask Sony how that worked out for Ghostbusters.


Star Wars fans have been shitting all over everything star wars for decades now. It only got worse past 1997. I really don’t care what those so called fans wanna bitch about. TLJ and TFA were dope movies.


TFA was fine. TLJ was shit. Worst Star Wars movie in the franchise. I mean Luke leaves a map to his location in TFA. In TLJ, he doesn’t want to be found. It’s that type of shit writing that epitomizes the quality, or in this case lack thereof, of TLJ’s writing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to free the dogs of sex traffickers while leaving the sex workers enslaved :smirk:


The best part of TFA was Han Solo getting murked. He’s my least favorite Star Wars character (though it’s honesty because I hate Harrison Ford as a person and an actor). So seeing Kylo Ren fuck him up was super satisfying.

TLJ was an absolute chore to watch. I almost walked out several times. Leia magically forcing herself to safety after their ship blew up was the biggest fuck you moment In the movie for me. Took me completely out of it. I audibly said “this is bullshit” very loudly In the theater when it happened. A lot of other things that happened in the movie were just ham fisted and stupid. Well, most the things In the movie were ham fisted and stupid.

It’s sad. I use to love Star Wars as a kid but I think the prequels and getting to know the fan base killed my love of it. The side stories like the clone wars series and rebels are good but the movies? Fuck them.


No one is disputing that Star Wars is one of the most toxic fanbases there is. It still doesn’t stop TLJ from being a heavily divisive movie. It’s negativity directly impacted the success of Solo and main directive of episode IX seems to be course correction. It was a mistake to let Rian Johnson do whatever he wanted. Even bigger mistake not mapping out how they wanted their sequel trilogy to play out.


SW fans are just really passionate thats all. mostly because the original trilogy was so masterful in execution, soul stirring, feel good, uplifting, and emotive.
sadly, nothing SW will ever come close to the og trilogy and people refuse to accept that fact. they keep walking into new SW movies playing in theaters hoping to rekindle that fire which went out when the credits to ROTJ rolled.
in other words. the SW fanbase have such high expectations of anthing SW that they can only get disappointed.
when marvel fanboys walk into theaters their expectations are always low, therefore they always leave theaters pleasantly surprised and satisfied.
but when youre a SW fan, 2 out of the 3 original movies are listed in the AFI’s top ten films ever made. its freaking hard to please a SW fan after that.


As someone who didn’t grow up on the original trilogy I see nothing special about them. They are fine movies but I find them largely boring. As far the movies go they are not my standard when it comes to Star Wars.


Yeah. Star Wars was just right place right time. They’re OK movies at best. Most the people that covet them are people that were around when they were first in cinema.


Release date: December 20, 2019

Less than 12 months…


The Phantom Menace is way worse then TLJ, get out of here.


The Phantom Menace isn’t even the worst prequel film Attack of the Clones was. The concepts in the prequels were good, Lucas just fumbled the execution. A few years ago a fan did a re-edit of the prequels. It’s amazing what a difference good editing makes. The same can’t be said for TLJ. No amount editing would salvage that garbage without wholesale changes and some additional footage.


LOL at saying prequels better than TJL :joy::rofl::sob:


The Jedi Last? what are you? yoda or something? backward talking you do


If you didn’t grow up on star wars you won’t think the OT are great movies. Like most classics they lose their effect after a certain amount of time because they created a new mold which has been casted a million times over. To even call them masterful is an over statement. George Lucus was way over his head when making ANH as it was plagued with production issues and a bad script. The special effects of ILM and the amazing score of John Williams saved the film and everything turned out fine. I know for me it’s the hardest one of the OT to watch. The magic that used to be there is gone only because people grew up. Plus most fandoms nowadays like to feel like they have some kind of ownership of the things that they are fans of. Thus they are never pleased.


LOL at thinking TLJ is a good movie. It’s the worst Star Wars movie of all time. I.e. every theatrically released film is better than it. So every episodic film, the CGI Clone Wars film, Rogue One, and Solo. It’s the 11th best Star Wars film. The only reason I rank it so high is because there have only been eleven Star Wars movies.


I’m insulted you counted Clone Wars. That shit was a TV pilot that made it to theaters.

What about the Ewok specials?


Yet it was still better than TLJ and it was average at best. I barely remember the Ewok movie. Isn’t that the one with Cole Beasley and Ezekiel Elliot? Anyway my bad TLJ is the 12th best Star Wars movie.


I remember watching AotC in the theater and bitchass Ani says, “Are you suffering as much as I am?”

To which my buddy replied all loud, “NOT AS MUCH AS WE ARE!”

Theater erupted in laughter :rofl: