Star Wars


i saw it in 1979. in my local public school’s theater. tho i barely remembered it due to the fact of how very young i was. and the fact the auditorium was filled with nothing but kids my age. which was kindergarden age and a auditorium with only kids that age while playing ANH in 1979 was a severe ruckus
then saw it a bunch in 81 on cable.
which i do remember clearly.
and yes. it was mindblowing. there was nothing like it. nothing like it came before.
best way to describe it was imagine every over the top shonen anime, you have ever seen, rolled into one movie.
there was no big shonen show during those days. so fanciful adventures, with cool young characters, kicking ass, having magic powers, and blowing up planets was 100% brand new.
now everyone follows that formula, including planets getting destroyed. im looking at you frieza.


I love it every time I see rage against TLJ. I always picture a bunch of pissed off nerds crying in agony, like when all the SJWs cried when Hilary lost :rofl::rofl::rofl:

That shit is so fucking funny LMAO.



Okay that shit is funny man :rofl:


Episode I has:


And also:


Yea it has one of the worst villans in movie history and Jar Jar.


darth maul was sadly sadly underused in phantom. a cinema sin tbh. he needed waaaaaaaay more lines. especially during the fight scenes. fuck that strong but silent noise.


It’s okay. They brought him back as Darth Mr. Tumnus in the EU and eventually Clone Wars And Solo. Which was a stupid idea imo.


Lucas admitted that killing off Maul was a big mistake.


But when will he admit the prequels were a mistake?


Honestly Lucas is nicer about the situation than I would have been. The one thing I like about George R. R. Martin is that he’ll tell fans to fuck off. Creators should write their stories they way they want to and let the chips fall where they may.


No bumblebee isnt making money because it got shitty timing for releases. Spiderverse and Mary Poppins stomping atm


Can’t forget Aquabro. Bumblebee is a fucking awesome movie but it’s release window was fucking terribly timed. Going up against juggernaut IP’s from Disney, dc and marvel. Plus, yeah @maxx I agree with @Darc_Requiem Bumblebee carries the stench of Bayformers. Which isn’t the movies fault it’s Hasbros fault for letting that happen to the franchise. A lot of people I know who are big transformer heads haven’t seen it yet because they don’t want to be disappointed. Obviously they wouldn’t be if they actually saw it, but Bayformers stigma still lingers and makes a lot of people weary; I was one of them. But I’m glad I saw it and I am excited for the inevitable sequel


As I said before, I had to be convinced to go see it. I was all set to skip the film. Glad I saw it. Best Transformers movie since 1986.


I pretty much forced myself to see it. Partially because I love Hailee Steinfield as an actress. She’s super cute and ridiculously talented. I also wanted to see what kind of role John Cena would have; if he would be an ally or a villain.


Martin doesn’t even write.

He can go fuck off and die, his damned self.

I stopped giving a shit about his mediocrity writ small, the moment I stopped forcing myself through the turgid piece of shit that was the end of the literal five year gap re: AFfC.

The man cannot write.

He got lucky, once, with A Game of Thrones (book one, not the made for T.V./tiddies craptastic saga ), catching the early swell of the wave of Grim Dark, and riding it until his fame eclipsed his talent.

He’s a hack, pure and simple.


Thought you went and died again.


It is the funniest thing - people mistaking having an actual life, for dying.

In the E-mote of Vynce:



I’m like a dog. I get separation anxiety when people I know aren’t around. Cut me some slack, Jab. I missed you. :heart: