Star Wars


I am not talking about the shows writers, just the fanbase.

Steven Universe fans can be pretty toxic, especially their Tumblr crowd for elitistism and racism


Lol what? Part of Steven Universes over all message is acceptance and loving everyone for who they are.


You havent seen their Tumblr community


I just scoured tumblr for a good 10 minutes and found nothing racist from the SU tumblrs I found. There was one where some bitch was trying g to claim Rebecca Sugar is a closet racist due to how she originally designed Amethyst but that’s about it.

Edit: oh, I found a few pages where 4chan members were white washing SU characters and posting them on tumblr claiming they were making them “superior”. But that’s 4chan (which is compiled of complete fucking idiots) not tumblr


The racism stuff I heard about Steven Universe related to an art book with a very awful character design that can be seen as racist.


Yeah. That would be Amethyst. Her concept art had her dressed vastly differently. It doesn’t come off as racist though imo. People are just just trying to grasp at straws that aren’t there


That the message they want to say. That’s not the message the show preaches if you watch everything. That’s not the message fans follow through with.




This is what I will leave for now because in working and I really don’t want to go into detail about a show I gave an honest try to yet regret giving that try to.

Some things that bother me are human zoo specifically, concrete, gemnazis and their fascist ways (good luck having them be redeemed) rose and pearl relationship being a slave/master issue.


Yeah I’m not watching a 2 hour video. Also a lot of other stuff you mentioned is either grasping at straws or just flat out wrong.

Edit: Concrete is pretty much the old “bad” thing you listed and she never made it past the concept stage due to obvious reasons. Also Rebecca Sugar didn’t even design or create Concrete. It was an illustrator for the show (who is black themselves)


Show has her name on it so anyone below you is a part of your creation. I posted my part but if you don’t choose to watch the video (which can be viewed broken up) then that’s on you. I stand by what I said though.


That’s not exactly how it works. They’re not a hive mind. But okay.


Insert pseudo clever gif to reply and don’t back up what you say. I shouldn’t have bothered to reply.



Stu, You are just being fucking lazy.

You did not, stop lying. Plus alot of fan sites died as they were considered porn by the great tumbr purge.
People would sexualize everything, even a bunch of asexual lesbian space rocks that have more in common with decepticons than actual people.

How bout their fans put on Black Face trying to cosplay as the character that Estelle VA as on the show.


It’s like you’ve literally never been to tumblr or used the internet. There is always going to be a group of people that sexualize everything in their fandom. It’s not SU exclusive. So stop talking like it is.

If by “black faced” you mean a reddish pink face than absolutely.


did the tumblr porn purge already happen? shit. i wanted to rcsa some things before that happened.


Yes, but some NSFW stuff still gets through the filter from time to time. I think some people are just trying to beat the modern day church ladies in any way they can.


Star Wars fans are really, really obnoxious because they blame the wrong people for shit all the time. Look at all the shit the kid who played Anakin got. How was any of that his fault? If we’d been kids and somebody offered us a role in Star Wars, of course we would’ve said yes. But then they turn around and a significant portion is shitting on a little kid?

So all in all, top tier shitty because they legitimately shat on a kid who got the role of a lifetime. But still the issue with the fanbase seems to center around the movies and not the rest of the Star Wars Universe.

Being offered to work on Star Wars Universe material = lifetime of con money.

Being offered to work on Star Wars Movie material = fuck all that.

As for worse fanbases…I’ll get back to you on that. There are comparatively ones just as bad. Not sure how Trekkies are now a days. Heard some of them shat on the new movies (even though they were a lot of fun and yes I’m way on the Star Trek > Star Wars camp). Plus they were technically the OG nerd weirdos of the US with the whole dressing up as non-descript klingons and birthing cosplay in the West.

Fuck, those are some significant Ls. May have to disavow.


no one is worse than devil may cry fanboys. its been years later, theyre about to get their wet dream which is dmc5 and they still bitch about DmC DMC and ninja theory to this very day and i expect for years to come.
they are the worst ive ever seen.
SW fanboys are 2nd worst crybaby manchildren.


it’s a hour and 20 minuets but its about how Disney monetized someone else’s Fan Film because of Trade Mark (not Copyright) violations