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All that has absolutely nothing to do with the point I was making.


Your point was not an actual point, is what I was saying.

Martin didn’t tell people to fuck off because they wanted him to change story beats - he told them to fuck off because they wanted the story finished while his heart still beats.

Considering the time investment some people actually put into such, their expectations are not unreasonable.

Lucas ought to tell the people who don’t like the direction he took the story to fuck off.

They ought to tell him the same.

Win, win, for losing.


Kathleen Kennedy is a glorifed paper-pusher and secretary. She has no business being an actual creative mind in the franchise, choosing writing teams, influencing scripts, firing director’s for not realizing her “vision”, etc. Which she has done ALL of the above.

Only a fool would think her involvement is a positive thing (looks at Foolinfection’s username), I rest my case.


Lmao at Alpha calling ANYONE else a fool :rofl:


I don’t believe in the bad timing stuff. The Bayformers obviously went on for far too damn long, that audiences are burnt out, and lumping Bumblebee in with the rest.

I have friends who have seen most of the Bayformers movies in theaters that didn’t bother to see Bumblebee. When i asked them why, they replied with something to the effect of, “Dude i’m OVER Transformers”. That says it all. Bayformers overstayed it’s welcome in theaters and now Bumblebee has paid the price.

I’m especially pissed at the one friend who LOVED Return of the Fallen, easily the worst entry, so much back in the day that he bought the DVD on launch day.


She was hired as a secretary for Spielberg and was kept on for her thoughts on producing a movie. I would say she’d more so be considered a project manager on how she’s handling things in the past. You may not agree with her vision, but if that’s what Disney hired her to do (for better or worse), she can do all of those things listed.

Can’t knock her for her previous work, but it would be fair to say that Disney could use a different creative lead. She’s definitely knows the ins and outs to get talented people working on these projects.


Question: Would you hire someone as a CREATIVE MIND to Lead the friggin’ direction of Star Wars, if 97% of her “experience” in the industry is being a paper-pusher and secretary? Are you insane?

We’ve already witnessed her bone-head moves, such as firing the previous directors of Solo when the movie was 85% completed, and restarting with Ron Howard bloating the movie’s budget even further. Why did it take THAT long for her to realize the previous director’s weren’t in line with her “vision”? She obviously doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing.


You don’t get the point. It’s his story. His universe. If he wants to tell people to fuck off he can. And if fans get tired of his shit, they can stop supporting him. Has nothing to do with how talented you view him. It’s about his interacrion with fans.


I definitely would say she is far more than a pencil pusher/ secretary at this point in the game. While there are administrative functions are a part of that role, there is a lot that goes into moving projects of that scale.

I am sure it wasn’t an easy call to fire someone in the midst of a project, especially one that is highly visible. Given that the returns are low, it allows for that to be the main touch point of discussion as to why the movie didn’t succeed.


That was the longest way to say “I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about” that I’ve ever read.


Shitty comeback. But i’ve learned not to expect much from you lol.


You don’t deserve better.


Ouch. I think you just shattered every bone in my body with that post. Not because it was awesome. But the sheer stupidity of it rocked me to my core.


I do believe timing def played a part. Not saying it was the one reason it failed, obviously fans have felt burnt before. But the weekend it dropped was just uber stacked…bumblebee wasnt gonna compete with the aqua pantydropper even if the series was doin good.


What the fuck are you talking about?

Who are you arguing with?

Not me, that is for certain.


No, because you also have to consider that this was not an isolated incident. The Last Knight also Bombed. Dark of the Moon and Age of Extinction, back before Bayformers FINALLY overstayed it’s welcome with movie-goers, made over 1 billion each.

Paramount regarded the TF series as their get-out-jail-free card when it came to generating huge box office dollars. Then the Last knight pops up and a pitaful 600 million. The series had obviously started falling into decline. Poor Bumblebee showed up in the wake of this and suffered the most.

Hell, go talk to anyone you know that was loving the Bayformers earlier. I’m guessing most have this attitude of lost interest. Just like all my friends do. Perhaps if they’d delayed Bumblebee till next christmas or Summer, it would have given audiances more ‘buffer’ time to forget about Bayformers a bit and be likely to give this reboot a chance.


The biggest issue with Bumblebee is the timing and a bland marketing. Between Spider-Man which is legit PG, Mary Poppins and Aquaman the competition was fierce and the commercials straight up made it look just like another Bay Transformer movie which most have gotten tired of.

Ironically the same sort of shit that hurt Solo minus the outright hate some SW die hard fans still have over a certain movie.