Star Wars


So I am supposed to let this just slide?

I can see how Azure reacts, that between me and Azure. But you want to jump on that wagon and was surprise when someone decides to hit back.


No one is surprised when you over react dude, you do it all the time.


Yes? It’s literally not even remotely a big deal or worth getting fussy over. It doesn’t effect you in any way outside of ruffling your neck beard. Keep your fandom in check, bruh.


No one ask you for your two cents, stay in your lane.

As to you Stu, fuck off


This is a public forum. He can literally say whatever he wants.

Like you can this and I can simply laugh at it.


Ah so you get to chime in on any convo you want but I gotta keep my shit to myself huh?

Suck my dick.


Easy now—you’ll fuck up his narrative.


it’s ok to get passionate about something you like. Just sayin’…


No one ever said it wasn’t?

All my point was and still is is that you just gotta keep your fandom in check, pick your battles, don’t make mountains of mole hills and don’t act like a neckbearded edge lord.



Also true.

and you can do them without being a complete dick.

Wondering now when that Star Wars park will open in Disney World. Wife wants to go, so I’ll happily oblige :smiley:



This is great news! I just don’t get why he is trying to separate Lucasfilm from Disney as it wasn’t even Disney that made the claim. Couldn’t make money off of the project, so make it off of the outrage towards Disney? If so, clever if I do say so myself.


None of the prequels have been anywhere remotely as bad or insulting to the franchise than the Last Jedi was.


Phantom Menace is way more insulting then Last Jedi but I understand, the wound is still fresh.


Pure content-wise… well, it might very well be a tie.

Twinkies and Ho-Hos.


I disagree wholeheartedly. There is literally no redeemable value in TLJ at all. To compound things, it’s plate full of shit that people keep saying is filet mignon.TLJ successfully ruins the majority of it’s cast of characters. TPM at least gives us Palpatine, Darth Maul, and the MVP of the prequels Ewan McGregor’s Obi Wan.


I’d rather re-watch Phantom Menace…at least it has a few exciting scenes in comparison to TLJ.


TLJ is the only Star Wars I can’t rewatch. I tried when it came to Netflix. Solo is on Netflix. It’s better than TLJ. Sorta of a pointless movie, but it was watchable.


McGregor’s cutting Maul in half was grand.

Still doesn’t undo a toddler wrecking an entire fleet.


Now this pod racing!