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I did watch the content creator’s video about the issue and his response. This is unfortunately how misinformation gets spread. While I’d be pissed as fuck, it’s Warner Chappell Music that filed the claim who is a publisher for Disney’s music. Now can’t confirm Disney had 0 influence, but if he went through Lucasfilm to get it created, and then some music company goes after it, then is it still Disney’s fault? Now I do think the mouse will come in within a few days to “resolve” the misunderstanding. Classic case of left hand not knowing what right hand is doing. The creator accurately states it within his video, but uses “Disney” in the title to create hits and puts blame on the wrong target. All I say is come correct if you have a beef. People need to blast Warner Chappell and inform Disney over what’s happening. If they “fixed” Battlefront due to bad press, this will be no different.

It ain’t the Mouse fault on this one, but they need to help make this right. Unfortunately, those that hate Disney are going to use this as fuel to the fire and see it as something initiated by them. Disney needs to make a statement about this. Perception is reality, and a lot of people are going about this completely wrong.


Honestly I though despite all the dickery, the creator of the fan film got off pretty light.
He could have a strike against his channel or be taken to court

Honestly if you are making a fan film, just get permission first and get it in writing so if you have to go to court you got documentation to back you up.

And if you going for Free-use don’t use existing music or anything else of the like. Use some generic public domain music that fits the theme (or compose your own) .


Its not that hard to blame corporations though. American corporations are hilariously obtuse about their copyrights. For whatever ridiculous reason, they just love going after fans for doing things that show their devotion to brands.

Makes me laugh every time at how stupid it is.


it’s worst with trade marks, Corporations can chose to ignore copyright infringement claiming it isn’t worth their time or they just didn’t notice. Trademarks on the other than (and yes there a difference) has to be aggressively protected because how trademark law is. You fail to protect a trade mark you can lose the trademark.

The other difference is copyrights can fall into fair use, and if you follow all the rules of fair use you got a iron defense. Trademarks are not subject to fair use.


He got permission before he created the film. Disney told him it was fine as long as he didn’t monetize the video.


He did get permission from Lucasfilm to proceed but could not monetize it. Warner Chappell Music (who is the music publisher and has access to the Disney catalog) is the one who issued the claim. That’s why this is a left not knowing what right is doing scenario is probably the most accurate description. I totally think this is messed up, but if you are putting out there that Disney is responsible because it’s clicks, that’s not cool either. Then you have the ambulance chasers claiming that Disney is in financial peril and wants to get all the money from it.

Agreed. I doubt that this will be a thing next week. However, it’s not Disney that created the issue, it’s the publisher (or catalog holder) that is the problem here. Funny thing is Warner-Chappell has actually eliminated comments on their IG because of this whole debacle. They deserve all the heat they are getting.


Vader film in question


Not trying to turn this into a fandom vs fandom issue, but Star Trek has handled that part of it fairly well. Fans could submit scripts to the series at any time. Some of them have been made into episodes and led to fans being hired to work on shows.

Very silly to to pit yourself against the fanbase. LucasFilm could’ve legit been putting out compilations of fan films or doing small festivals around them. Probably a great way to get material for Expanded Universe movies.

Also this fan film going hard AF right now. Kinda sad that we’ll never get to see Vader do Vader things like in it.


Lucas has been dead to me ever since he had the EU Anakid (sic) killed off just to not potentially cause confusion amongst non-fans .


What now?


Oh, Han and Leia’s kid, Anakin, in the EU.

Lucas had the EU kill him off so as not to cause confusion amongst the movie goers when Menace dropped.

Typos errywhere… fuck a cold.


So your mad at the one rule Lucas always had over the EU, that whatever the EU did was secondary to the films and the Films can override the EU canon at any time. I glad they killed off EU Anakin Solo, he was a waste of skin and hair in the EU and a waste of ink on paper.

Star Wars and the EU prior to Disney had 5 different levels of cannon, all in tier order and each over rides the lower tiers.
G-canon: (G as in George) Basically whats in the films and what George’s final word on the matter
T-canon: (Television) this covers TV shows such as Star Wars: The Clone Wars
C-canon: (Continuity canon) this is where most of the EU actually exist.
S-canon: (Secondary canon) fits all the same media as the C-Canon materials but is automatically superseded by higher tiers. Difference between C and S canon is that they try to respect C Canon to a degree.
N-Canon: (Non Canon) anything else directly contradicted by higher canon ends up here. N-canon is the only level that is not considered official canon by Lucasfilm. Any published material that contradicts things established in G-canon and T-canon is considered N-canon.

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm they had to clean up house
They combine T-Canon with G-Canon, and made everything else Legends (which would be N-Canon under the old system). Idea of Legends is this could have happened, but more than likely this is just the various urban myths and stories people tell each other in the Star Wars Universe. Like the little kids playing “Jedi” at the end of TLJ.
Also C and S canon filled with contradictions and a lack of a central set of rules how the universe actually works.



No, I am not mad.

Clearly you are.

I have the capacity to stop giving a darn about pretty much anything and everything, once it completely jumps the shark into garbage-land.

It’s how I’m able to coexist on this site with you, after all.


Lucasfilm (Disney) got the claim for Warner Chappelle music group removed.


Holy shit. It’s literally just Star Wars. Calm your tits. It’s not even remotely worth getting worked up over.

Literally you right now:


No I am not mad, the thing with Anakin Solo is how I felt the character was, there was no reason for him being there except for “hey look Han and Leia had a 3rd kid, and look a terrible point of view character”.
Jacen And Jaina did not need a 3rd wheel in a already crowded roster of characters.
What I was upset over how they killed of Chewbacca.

Shut up.


So feisty.

On the real though. You need to relax. You just went on a edgelord, neck beard fueled tirade over a character and went through the entire inception like canon of the Star Wars universe and why that one minor character shouldn’t exist.


Well you fucking ass clown, there alot to fucking cover when it came to how Pre-disney Canon was structured.


I actually found the canon stuff in that post pretty interesting. Never knew it was so in depth.


You’re being so aggressive and defensive for literally no reason.

Sure, I guess? At the same time why and how he went about it as just overtly and aggressively defensive for no reason.