Star Wars


Considering your capacity for thought, that doesn’t elicit much wonder.


My capacity for thought still out weighs your capacity for respect, compassion, and human decency. Youre a real big peice of shit. Rather unfortunate.


This thread right now

First the Lounge, now here


Once again, I shall reiterate:

You are Autistic levels of functionally retarded.

Do keep pressing your vapid, mindless, pointless contentions as if they were actual things - it just makes you look all the more stupid.

And you will, of course.

You cannot even begin to justify any of the shit you’ve talked over the course of the last few days, much less the bullshit it is laden with - all you can do is double-down on your shit talk.

It’s a wonder you haven’t choked to death on your own feces yet.

To be fair, you and your shit are on the extreme of the whole One is All, All is One thing.

So yeah.

I’d tell you to go get bent, but you wouldn’t know where to begin.


Only one shit talking while not backing up their rhetoric is you.


Do keep trying to dodge, you hemorrhaging little cunt.

You are so weak, it is almost cute.


You know what, Remember when Padmé fell out of that transport in Ep II.
What if she had suffered a concussion, has a clot in her brain and 4 years late that what actually killed her in Revenge of the Sith. Anakin’s force chocking only made it worst by dislodging the clot.

This non-Jedi dying because she lost the will to live while preggo with twins is kinda bull shit.


To be fair, pregnancy is not a trifle.

A girl’s husband going full Space Satan might induce bad things.



I also kinda remember Padmé doing some shit

Opps wrong movie.

I think it was this scene, she left Anakin to be with a better Space-God

I think she settled for this guy here


Padme gets around.

I guess being Vegan leaves her with certain needs.


It does not help that I think Natalie Portman only got hotter with age.


She did.

But she’s a baby momma now, so that is an auto “don’t curr anymore”, for me.

I won’t fuck with baby mommas in real life, so why would I keep them in my high tier hot actress list?


Nothing wrong with tapping a single mom. My ex had a kid.


Her being vegan means she’s secretly in need of a lot of meat…it shows.


This was the inference I drew, yes. :coffee:


Not gonna lie, wish I could see Episode 9 with you fuckers in one big ass group.

The convo afterwards would be hilarious.



Finally saw Solo last night on the Netflix. It was okay and had it’s moments and the random cameo was head scratching and i wonder if that person would show up in any films but hey it was okay. I had Fun with it. Carry on folks.


I’m halfway through Solo. Wife and I were to sleepy to finish it.

A lot of the stuff was cool but it felt like it was missing something.