Star Wars


I am in the opinion that the phantom menace is completely skip able

That happens to fit Machete order for watching the films


IV: A New Hope.
V: The Empire Strikes Back.
II: Attack of the Clones.
III: Revenge of the Sith.
VI: Return of the Jedi.


Last Jedi is completely skippable. Damn near nothing meaningful happened. And the events that did take place were simply a waste and accomplished NOTHING (aka: Luke dying having barely done anything besides drink blue alien tit milk, the oh-so wonderful Golden Compass side quest, the character of Vice-Admiral gender studies Holdo, etc).


Fun fact: I didn’t know that Holdo was Dr. Sadler from Jurassic Park until waaaay after the fact. She aged really well. :ok_hand:


She’s also the voice of Sue Murphy in “F is for Family”


Damn you are right, that is her. :thinking:


A lot happened. A lot of what people wanted to happen didn’t. The script may not have been great, but a lot happened.

Hell I have a post in this thread detailing a lot of what happened. Instead of circling back to a tired conversation, talking bout how some of these issues get resolved in a worthwhile way is probably the better convo.


So… accelerated heat-death of everything?


So anyone following the new cartoon Resistance? I tried to watch a few early episodes but it is feeling very much aimed toward a younger audience and isn’t grabbing me. Is it still the same, both Clone Wars and Rebels had similar early episodes but eventually grew to superb in the story telling and characters as they went on.


Feel free to explain.


Scroll up quite a bit, it’s all in the thread


Odds are you replied to it with some dumbshit.

I’m not doing all the work of looking for it. You go do some work.


It’s pretty obvious that a lot of stuff happened in The Last Jedi. Whether you like it or not, it has a greater influence on the overall story arc of the new trilogy than Force Awakens which basically just established that Rey could control the force.



Cause that’s what Star Wars fans want. More of one of the most hated actors in the franchise.

I hope he bitches about all the sand on Jaku


I hope he kills all the new Force users around the universe that were shown at the end of TLJ, and then proceeds to kill off every single remaining new character from this 3rd arc, before going Sith-Force Ghost, and proceeding to kill off all the Light-Force Ghosts, before finally using The Force to metaphorically hang himself in his closet, snuffing out his miserable soul once and for all.

THAT would be a balanced ending to The Force.


Ugh. Can we get Ewan back instead?


I’d rather they use that “Marvel Regress” and give us a CGI young man version of Sir Alec.


Considering Alec kinda hated Star Wars I feel that would be pretty insulting to the man


Considering he was able to live the remainder of his life like a baller due to it, I don’t really care.


Yea I’m not really surprised you dont give a shit about respecting someone else.