Star Wars


someone having a mere dream isnt much of a reveal or spoiler


You know, Rey, we really ARE the Last of Us?



This is what happens when you trust and leave incompetent morons to their own devices, all alone running your new golden goose franchise. But then, anyone could have told you that allowing a glorified secretary & paper-pusher to not only run by herself but, have legit creative control to boot, over a billion dollar franchise would be a BAD idea.

Kathleen Kennedy is NOT a writer, she is NOT a creator, she is not even a fan! And yet the sheer arrogance and hubris in thinking she could decide the direction for Star Wars, and the Higher-ups at Disney who just stood by and let it happen. WTF.


I have to ask, I by no means am a film buff that I know all the producers and folk working behind the scenes in Hollywood. Yet for all those that decry Kennedy as killing the franchise, who besides Lucas or hot name at the moment Feige would you all have wanted to helm the franchise that has legit experience on par or better?


A lot of people want Dave Filoni. Even with the constraints of doing “kids” shows like Clone Wars and Rebels, he’s shown the ability to tell good Star Wars stories. Ahsoka Tano is the most well loved female character not created by Lucas and is probably most well loved outside of Leia. If a guy like him were in charge of Rey, she’d actually be a character instead of a plot device.


That’s demonstrably untrue. SW fans may have been split on the prequel trilogy, but there is an overwhelming amount of support for the rest of SW media offerings from games, TV shows, books etc.

The newer movies have always been contentious though.


LMAO at saying it was Kennedy who ruined Star Wars.


It’s equally as true as it is untrue. For every fan of KOTOR or the Thrawn trilogy that exists there is another person out there saying those people aren’t “real fans” and that only the OT matters. The star wars fan base is notorious for being the one of the most difficult to please fan bases there is.


No, fuck your nonsense. A lot of Star Wars media is well received. When it comes to the movies, the big cannon events though, people go bat shit crazy.

The Clone Wars cartoon rates super high among a lot of fans. Hell even the TLJ haters have mentioned them being good. The books are here or there as previously mentioned (Lol Luuke) but also rate very favorably with the fandom.

Its a movie issue. Doesn’t mean they aren’t super annoying cunts about it, but it is easily a bigger issue with the movies than it has with the other stuff. I mean other than also Lol Force Awakens lets drag down a star destroyer because lols type of thing.


I agree with some of what you’re saying but you are ignoring the very stupid ass chunk of the fan base. I don’t even understand what point you’re trying to make anymore. Lol.


You made a blanket statement about the fans shitting on all thing Star Wars. They haven’t. The Prequels split the fanbase (because they were kind of a shrug all around in certain areas) and the new ones are kindo f similar in shrug. Problem is that this hasn’t really been an issue with the supplemental material in general.

Some of it has been bad but a lot of it has been very well received. So given that the fandom has dropped money on stuff for decades outside of movie tie in material, then it seems that the general direction of the movies is the problem. Create outside of the movies has been held in pretty high regard; dumb ass Luke clones aside…Lol LuUke.


You know when you think about it, regardless of the series
the canonical lore all in the end is nothing more than worthless fluff.


I’ll concede with you on the fact that yes, I made a blanket statement. But, come on,bruh. You’ve gotta be kidding me if you don’t think that star wars fans are some of the pickiest, most bitchmade fans there are. Regardless of all the games,comic,novels,etc that are well received. The only fans I can think of that are worse are maybe anime fans. As much as star wars fans complain I often begin to wonder how they are even fans to begin with.


Also, Trek fans are just as bad

Good thing Warhammer 40k fans dont in fight over their series cannon, they all agree that more Dakka is needed


Every fanbase is pretty terrible when you dig deep enough.


True but you don’t have to dig far for Star Wars Fans
Their shit floats to the top.


Eh, I’ve seen worse.


Yeah I agree, want me to name off a few?
(all toxic for different reasons)
Rick and Morty
Steven universe


Of the ones you named I’ll say Steven Universe is comparable. It still goggles my mind how such an awfully produced, written and directed show attracted such a huge following.


As someone who absolutely loves Rick and Morty along with Steven Universe I’ve never met anyone who has claimed to be apart of the hardcore fandom. Just casual fans. Which is fine and how I want it

There is a dude at work I’m more-or-less “work friends” with who is a huge bronie. All he talks about is his “OC” and his MLP RPG Discord. And I’m just like “bruh”